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A drama centered around three women: A fifty-year-old woman, the daughter she gave up for adoption thirty-five years ago, and a woman looking to adopt a.
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Garmo explained that while it was his word against hers, she had tests performed that were negative for painkillers. Until , for 10 years no one had any objections to my motherhood.

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Like other families in Norway, the Barnevernet is able to remove a child from the home and later get court approval. Someone once compared them to the speeding train — as they begin, it's hard to stop.

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Silje is one of many parents in Norway that are being harassed by the anti-family policies that are reminiscent of the Soviet Union of old. Earlier this year, The Christian Post reported on another family that fled to Dubai based on accusations that the father abused one of the children. That is an accusation that the family denied adamantly. She most recently voiced concern that the Norwegian government is beginning the process to allow another family to adopt her now 7-year-old child. The BBC has also done extensive reporting on other families who said their parental rights had been violated by Barnevernet.

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In and , several protests were held at Norwegian embassies around the world after Barnevernet removed five children from the home of Ruth and Marius Bodnariu based on allegations they spanked their children as a form of discipline, which is illegal in Norway. The children were eventually returned to the family after the international outcry. The assembly called for stronger safeguards against forced family separations.

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