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By studying the country's top entrepreneurs, business owners can By coming up with innovative ideas and successfully navigating the murky waters of Over the course of , the company received funding from a . Print; Site Feedback · Tips · Corrections · Reprints & Permissions · Terms · Privacy.
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For much of the history of modern business, entrepreneurial ventures were inherently local during their early years. Most startup companies today, however, consider overseas expansion from their inception.

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  5. Technological progress — including the development of fast, low-cost telecommunications connections and the advent of the Internet — plus international airline competition and lower cross-border shipping costs for goods make it seem temptingly easy for startup companies to venture abroad. Too often the results are haphazard decision making, insufficient intracompany communication and even financial disaster.

    Certificate in Entrepreneurship

    Many entrepreneurs behave reactively, expanding abroad in response to stimuli rather than according to a thoughtfully crafted strategy. Granted, it is hard for a company to develop a clear international expansion plan when its business model and organization are new, untested and still evolving. But there are some topics and dimensions with which entrepreneurs should be familiar.

    Research Leadership

    Over recent years, I have studied entrepreneurial ventures in more than 20 countries, many of which had expanded across borders. Examining why some of these ventures failed while others succeeded, patterns emerged. To understand this, it is useful to view the path taken by an entrepreneurial venture as an ongoing matching of its perceived opportunities to its available resources. Over the past six years, I studied more than 50 entrepreneurial ventures in great detail through field research. The objective of this research was to understand better the phenomena of international entrepreneurship and cross-border expansion of ventures.

    I conducted multiple interviews with entrepreneurs, their financiers and managers working at these ventures and others, such as company advisers, customers and competitors. I also reviewed private company documents and collected background information from public sources. Twenty-seven of the ventures I studied resulted in published case studies. Sign in , buy as a PDF or create an account.

    Several researchers have recently examined theoretical and empirical aspects of young firms that expand abroad. These researchers have found that traditional models of internationalization, namely stage-oriented models, do not fit the new empirical evidence well and that firms in high-technology industries in particular expand early in their lives.

    Entrepreneurship: A journey in self discovery

    Many costs of doing business on an international scale have decreased substantially over the years. Domestic communication and transportation rates also have decreased, but relatively less than did cross-border rates. A recent paper finds that there is an initial liability of foreignness.

    When small and midsize firms first invested in subsidiaries abroad, their profitability declined.

    Certificate in Entrepreneurship < Youngstown State University

    With increasing foreign direct investment, profitability then increased. Another recent paper finds that prior marketing, new-venture and international experience by the top management team of a venture was positively correlated with the share of sales a venture generated abroad. The aim was to support female enterpreneurs in sectors where women are traditionally under-represented, through business training and mentoring. Over the course of eight weeks, they received face-to-face and online training from everything related to developing business plans, as well as personalised tutoring - the real added value of this programme according to the participants.

    The programme in Valencia finished in December To date, five of the participants have created their own companies.

    The University of Chicago

    Ana has developed an interactive tourism app which turns a visit to Florence Italy into a real adventure:. Valencia is not the only city where this entrepreneurial training has been carried out by Incyde Foundation. Twenty Spanish cities have been covered by the the project, with over women benefiting from the entrepreneurial skills training and guidance. Over 70 projects have received funding under this programme which aims to foster gender equality in the labour market, improving gender balance on boards, fight against gender-based violence and promote the socio-labour integration of vulnerable women.

    Due to the high female unemployment rate, increasing female entrepreneurship is one of the priorities of the PO. The Project will promote female entrepreneurship through a study on women in high value sectors followed by workshops and training to encourage entrepreneurial activity.

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