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4 days ago The next Clutter Busting webinar takes place this Monday the 17th at 5pm PST. The webinar is a way to take a deep look what's clutter in your.
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Uncluttered spaces make the best first impression. They're also a lot easier to keep clean and dust-free. Imagine the potential buyer or, worse, a relative going through your closets or drawers. What would you not want him or her to see? Buy containers and baskets only after you've decided what to keep. This way you'll have a much better sense of the kind of storage you need.

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If you've ever packed and paid for a move, the motivation for paring down your possessions will be all too clear. Assess Your Rooms Walk through your house with a pen and a notebook, writing down the activities that take place in each room and the items associated with those activities. Toss-It Tips Start with one room, but keep the whole house in mind. Think of rooms that have multiple purposes as several smaller areas, so it's clear where items should be returned if they stray. If gift-wrapping is the designated activity for a certain part of the study and you find a spool of ribbon in the kitchen, you'll know exactly where it belongs, and so will other family members.

Why It Works This strategy lays the foundation for long-term change. Tackling clutter without knowing your priorities can be counterproductive. Clean Out for a Worthy Cause Getting rid of things will be easier if you can picture someone else benefiting from them instead of how they just signify wasted money for you. Pick an organization to donate to, and learn as much as you can about it. Read the literature, check out the website, and visit the facility, if possible.

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Toss-It Tips Don't just leave your stuff outside the charity's storefront or in a donation bin, to be ruined by the elements. Deliver it in person, or find out if the organization will arrange a pickup from your home. See if there are specific items the charity needs; this will make those things easier to give up. If it doesn't accept certain items ask if it knows of a group that does. If an item is truly worthless or beyond repair, don't make the organization deal with it. Find out the proper way to junk it instead.

Get your kids involved, too, so they can see what it's like to give. Why It Works Discarded items will most likely be used, worn, or appreciated a lot sooner in someone else's hands than they would in yours.

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You can earn a tax deduction for donated goods. But you are responsible for keeping track of donations, determining their worth, and itemizing them on your tax return.

Find a motivator for your work. Tack up an image from a magazine or book of a room you'd like to emulate. Why It Works It's difficult to determine the best place to plunge into an organizing project. This eliminates that problem: Just go straight to the upper left-hand corner of one wall. It also curtails aimlessness, because you always know what to tackle next. You provide yourself with a prototype as you go.

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Say you're editing your filing cabinets, and you feel your focus flagging as you encounter another overstuffed folder labeled "Miscellaneous. I encourage you to sit down with the photos and a trash bag. Next, go through one photo at a time and ask, "Do I like this picture? Does it make me feel good today? If it resonates strongly with me today, do I want to put it in a book or photo box where I will look at it again?

Believe me, you will find pictures that you don't enjoy, or are blurry, or you don't like the person in the picture, or you don't know who the person is, or it brings up bad memories, or you don't like how you look, or there are six of the same picture. You'll feel better when it goes. Continue going through each photo, whether tangible or digital. Another good question to ask is, "Am I the kind of person who likes looking through photos on a regular basis?

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But it wasn't their nature to actually look at and enjoy photo albums. They thought they should be this kind of person. It's very much a cultural thing that we should be this way. But clutter busting is about being honest with yourself. You're looking at how you actually live.

You're looking at what brings you joy and what brings you pain. If looking at photos doesn't make you feel good, you get to let them go. Regarding inherited photos, if looking at them doesn't please you, you don't have to be the default family historian. You can ask other family members if they want them.

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If they don't and you don't care for them, toss the photos. Sometimes I've seen people feel guilty about letting go of family photos that they didn't care for. If no one else wants the pictures, you're not hurting anyone alive or passed on by letting the photos go. When you let go of a picture of a person, you're not throwing away the person. What's important is your happiness and removing things that hurt you.

What matters is taking care of your life right now, rather than the past. If you do like looking at photos regularly, then find a book or box to put them in that makes you happy.