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Paper · Games. Home · Life & Style · Just Jane. Just Jane: I'm so bored I need dirty sex We still have sex, but it's boring. When we go out to.
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This show is getting more and more boring and hard to watch : JaneTheVirginCW

One of the most engaging plotlines was undoubtedly the juicy love triangle between Jane, babydaddy Rafael Solano extreme hunk Justin Baldoni and long-term partner, policeman Michael Cordero, Jr Brett Dier at his goofy best. For two seasons, Jane flitted between love interests, teasing us with snogging and proposals, and causing speculation that she could pop her cherry before she married. Sparking a civil war of Twilight proportions, fans of the show were passionately either Team Rafael or Team Michael.

Finally, Jane picked Michael.

On their wedding night, Michael was shot. Although Michael initially survived, this proved to be the beginning of the end.

When good TV goes bad: how a sudden death killed Jane The Virgin

Just as we were getting comfortable with the white-picket-fence reality of their married life, we were sucker-punched — Game of Thrones Red Wedding-style — with his sudden death. Abandoning any semblance of slow burn, the show jumped three years into the future.

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For a show that invests so much in relationships, the time jump was a clunky disservice to the very nature of Jane the Virgin. I suspect this woman has a strong sense of entitlement and feels that she should be enjoying the fruits of your success, too. Maybe she believes that you should give her a job or include her in your spending sprees? She needs to understand that you made sacrifices for 10, long years.

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There was no luck involved. My new girlfriend has told me that she no longer wants to socialise with my friends. At a party recently, she made an embarrassing scene by being rude to them and standoffish.

Just Jane: I’m so bored I need dirty sex

Is that really what she wants? These sound like issues that could be resolved with a little effort on all sides. Your girlfriend could try to be more open-minded, your friends could make more of an effort to include her, and you could show more understanding of her feelings. With each relationship comes compromise.

Jordan Peterson - Challenging Your Boring Life

Is your girl insisting you spend more time with her female friends? My partner thinks we have a great sex life.