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Bringing together in an unprecedented way nearly prints, preserved in the most important Parisian collections as well as emblematic loans from French and foreign museums, the exhibition traces both a technique and a particular aesthetic of the print: It offers a chronological and geographical panorama through masterpieces engraved by or after the greatest masters of Archaeology goes graphic 26 September 1 July The Petite Galerie - the museum's artistic and cultural education space - offers an exhibition that brings together archaeology and comics, an art form invited for this fourth edition.

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The Tier 3 cities, having joined the project in November , are by now well-versed not only in the major standout resilience issues of today but have also gained a deep understanding of the research the project has carried out since into urban resilience building and development. Held every three years, the ICLEI World Congress is among the top platforms for peer-to-peer exchange on the latest ideas and innovations designed to advance sustainable development in our urban world. Together, participants will examine key issues and solutions - from the circular economy to nature-based solutions and systemic resilience - set to play a key role in the development of our cities and regions.

More information and a programme are available at https: A new video shows the journey of seven cities towards a resilient future. Human-made disasters such as terrorist attacks used to happen every 5 years in European cities and are now occurring several times a year. |

Local governments need to prepare their infrastructure for the worst in order to protect their communities, but these challenges transcend national borders and city limits. Cities need to work together to build a resilient urban environment where their communities can thrive.

The Resilience Management Guideline consists of five steps, which cities can follow to integrate resilience into their city planning. Developing this guideline and the supporting tools has begun a movement to go beyond adapting infrastructure to climate change and spurred cities on towards boosting social cohesion and quality of life as a primary focus of resilience. Since hundreds of cities from over 40 countries first endorsed the Basque Declaration two years ago at the 8th European Conference on Sustainable Cities and Towns in Bilbao Spain , commitment to the Declaration has been gaining momentum.

New signatories are joining the movement and cities are taking action to transform their communities for a more sustainable future.

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The Basque Declaration highlights the need to adapt to climate change, improve public space, protect water resources and air quality and enhance ecosystem services, and the Declaration provides pathways towards this transformation. As well as exchanging on the climate change adaptation measures underway in European cities, support tools and methods will be introduced, which can help local governments identify risks, assess their interdependencies and impacts, and select effective climate change adaptation solutions - now and in the future.

The tools and methods use standardised approaches, which help local governments collaborate with their peers in cities around Europe on climate challenges that transcend borders. Attendance is free of charge and registration is open until 22 June The vast majority of commercial products you might encounter on a daily basis have had to pass a variety of standards, from the materials they are composed of, the shape, the packaging and instructions, to the machines that produce them. Most commonly associated with health and safety regulations, and technical equipment such as screws and mobile phone chargers, standardization is becoming increasingly relevant to people-centred processes, such as management.

Just as standardizing a mobile phone charger ensures high quality and means that it can be used transferably with many different mobile phones, standardization of soft processes supports collaboration as part of much more complex processes. Planning a city to adapt to climate change involves the intersection of a number of complex systems, each of which involves unknown, uncertain and unpredictable factors.

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Climate is in itself an incredibly complex system, cities are complex systems, and municipal workers balance all of this complexity with limited budgets, political priorities and practical considerations. Standardization is one way in which municipalities and local councils can create a common language so that they can use the same methods and software as one another for a process as specific as climate change adaptation. However, whilst a few large cities often have capacity to develop, establish and maintain their tailor-made procedures, the vast majority cannot.

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  8. They depend on high quality and up-to-date information and reference documents that guide their management of climate change adaptation. Standardisation picks upon cutting-edge expertise to provide such guidance.

    The city of Bratislava Slovakia is one city looking to standardized approaches to adapt to climate change. Bratislava has put a climate change adaptation strategy in place to deal with the climate challenges the city is facing, such heatwaves and droughts, and has now arrived at the point of developing an action plan to turn the strategy into reality.

    Gathering data for this process has proven to be a challenge for the city, but real progress is being made, in part thanks to cooperation with universities including the University of Bratislava. Bratislava is also a signatory of the Mayors Adapt initiative, whereby the city committed to contributing to the aims of the EU Adaptation Strategy. This commitment is associated with a comprehensive reporting process, and Bratislava has found that using the IVAVIA tool has made this reporting process easier.

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    It is made up of three qualitative and 3 quantitative steps followed by presentation module. During the IVAVIA process, cities produce impact chain diagrams, which make the cause-effect relationships between the consequences of hazards and exposed objects visible. Later in the process, cities can develop detailed risk maps that can show city councils which areas in the city are in need of particular attention.

    IVAVIA can help cities not only uncover risk and vulnerability issues affecting them, but can also help to communicate these in a visual way. Greater Manchester United Kingdom has also used the IVAVIA method to arrive at systematically mapped risk indicators and indices, with a particular focus on flooding and its repercussions on the transport network. Use of the tool has enabled Greater Manchester to produce an impact chain demonstrating the interactions between pluvial flooding and the system of major arterial roads in Greater Manchester.

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    Developing this impact chain brought transport agency staff into closer working contact with the municipality. The SMR project was conducted according to the principles of co-creation. Discussions throughout the event produced a plethora of understandings and manifestations of this practice. CPR Invest-Global Silver Age aims to capitalize on a promising theme, the ageing of the population, by investing in high-potential companies.

    It aims to outperform the global equity markets over a minimum five-year investment horizon by investing in companies that serve seniors, whose percentage of the population is rising constantly. Our thematic approach provides an alternative to traditional strategies by seeking to capture sources for growth and performance through genuine long lasting trends to offer sustainable solutions to our clients.