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The lead single for Carlton's debut album Be Not Nobody, “A Thousand Miles” has solidified itself over the years as an Internet sensation that cross through all.
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Each participant determines when and how long it will take him, when and where to rest or lodge, take food or take care of other necessities. The time and place for lodging, resting and eating are chosen by each participant. The same applies to restaurants. Participants are required to report once a day in the evening between He can also post a message for his fans or other competitors through the organizers. By not upholding the given rules and regulations, racers may have their time penalized or be disqualified.

If for any reasons a racer receives a monetary fine from any statutory department, the organizers shall demand this fine to be paid by the given racer.

This race is without any breaks, it is nonstop. Participants in this race do not compete to win a prize. Powered by GTranslate - multilingual website solutions.

Skinbone - 100 Miles (A Thousand Miles Remix) - Shot by @TSIMSFILMS

The finish is an appropriate westernmost part of the Czech Republic. The race has no time limit. RACE ROUTE The route will run through the interior of Slovakia and through the northern borders of the Czech Republic with Poland and Germany including terrain such as natural trails, gravel paths, slopes, through forests, fields, asphalt roads and under those conditions that laws, and geographic factors permit. Follow the designated route from start to finish all under their own power.

The racer must complete the whole route and never shorten it by any means, anywhere. Never leave any trash behind in nature. Burying trash is also forbidden. Make sure that all is as before after your bivouac. Do not harm or harass others on the route either other competitors or other path users mainly by reckless riding down steep slopes or by other improper conduct.

Comply with the rules and regulations of the given regions which are being crossed on the route and respect all road regulations. Leaving the route for any reason, whether deliberately for food, lodging or to find mechanical aid, etc. Any movement from the designated route, but no longer by his own power i.

Failure to follow these rules, participants risk disqualification. Each of the facilities will provide the following: The participants can rest and possibly sleep there. There may be tools and equipment for bike repairs, though this is also not guaranteed. Participants may have their reserve batteries dropped to the checkpoints in advance.

A Thousand Miles

Participants must not have and support-crew or teams; any planned assistance during the race on or off route is prohibited. In case of any complications, random help is allowed. Random assistance is one that is not planned in advance and uses the resources and capabilities of those randomly occurring at the given point in time and location. Organizers, photographers and camera-men along the route may not help the racers in any way.

The checkpoints are exceptions, where the organizers must offer the same services to all the participants. These regulations do not pertain in cases of emergency, injuries and if in danger of death. If anyone would like to offer one of the participants planned assistance or support, it must be approved by the organizers and the support must be available to all the participants. All of the participants must be informed ahead of time about the support assistance option. Calling help a friend or relative: This regulation does not apply in case of injuries or situations where a participant is in danger of health or death.

Participants may use a cell phone and other communication devices local telephone, local e-mail, local internet, etc. This must not violate though paragraph c of this article. That's how I felt at that time. Carlton wrote the song's piano riff in the summer of at her parents' house in Philadelphia ; her mother, who had been listening to her, said, "Vanessa, that's a hit song. While looking for a record label that would sign her, Carlton played the beginning of the song for a record producer, who said, "You have to finish that.

Some years later, Carlton recorded a demo tape which featured several tracks, including "Interlude" and sent it to various producers and labels in the hopes that one would sign her. Some expressed interest, but Carlton did not agree with their suggestions for alternative titles for the song. It didn't press the emotional buttons the way I envisioned it.

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During the session, more time signatures and transitions were inserted into the song, and the timing of the repetition of the chorus was changed. Additionally, the instrumental opening was shortened and an orchestra section was added by Fair; the lyrics, however, remained the same.

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The song is like a mini musical of its own. As well as conducting the orchestra, Fair also organized a small band for its recording: Carlton later said, "after listening to it I realized I was going to make an album that I was very proud of. The selection of the song's title was accompanied by a minor disagreement between Carlton and Fair, who was reportedly "adamant" about changing it. Fair said, "Vanessa Carlton is an incredible talent, but she's also very stubborn I had to say, 'Look, I'm the president of the label, we're not calling it "Interlude".

The final title of the song, "A Thousand Miles", was based on a suggestion by Fair's nephew. After the song's completion, Fair said that he listened to it repeatedly and "it made me weep.

That's usually my litmus test. If I cry, I know it's a hit". Despite this, he was concerned that the song's piano basis would put it at a disadvantage in the marketplace if it were to be released as a single. Iovine was very impressed with the song, and requested that a music video be filmed immediately for it. Calderone expressed a desire to begin broadcasting the video at once and Fair agreed to his request, even though the album was still in production at the time and Carlton's marketing "image" had not yet been developed. It was a top five hit in Ireland and France , and managed to reach the top ten in other parts of Europe such as the United Kingdom , Italy and the Netherlands.

It was most popular in Australia , where it became the sixth most successful single of the year [7] and held the number-one position on the ARIA Singles Chart for two weeks, from August 11 to It also reached the top 20 in Germany. Online said the song was "a bona fide hit for good reason. Catchy pop on the surface, it has melodic complexity beneath that bodes well for repeated listening". Carlton told the website Contactmusic. I was in the studio and had just taken a break, when someone ran in the room and said, "You're on MTV!

After a few minutes, I just covered my eyes and started to laugh. It seemed so surreal.

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The night after that, I heard the song on the radio for the first time. It was all so unbelievable. It received heavy airplay on the channel following its premiere on the top-ten video program Total Request Live in early January, and was popular enough to be retired from the show's countdown. Both the album and single were given substantial promotion on the Internet.

AOL Music reported that a minute selection of video content involving Carlton that the website had hosted, including the "A Thousand Miles" video and Carlton's performance of the song for Sessions AOL , drew over one million requested downloads and streams prior to the release of Be Not Nobody. The music video was filmed in Newbury Park, California. It begins with Carlton entering her garage and uncovering her piano. When she starts playing and the song begins, the piano starts to move through the neighborhood outside. While playing, she passes by bikers and footracers on the road, near a parade downtown, along the beach, and across other parts of the city, gradually taking place until the sun sets.

In the end, she finally returns to her garage, where she gets up and leaves.

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  • The song received critical acclaim from music critics. Billboard magazine opined, "it's the song's classical-tied piano hook that endures with urgency throughout the song that lends it spectacular charm, along with the artist's vulnerable vocal style A truly auspicious opening. She occasionally evokes her piano-playing predecessors by raising her girlish voice to a howl, but she's better off being herself". It's played again two more times in the film: Terry Crews' character in the film sings along with it and shakes his head hard when he hears the orchestrated hook.

    The song is also prominently featured in the Season 3 finale titled "Flashback in the Day" of the television sitcom Workaholics. The song became popular amongst U. Carlton responded, "Perhaps, 'A Thousand Miles' conveys the feelings and longing and desperation that the U. But whatever peace I am able to bring to the hearts of the people at war is a contribution that I am proud of".


    The song is Carlton's most successful single, and her only top twenty hit in the U. Carlton told VH1 in , "I just sit down and write my songs It just kind of happened and it will never happen again like that. In , New Zealand winery Brancott Estate used the song's instrumental background for a wine advert. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Miles. Baroque pop pop rock. Retrieved March 19, Retrieved May 28, Issues dated from March 2 to December 14, Vanessa Carlton, Be Not Nobody [ permanent dead link ].