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The book is composed of many short stories about growing up in Cochise County , Arizona in the 's and 's including stories told by my Dad and Mom.
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Chasing Rainbows and Similar Acts of Foolishness by W. D. "Arizona" Kennedy - Hardcover

Daddy said Grandpa just eared back the hammer of that old rifle and shot that Mexican dead on the spot. He just dragged him over behind some bushes, and threw a few rocks and brush on him, and they went on home and never looked back. Grandpa told Daddy not to tell anyone about it, and he probably never did, until his Daddy was dead and gone. That was one Mexican that made the mistake of bringing a knife to a gunfight. Another story happened several years later when Daddy was working for a dairy farm, peddling milk, up in Ray, Arizona.

It seems like he was pouring milk into a bottle on some feller's doorstep, and talking to the feller, when an ex-deputy sheriff stepped around the corner of the house, and shot this feller right through the cheeks. I guess it took out a few teeth, but didn't hurt the guy too much.

He never said what happened to the shooter. Later on, in Douglas, Arizona, he got into a shooting scrape of his own. He was peddling milk this time, also. He never gave too many details to the story, but I guess a storekeeper on his route where he had been selling milk, thought Daddy was a little too friendly to his wife.

One day when Daddy stopped there on his milk route, this feller came out of the store with a rifle in his hand and threatened to kill Daddy. Daddy happened to have his own rifle in the car and didn't want to die without a fight. He reached up behind the seat of his Model-A roadster, and got his rifle out.

The gun was a model Winchester. When he levered a shell into the chamber, the gun went off, and the bullet went real close to the old store-man's head. The man died a few days later, possibly from the concussion. Daddy spent the night in jail for disturbing the peace, and went back to peddling milk the next day.

He never did say if the old man's concerns were justified or not. Knowing Daddy, they could have been. Along in early , when my older brother, Charlie, was working on a farm not far from Willcox at Kansas Settlement, a black man and another young feller went in a little store up there and killed the widow-woman that owned and operated the place.

I guess they took all the money they could find, and then tried to burn up the evidence. I guess it didn't take the sheriff's department long to figure out who did the job. I heard at the time that the cowboys who caught the older feller roped and dragged him for a distance. They were thinking about hanging him, I guess, but they couldn't find a tall enough tree, or possibly cooler heads prevailed, and he lived to stand trial. I understand that he was executed legally several years later. I'm not sure what happened to his accomplice.

When I started school at Bisbee High it was customary for the freshman boys to give the "B" a new coat of white-wash every year before the big "Turkey Day" football game. This was always played against Douglas to decide who would retain the Copper Pick for that year. When the day came to do this job, we all gathered at the trail-head to the "B". A group of upper class-men, called the "Drillers", were assigned to keep us all lined out. I grabbed a water bucket, filled it with water and headed up the hill with fifty or sixty other boys doing similar jobs.

When we got up there we mixed some lime and water and started spreading it around the "B". About that time I had a change of plans. I grabbed a bucket and one of my good buddies and headed down the trail. I can't remember who it was that went down there with me, but I know as soon as we got out of sight of any drillers we male a mad dash to the best thicket we could find. We had us a nice siesta for three or four hours while them other fifty or sixty boys did a bang-up job of painting the "B".

When we thought the job was nearly done we went down and got one more load of water and were done for the day. All-in-all it was a good day. A couple years later I was honored to be a driller myself, and kinda wondered how many freshmen pulled the same trick we did. We as Drillers also had the job of lighting the "B" on fire on Thanksgiving night.

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We carried tons of old greasy rags up there and outlined the "B" with them and set them on fire. I don't know if they do that anymore or not, but it was a pretty sight to see. Those were some of my good times at Bisbee High School. We had an Okie credit card , and some of the trucks loaded with cotton had to spend the night there. It was Grandma Turman, and Jiggs, coming back to move the rest of their belongings. They came in the house and stood right beside the bed we were under, and discussed whether to start loading stuff right away, or to wait 'til the next day.

Grandma even started to get her broom and start cleaning, but decided against it. They only stayed for ten or fifteen minutes, but that's a long time when you're holding your breath.

Chasing Rainbows and Similar Acts of Foolishness

If any of us had eaten pinto beans that day, or had a cold, we would have probably ended up in front of a judge. But we managed to get by without getting caught. When they finally left, it didn't take us too long to get out of there. And we made sure they were gone for good before we ever went back. That was the last time I saw Jiggs Gibbons' feet for about fifty or sixty years. He still lives in California, and he came through the country down there when Charlie was on his death bed.

We had a nice visit, but you can bet I never told him "the rest of the story. We got up there and found a full case of dynamite in an old mine tunnel, that some careless prospector had abandoned, probably at least twenty four hours before we got there. There was also a nice roll of fuse, and a nearly full can of blasting caps.

We couldn't leave anything that dangerous laying around, so we loaded it up in the rumble seat compartment of that old Ford, and hauled it home with us. I sat on that case of powder all the way home, 'cause I knew it was safe. The blasting caps were up in the front with the older boys. Anyhow, we made it home with our cargo, and had a bangup good time for several weeks.

We blew up a lot of stuff, but I think the only real damage we did was to Daddy's cement water tank. The families of the community got together on week-ends at the time. We played baseball on some vacant property up the road about a quarter mile from our house. One day while we were up there playing ball, I happened to look down toward the house, and saw a big geyser go up in the air down there.

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A few seconds later I heard the explosion. It didn't take me too long to get down there, 'cause I didn't want to miss out on the fun. It was Clifford, and we set off a few more charges before Daddy showed up and told us he thought that dynamite might be hard on his pond. We didn't see how it could hurt it because the water went so high. We found out the next morning that the Old Man was right. The pond was empty as my head. We got some cement and tried to patch it, but it it never did hold water very good after that.

Along toward the end of the school year of , I had a run-in with one of my teachers, and it kinda soured me on school. Old Lady Shreve junior English teacher gave us an assignment that I was not able to complete.

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Absence of Influence -- N. Breadth, Thickness, -- N. Eastern; orient, oriental; Levantine; Western, occidental, Hesperian. Northern, septentrional, Boreal, arctic; Southern, Austral, antarctic. Platonic bodies; cube, rhomboid; tetrahedron, pentahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron, eicosahedron; prism, pyramid; parallelopiped; curb roof, gambrel roof, mansard roof. I watched the little circles die [Tennyson]. Meredith]; now good digestion wait on appetite, and health on both! Eolus, Boreas, Zephyr, cave of Eolus.

Darwinism, neo-Darwinism, Lamarkism, neoLamarkism, Weismannism. Eliot]; varium et mutabile semper femina [Lat. Sexuality [human] -- N. Physical Sensibility -- N. Physical Insensibility -- N. Physical Pleasure -- N. Physical Pain -- N. Special Sensation 1 Touch. Sensations of Touch -- N.

Angostura [additive for alcoholic beverages], aromatic bitters. Rossetti]; tacent satis laudant [Lat. Musician [Performance of Music. Musical Instruments -- N.

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O dark, dark, dark, amid the blaze of noon [Milton]. Optical Instruments -- N. Absence or want of Intellect -- N. Meredith]; go speed the stars of Thought [Emerson]; in maiden meditation fancy-free [M. Inquiry [Subject of Inquiry.