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Once Upon a Prince, the first novel in the Royal Wedding series by best-selling author Rachel Hauck, treats you to a modern-day fairy tale. Susanna Truitt never dreamed of a great romance or being treated like a princess―just to marry the man she has loved for twelve years.
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However, this book wasn't for me. I couldn't bring myself to enjoy it, let alone read it. View all 9 comments. Mar 03, Ashley rated it did not like it Shelves: I wanted to love this book. And the first pages immediately drew me in. The premise was good and the writing was skillful, unfortunately it lost me in the details.

I knew the premise before going into the story, so I wasn't expecting something completely realistic. I was expecting a whimsical, light, fun story. Who doesn't want to be a princess right? And I liked Nathaniel although he could be a bit whiny at times. I had trouble connecting with Susanna or rooting for her.

Like I said, it star I wanted to love this book. Like I said, it started well, I was with her up to a point. But the split started around the end of chapter one when she actually agreed that the TWELVE year relationship she'd been in was basically just safety and convenience and totally loveless. I wanted her to fight more, I was hoping she knew her own mind better than that. I might have taken this a bit personally, being a military girlfriend turned military wife, but you don't just stay with someone through deployments and stress and danger and separation like it's no big deal.

It just seemed completely unbelievable to me that anyone could be in a relationship that dead for that long and NOT KNOW, military or not. I was willing to put that aside, but Susanna kept doing things that didn't make sense and I just got more frustrated with her. Bawling all over Nathaniel and telling him her life story when he stopped to change her tire and was a complete stranger was another strike and it went down hill from there.

I couldn't relate to a grown career woman being so completely lost in her own life and not being able to take charge and make her own decisions. I prefer a stronger main character who knows who she is and what she wants I guess. Again, Rachel Hauck can definitely write. Her style is very engaging, and the idea is a cute one. It just didn't work for me. Did I love it? View all 3 comments. Mar 25, Alia Ros rated it really liked it Shelves: What a lovely read!!

I thought the cover was cute and the premise sounded fun. The book starts with our heroine Susanna getting dumped by her longtime boyfriend, who has fallen in love with another woman. Their relationship was weird as well as their breakup. The historical elements were boring and repetitive. The whole story felt repetitive after awhile I lost interest. I did not feel a romantic connection at all.

And as far as Susanna being Queen? She did nothing in the story that made me think she could handle that responsibility. She can barely manage her own life, forget about running a country. I knew this was Christian fiction so I was prepared for some religious elements, but not for the overwhelming preaching that took place. If religious stuff is going to be present I prefer it to be mild and incorporated in such a way that it feels realistic to the characters and the story.

I can handle a little preaching, but it was over the top in this. It just rubbed me the wrong way. Overall, not the book for me. I ended up skimming and skipping a lot. View all 10 comments. Apr 06, Rissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: Through all the bad she looked to God and a knight in shining armor not literally Nate kept popping up when she needed help the most. Nate aka nathaniel a prince next in line for the throne decided to keep his real identity a secret because he liked the idea of a normal life and he liked the idea of a normal life with her even 4. Nate aka nathaniel a prince next in line for the throne decided to keep his real identity a secret because he liked the idea of a normal life and he liked the idea of a normal life with her even more.

But his real identity is soon found out and it puts a slight strain on their friendship but that soon disappears and they find each other alwayd on the othermind. But he is a prince and she is just a regular american. He is to marry someone of higher rank someone that benefits the crown even though all he wants is her.

It was adorable and funny and i loved every minute of it. I want a Prince Nathaniel. May 08, Duchess Nicole rated it liked it Shelves: I'm interested to see how this plays out in the next book. Things are set up for drastic changes. A prince has duties, and his family's tense political situat About this book: A mention of a woman seeing an angel or a demon from time to time; A mention of a she-devil; A mention of Medusa. Negative Content- Minor cussing including: There also was much more faith content that I recalled, so that was a lovely surprise.

It does not mean I recommend all the books by this author. Een heerlijk romantisch verhaal was dit. De schrijfstijl van Rachel Hauck is erg prettig dus het leest vlot weg. Alleen de politieke kwesties snapte ik niet helemaal en ik moest soms erg nadenken wie nou ook alweer wie was. Voor de hoofdpersonen wist ik het wel, maar vaak met alle subpersonages moest ik even goed nadenken. Uiteindelijk werd het meestal wel weer duidelijk maar ik had liever gehad dat ik het sneller weer snapte.

Verder vond ik het mooi hoe het geloof in dit boek werd verwerkt. En Een heerlijk romantisch verhaal was dit. En vond ik dit ook goed tot zijn recht komen in het boeken. Al met al een prachtig verhaal. May 16, Becky added it. If you're a fan of royals who isn't? And the heroine, Susanna, is a down to earth girl from St. Nathaniel is restricted from marrying anyone not from his kingdom of Brighton, so duty and love collide in this charming romance.

I really enjoyed the behind the scenes peek into the life of a modern day royal. And the ending was swoon-w Royal fun! And the ending was swoon-worthy! Jul 16, Hannah rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is so close to being a five star that I may come back later and upgrade it. I started in on the first few chapters and was pretty sure it wasn't going to be my thing I couldn't put it down! I read until 1am to finish it! It's a love story with two strong Christians for main characters, something very delightful.

I loved it so well that I trotted out today and bought a copy of "Princess Ever After", the next book, which happily was half off at Barnes an This book is so close to being a five star that I may come back later and upgrade it. I loved it so well that I trotted out today and bought a copy of "Princess Ever After", the next book, which happily was half off at Barnes and Noble this week!

Apr 04, Kristen rated it really liked it Shelves: It did get a tad too preachy in some spots, hence the. Fun, clean, girl falls in love with an honest to goodness prince. What's not to like! Can't think of anything bad in it. Jan 06, Alexandra Florence rated it did not like it Shelves: I did not know that this was a Christian novel, if I had known then I would have not started reading it. I found the Christianity in the novel to be tolerable, however there were many more elements that prohibited my enjoyment of the book.

I found many problems with this book, due to the characters, narrative and storyline. This book held the promise of an enjoyable read, yet sadly it did not deliver. From the beginning of the book I encountered issues that ruined the novel for me. The book opens I did not know that this was a Christian novel, if I had known then I would have not started reading it. The book opens with Susanna being dumped by her boyfriend of twelve years with him so kindly telling her he "found the right ring, just not the right girl".

I expected more of a reaction from Susanna than Hauck gave us. Personally, I found that there was not enough fight in Susanna's character. After devoting twelve years of your life to a man I believe it is a woman's prerogative to be angry and upset when told he loves someone else. Instead Susanna accepts Adam's reasoning and actually agrees with him!

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I found myself getting angry with Susanna, asking 'Where's the backbone to this character? Who would really divulge their heartbreak and life story to a complete stranger with a dodgy accent? His ridiculous English accent really annoyed me. It became very clear to me that Hauck is American as she displayed an idealised and entirely fake English accented gentleman in the form of Prince Nathaniel. Furthermore, Brighton Kingdom is perhaps the most ridiculous name for a country I have ever encountered in a novel.

It is almost as if Hauck was struggling to think of a name and so decided to look at a map of the United Kingdom for inspiration, discovered the coastal city of Brighton and whacked Kingdom on the end to make the country sound more regal. In the novel there was an over complicated political situation between Brighton Kingdom and the neighbouring island Hessenberg, this added little to the plot and was a bit of a non story that had no affect on the novel.

Nate's mother, the Queen, took an instant dislike to Susanna before even meeting her, however she championed Ginny, who it was very clear was a manipulative and scheming woman. I could not comprehend this decision, clearly the Queen did not want her son abdicating, as the law would require if he were to marry a foreigner, yet the plotting against him I found unbelievable.

Furthermore, a Queen should be a good judge of character, yet the Queen favours Ginny, and it is not until considerably far into the book that she realises the error in her judgement. I found the character of the Queen to be contradicting itself, and she is another example of a character created by Hauck that I did not like. I adore love stories, a happy ever after and a Cinderella-esque tale, however I do not believe that in conventional modern day romances an engagement comes before sex, and especially not before a first kiss. I fully appreciate that the Christian element to the novel required the chastity, however I do not believe it fitting to the time.

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Furthermore, there was a serious lack of cursing in the novel, I had no problem with this, however I found the substitutions used, for example "by gum", irritating. Hauck is clearly deeply religious. I found the preaching element to the novel annoying as whole chapters were dedicated to the discussion of God and faith. The concept of offering oneself to God for Him to direct your life according to His plan is alien to me, and I believe that it was this concept that lead to what I believed to be the weak character of Susanna.

Overall I would not recommend this book, I found it infuriating and ridiculous. I loved the premise of a Cinderella story, however for me the book did not deliver. May 24, Marlene rated it liked it. Ironically, I had book two in my to-be-read pile, so that worked out beautifully. While he was looking for an engagement ring for Suz, he realized that he had the right ring, but the wrong girl. Susanna is just having a bad day, and then she ends up with a flat tire. Nathaniel Kenneth drives by and comes to her rescue.

Nathaniel Kenneth is visiting from the country of Brighton. He is actually the prince of Brighton, in line to be king. His parents have sent him on this vacation to give him a respite. He is being persuaded on many fronts to marry Lady Genevieve to help defuse a looming political issue. They were very well done. The events seemed plausible to me, and I wonder if there have been any historical examples of something similar. She seems to have been unwise in her year relationship, and appeared to be immature in other ways as well. Granted, I believe that characters should have flaws, but a lack of maturity was difficult for me to relate to.

On the other hand, I felt that it was a bit odd for her to be receiving advice - some all-knowing, some Godly, some seemingly both - from someone who is not quite right in the head. I feel the reader needs clarification on this character. I will be reading book number two! Ik vond het echt heel fijn om eens een christelijke roman te lezen. Ik lees ze eigenlijk nooit, terwijl het wel een groot deel van mijn leven is. Dus besloot ik dit boek maar eens op te pakken.

Het klonk als een romantisch verhaal en dat was het ook zeker!

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Maar daarnaast zat het boek vol met politieke kwesties en wetten die best ingewikkeld waren. Ik vond die stukken dan ook een stuk minder interessant om te lezen dan het verhaal van Suzy en Nate. Het begin was lekker vlot en tegen het einde ging het tempo weer omhoog. Ik heb er zelfs een paar keer over na gedacht om het boek gewoon aan de kant te leggen en te DNF'en.

Toch ben ik blij dat ik dat niet gedaan heb. Het boek zat goed in elkaar en de christelijke overtuiging kwam duidelijk naar voren, maar van mij hadden er wel iets minder politieke dingen in gemogen. Oct 04, Andrea Cox rated it liked it Shelves: I liked the story, but at times it was too predictable. Other moments seemed to be intentionally drawn out when the outcome was obvious and could have been gotten to several pages quicker.

I did not appreciate the flirtation during a prayer page 78 in the paperback version. That was disrespectful to God and the people trying to pray. The leading lady seemed about as mature as a young teenager at times, which really confused me since she was s by Andrea Renee Cox This is a tough review to write. The leading lady seemed about as mature as a young teenager at times, which really confused me since she was supposed to be a businesswoman launching a career.

At one point, all of a sudden, things turned very sexual with innuendo and blatant talk about a "love child. It also came on the heels of an overly predictable media madness scene that seems to be in nearly every "famous person" story line I read. That being said, I did enjoy at least half of the story. It was light and breezy, a quick read, while also carrying a lot of heart and being complex. It had endearing characters that I could root for. I really liked how Susanna's life got turned completely upside down, because that's generally when I know in my own life that God is up to something pretty amazing and I should just open my eyes and watch for His movement in my life.

That came across very well throughout the story. I enjoyed Once Upon a Prince much better than the other Hauck book I had tried, which I had to give up on because of a homosexual comment. I was pleased that this book didn't contain any such nonsense. Probably, I will try the next book in this series.

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I was not compensated for my honest review. Aug 25, Brooke rated it liked it Shelves: Very charming and lots of history added in. Apr 05, Rissi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Turns out, that was warranted. Anyone who knows me knows I am the girl who craves the happily-ever-after and despises the story-teller who breaks my heart; Heavens!

Anyone who knows me knows I am the girl who craves the happily-ever-after and despises the story-teller who breaks my heart; I crave elegant simplicity and sweetness inside the pages of the stories that occupy my time. This and oh-so-much more does Rachel capture in a package that's as pretty on the outside as it is on the inside. I was enchanted by it. Then, in waltzes the dashing Nate. I love this hero.

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He was noble, exceptional and not at all the kind of chap one may envision when concocting an image of royalty. To be fair and taper my gushing momentarily , I should point out that, as a leading man have we established that Nate is a prince!? I am telling you, girls, his accent practically rolls off the page and fills us with a sense of authenticity, as if we can literally hear him speak. His eventual choice and the reasons he fights to see it to reality are moving as are the sweet moments of serendipity woven into the story with realistic and ordinary moments to counteract the fairy-tale.

True, the careful prose has beautiful elements of brilliance in all its fairy-tale nooks there's an opulent ball , and yet at the center is a mature plot alive in the spiritual relationship both Nate and Susanna have with their Savior. Something neither of them takes for granted. As a reader, I did feel like the romance took priority of the story — leastwise, at the surface. Both learn a deeper definition of one of life's greatest challenges: Susanna and Nate have been added to my list of memorable couples — and I do believe they are there to stay.

Read the entire review on the blog: Once Upon a Prince With thanks to Litfuse and the publisher for providing a complimentary copy of this book for reviewing purposes. View all 8 comments. Apr 08, Brittany rated it it was amazing. But this time I listened to the audio version. At first, Susanna's thick accent caught me off guard. But then I realized that it made perfect sense for the Georgia girl she is. The narrator did a very good job of creating different voices for the characters, both male and female, and providing appropriate accents depending on where they were from.

I loved listening to this audiobook! What a wonderful book! It is definitely a new favorite. When I first picked up this book to read, I wondered if it would be a "cute" story that I would enjoy, however, I was curious how "real" it could seem. The author did an amazing job of merging real life with what could be called a fairy tale scenario. The characters are real people with real problems. The story follows a middle class young woman, Susanna, who falls for a prince. Nate, or Prince Nathaniel, is also a very well written character.

You realize that he is human with all the normal emotions we all have, however, he also has many added burdens upon his shoulders that only someone in his position would have. Loved reading this book and seeing these two fall in love, even when it appears throughout most of the book that they can never be together. I received a copy of this book from Zondervan in exchange for my honest opinion. Apr 19, writer Unfortunately, it was more charade than fairy tale.

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I'm basking in the warm fuzzy feelings you get when you've just finished a great book. You ever get that way? You love the characters, you love the setting and you love their story. You hate that the story had to come to an end I loved this book. The characters have become my friends and I'm a little sad to have to say goodbye to them. This is the first book in the Royal Wedding Series. No waiting to find out what happens next!

We get a few glimpses into the goings on in Nathaniel's and Susanna's lives in the other two books. If that still isn't enough of the adorable royals for you You read that right, Hallmark has made one of my favorite books into a movie, and it's on this Saturday night!!

I love Rachel Hauck's writing. If you haven't discovered her yet you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of this book and find out what I'm carrying on about. You will be glad you did. A graduate of Ohio State University with a degree in Journalism, and a former sorority girl, Rachel and her husband live in central Florida. She is a huge Buckeyes football fan. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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