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When being represented onto those dictionaries, the background often exhibits a block-diagonal structure, while the anomalous target shows a sparse structure. In light of such an observation, we develop a low-rank representation based anomaly detection framework that can appropriately separate the sparse anomaly from the block-diagonal background. To optimize this framework effectively, we adopt the standard alternating direction method of multipliers ADMM algorithm. With extensive experiments on both synthetic and real-world datasets, the proposed method achieves an obvious improvement in detection accuracy, compared with several state-of-the-art hyperspectral anomaly detection methods.

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The bottom-right number of each pixel is its corresponding spectral band number. Left is the original San Diego airport image, and right is the selected area for forming the simulated data.

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Surface plasmon Resonance SPR has recently been of interest for label-free voltage sensing. Several SPR structures have been proposed.

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However, making a quantitative cross-platform comparison for these structures is not straightforward due to 1 different SPR measurement mechanisms; 2 different electrolytic solution and concentration in the measurement; and 3 different levels of external applied potential. Here, we propose a quantitative approach to make a direct quantitative comparison across different SPR structures, different electrolytic solutions and different SPR measurement mechanisms.

There are two structures employed as example in this theoretical study including uniform plasmonic gold sensor and bimetallic layered structure consisting of uniform silver layer Ag coated by uniform gold layer Ag. The cross-platform comparison was carried by several performance parameters including sensitivity S , full width half maximum FWHM and figure of merit FoM. We also discuss how the SPR measurement mechanisms enhance the performance parameters and how the bimetallic layer can be employed to enhance the FoM by a factor of 1.

Open Access Erratum Erratum: Sensors , 18 , The authors wish to make the following corrections to their paper [ Considering the radio-based indoor positioning system pertaining to signal degradation due to the environmental factors, and rising popularity of IP Internet Protocol cameras in cities, a novel fusion of inertial measurement units IMUs with external IP cameras to determine the positions of moving users in indoor environments is presented.

This approach uses a fine-tuned Faster R-CNN Region Convolutional Neural Network to detect users in images captured by cameras, and acquires visual measurements including ranges and angles of users with respect to the cameras based on the proposed monocular vision relatively measuring MVRM method. The indoor obstacles including stationary obstacles and a pedestrian in our tests more significantly decrease the accuracy of ranging than that of heading, and the effect of a pedestrian on the heading errors is greater than stationary obstacles on that.

We implemented a positioning test for a single user and an external camera in five indoor scenarios to evaluate the performance. This article belongs to the Section Physical Sensors. This is the first work to introduce the use of blockchain technology for the electronic traceability of wood from standing tree to final user. Infotracing integrates the information related to the product quality with those related to the traceability [physical and digital documents Radio Frequency IDentification—RFID—architecture ] within an online information system whose steps transactions can be made safe to evidence of alteration through the blockchain.

This is a decentralized and distributed ledger that keeps records of digital transactions in such a way that makes them accessible and visible to multiple participants in a network while keeping them secure without the need of a centralized certification organism. This work implements a blockchain architecture within the wood chain electronic traceability.

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  6. The infotracing system is based on RFID sensors and open source technology. The entire forest wood supply chain was simulated from standing trees to the final product passing through tree cutting and sawmill process. Different kinds of Internet of Things IoT open source devices and tags were used, and a specific app aiming the forest operations was engineered to collect and store in a centralized database information e. This article belongs to the Section Internet of Things. In this phase the most quality pieces were marked with QR code stickers, to enhance and certify the timber and its origin; in the production and selling phase the tags were applicated on the final products; in the final consumer phase the tags were read on final products.

    The QR code shows the web page that the consumer can consult to view the information related to the boards with which the table was made.

    In the current meso cutting technology industry, the demand for more advanced, accurate and cheaper devices capable of creating a wide range surfaces and geometries is rising. To fulfill this demand, an alternative single point cutting device with 6 degrees of freedom 6DOF was developed. Its main advantage compared to milling has been the need for simpler cutting tools that require an easier development.

    To obtain accurate and precise geometries, the tool tip must be monitored to compensate its position and make the proper corrections on the computer numerical control CNC. For this, a stereo vision system was carried out as a different approach to the modern available technologies in the industry. In this paper, the artificial intelligence technologies required for implementing such vision system are explored and discussed. Experimental analysis were carried out and results were measured in terms of accuracy. The dark blue line represents the lengthen parallel mid-segment.

    In addition, the red lines represent the extra guide lines. Multichannel SAR is an effective approach to solving the contradiction between high azimuth resolution and wide swath. The goal of this paper is to obtain a new and effective method for estimating and compensating the interchannel phase error of the Chinese GF-3 Synthetic aperture radar SAR. A channel phase error correction method based on the optimal value of the image domain quality function is proposed. In this method, the phase error is initially compensated using the correlation function method.

    In the fine correction of dual-channel phase error, a heuristic search algorithm is used to estimate the residual phase by searching the extremum of the quality function. After phase compensation in the image domain, the azimuth ambiguities caused by the remaining phase are eliminated. The proposed image domain processing method provides a new idea for channel phase error correction. The measured data of high-resolution GF-3 dual-channel ultrafine imaging mode verifies the validity of this method.

    Three-dimensional digital image correlation 3D-DIC has become the most popular full-field optical technique for measuring 3D shapes and displacements in experimental mechanics. Its experimentation is based on the colour encoding of the characterized fringe and speckle patterns required for FP and DIC implementation, respectively.

    Specifically, they are based on the improvement of the colour pattern encoding. Both alternatives are analysed and evaluated.

    Minuet C Major D2d - Horn 2 Sheet Music by Franz Schubert

    Results show that improvements both in three-dimensional and in-plane displacement are obtained with the proposed alternatives. Nonetheless, multisensor high-speed cameras are uncommon, and laser structural illumination is established as an important improvement when low uncertainty is required for 2D-displacement measurement. To non-destructively acquire leaf nitrogen content LNC , leaf nitrogen accumulation LNA , leaf area index LAI , and leaf dry weight LDW data at high speed and low cost, a portable apparatus for crop-growth monitoring and diagnosis CGMD was developed according to the spectral monitoring mechanisms of crop growth.

    According to the canopy characteristics of crops and actual requirements of field operation environments, splitting light beams by using an optical filter and proper structural parameters were determined for the sensors. Meanwhile, an integral-type weak optoelectronic signal processing circuit was designed, which changed the gain of the system and guaranteed the high resolution of the apparatus by automatically adjusting the integration period based on the irradiance received from ambient light.

    In addition, a coupling processor system for a sensor information and growth model based on the microcontroller chip was developed. For measurements of canopy reflectance spectra of rice and wheat, their linear determination coefficients R 2 were 0. This article belongs to the Special Issue Sensors in Agriculture A and C represent the ASD spectrometer and the upward optical sensor, respectively. A free-flooded transducer that couples the vibration of a longitudinal vibration transducer and the fluid cavity of an aluminum ring was investigated.

    Given the transducer is based on a fluid cavity structure and has no air cavity, it can resist high hydrostatic pressure when working underwater, which is suitable for application in the deep sea. At first, the structure and working principle of the transducer were introduced. Then, the axisymmetric finite element model of the transducer was established; and the transmitting voltage response, admittance, and radiation directivity of the transducer were simulated using the finite element method.

    According to the size of the finite element model, a prototype of the transducer was designed and fabricated, and the electro-acoustic performance of the prototype was measured in an anechoic water tank. The experimental results were consistent with the simulation results and showed a good performance of the transducer. Finally, the improvement of the radiation directivity of the transducer by the optimal design of the free-flooded aluminum ring was obtained using the finite element method and verified by experiments. The solid red and blue line, respectively, represent the measured conductance and susceptance.

    The dotted red and blue line, respectively, represent the simulated conductance and susceptance. The solid and dotted line are the measured and simulated results, respectively.

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    The solid and dotted lines are the measured and simulated results, respectively. To this end, we first discuss how focused NF beams can be advantageously utilized to suppress scattering effects from the neighbouring objects whose unknown dielectric properties are not of interest i. We then discuss how this approach can also be helpful in reducing the required measured data points to perform imaging. Driven by the relation between the electromagnetic inverse source and inverse scattering problems, our approach emphasizes the importance of tailoring the induced contrast sources in the imaging domain through the utilized incident NF beams.

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    To demonstrate this idea, we consider two recently-proposed NF beams, and simulate them for imaging applications. The first one is a subwavelength focused NF beam generated by a passive NF plate, and the other is a Bessel beam generated by a leaky radial waveguide. Simple imaging examples are considered to explore the potential advantages of this approach, in particular, toward mainly seeing the object of interest, and not the unknown undesired scatterers.

    Mozart : Minuet 1 in C Major, K 6

    The scope of this paper is limited to homogeneous dielectric objects for which the induced total field distributions in the interrogated objects are similar to the incident field distributions e. Simple inversion results for focused and non-focused beams are presented accompanied by discussions comparing the achieved reconstructed values.

    The side black objects are the undesired scatterers. The two light blue circles are assumed to be the OI, and the other two side objects red and yellow are the undesired scatterers. This structure then illuminates the OI light green dielectric box and the undesired scatterer dark green dielectric box. The dielectric slab consists of an OI and two undesired scatterers. The OI is the light green box, and the two undesired scatterers attached to the OI are the dark green boxes. The contrast sources in each configuration have been normalized with respect to the maximum of the incident field at that configuration.

    A more detailed view of the capacitive sheet is shown in the inset. Ionic electroactive polymer IEAP actuators that are driven by electrical stimuli have been widely investigated for use in practical applications. However, conventional electrodes in IEAP actuators have a serious drawback of poor durability under long-term actuation in open air, mainly because of leakage of the inner electrolyte and hydrated cations through surface cracks on the metallic electrodes.

    To overcome this problem, a top priority is developing new high-performance ionic polymer actuators with graphene electrodes that have superior mechanical, electrical conductivity, and electromechanical properties. However, the task is made difficultby issues such as the low electrical conductivity of graphene G. The percolation network of silver nanowires Ag-NWs is believed to enhance the conductivity of graphene, while poly 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene: PSS , which exhibits excellent stability under ambient conditions, is expected to improve the actuation performance of IEAP actuators.

    PSS coating, which prevented oxidation of the surface upon exposure to air, and showedstrong bonding between the ionic polymer and the electrode surface. PSS-coated 5G—4Ag electrode prepared at different spinning speeds: Distributed Optical Fiber Sensors DOFSs , thanks to their multiple sensing points, are ideal tools for the detection of deformations and cracking in reinforced concrete RC structures, crucial as a means to ensure the safety of infrastructures.

    Yet, beyond a certain point of most DOFS-monitored experimental tests, researchers have come across unrealistic readings of strain which prevent the extraction of further reliable data. The present paper outlines the results obtained through an experimental test aimed at inducing such anomalies to isolate and identify the physical cause of their origin. The understanding of such a phenomenon would enable DOFS to become a truly performant strain sensing technique.

    The test consists of gradually bending seven steel reinforcement bars with a bonded DOFS under different conditions such as different load types, bonding adhesives, bar sections and more. Further planned research will allow identification of the cause behind the rise of strain-reading anomalies. We analyzed experimentally the noise characteristics of fully integrated CMOS-MEMS resonators to determine the overall thermomechanical noise and its impact on the limit of detection at the system level.

    Measurements from four MEMS resonator geometries designed for ultrasensitive detection operating between 2-MHz and 8-MHz monolithically integrated with a low-noise CMOS capacitive readout circuit were analyzed and used to determine the resolution achieved in terms of displacement and capacitance variation. The figure also shows, colored in dark blue, the driver-readout scheme composed by two electrodes for electrostatic actuation and capacitive readout.

    Both the resonator and CMOS circuitry are fabricated in a 0. The climate chamber and the standalone instruments are remotely controlled. The operation region, where the gain decreases with the frequency, is highlighted in light orange. Recent paradigm shifts in manufacturing have resulted from the need for a smart manufacturing environment. In this study, we developed a model to detect anomalous signs in advance and embedded it in an existing programmable logic controller system.

    For this, we investigated the innovation process for smart manufacturing in the domain of synthetic rubber and its vulcanization process, as well as a real-time sensing technology.

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    The results indicate that only analysis of the pattern of input variables can lead to significant results without the generation of target variables through manual testing of chemical properties. We have also made a practical contribution to the realization of a smart manufacturing environment by building cloud-based infrastructure and models for the pre-detection of defects. Clua 2 and Luiz M. We propose a versatile method for estimating the RMS error of depth data provided by generic 3D sensors with the capability of generating RGB and depth D data of the scene, i.

    A common checkerboard is used, the corners are detected and two point clouds are created, one with the real coordinates of the pattern corners and one with the corner coordinates given by the device. After a registration of these two clouds, the RMS error is computed. Then, using curve fittings methods, an equation is obtained that generalizes the RMS error as a function of the distance between the sensor and the checkerboard pattern.

    The depth errors estimated by our method are compared to those estimated by state-of-the-art approaches, validating its accuracy and utility. The more yellow the pixels are, the more RMS error exists. The source point cloud black is captured at 0. Airborne gravimetry from a helicopter has been a feasible tool since the s, with gravimeters mounted on a gyro-stabilised platform. In contrast to fixed-wing aircrafts, the helicopter allows for a higher spatial resolution, since it can move slower and closer to the ground.

    In August , a strapdown gravimetry test was carried out over the Jakobshavn Glacier in Greenland. To our knowledge, this was the first time that a strapdown system was used in a helicopter. The strapdown configuration is appealing because it is easily installed and requires no operation during flight. While providing additional information over the thickest part of the glacier, the survey was designed to assess repeatability both within the survey and with respect to profiles flown previously using a gyro-stabilised gravimeter. The accuracy of the gravity profiles was estimated to 2 mGal and a method for inferring the spatial resolution was investigated, yielding a half-wavelength spatial resolution of 4.

    This article belongs to the Section Remote Sensors. Coordinates are with respect to UTM zone Recorded at Westminster Abbey in Keyte; George Guest conducts Choir of St. I Test record A collection of varied types of music, as well as a variety of performing ensembles from the tape library of Robert W. Produced by Fulton Musical Industries. Laurindo Almeida; Mezzo soprano: Recorded in Rating: Columbia MS , Also in the 4 LP-Box: RDA 29, reisuued in Richard Mohr, Recording engineer: Lewis Layton recorded at OHC in , Toccata from the symphonie Concertante, Organist: Direct to Disc recording in by Bert Whyte.

    TAS list is the origianl issue: No SXL issue Rating: Larry Alexander Rating: