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The Master Of The Vineyard [Myrtle Reed] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the.
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Mother would die of a broken heart if I mentioned it to her.

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  • Of Love, Sadness, and Everything Between.
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The Marsh family have been the slaves of that vineyard since the first mistaken ancestor went into the grape business. We've fertilised it, pruned it, protected it, tied it up, sat up nights with it, fanned the insects away from it, hired people to pick the fruit and pack it, fed the people, entertained them, sent presents to their wives and children—we've done everything! And what have we had for it?

Only a very moderate living, all the grapes we could eat, and a few bottles of musty old wine. It's a family heirloom, like a title, or some very old and valuable piece of jewelry.

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Other people have family plate and family traditions, but we've got a vineyard, or, to speak more truthfully, it has us. The Hill of the Muses. Check out the parts the " The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel " star and Emmy winner has played. Take a look at her early roles. Jim Bradley, who has a fondness for drink, acquires a little home through the work of his wife and daughter.

Kirk Winters, who admires Mildred Bradley, purchases her father's home, when he is in an intoxicated state.

Master of the Vineyard by Myrtle Reed

He shows the deed to Mrs. Bradley and tells her that unless Mildred becomes his wife he will turn them out of the house. Rather than concede to Winters' wishes, they leave and subsequently are given employment in the vineyard of George McLean, who bestows courtesy upon them. Kirk Winters learns from Mr. Bradley where his wife and daughter are.

He tries to make trouble for them, but they are protected by McLean, who discharges a number of his employees who assisted Winters. At a saloon where Winters and his men have planned to attack the McLeans is Mr.

Master of the Vineyard

He overhears their plot, hurries to the McLean home to inform them of impending danger and when Winters arrives and is about to shoot McLean, Bradley jumps in front of him and receives the bullet. To ask other readers questions about Master of the Vineyard , please sign up.

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This was a good story, not exactly happy in many spots, but well told and with a satisfying ending. I debated whether to rate this lower because of some content issues. There were some aspects to the plot that had moral ramifications I did not quite like, such as a married woman finding true love with a man other than her husband and trying to obey her conscience anyway Even though the two did not climb in bed or get a divorce, which seems to be the author's idea of cheating, they seem to have done everything but.

I liked it, but I would recommend this last of her books that I've read.

The Master of Vineyard

Rosemary Starr, an orphan of twenty-five, has spent her whole life waiting hand and foot on her grandmother and aunt, finding her only solace in flighty dreams of romance and escape: Send someone to love me and to take me away, for Christ's sake—Amen! He Rosemary Starr, an orphan of twenty-five, has spent her whole life waiting hand and foot on her grandmother and aunt, finding her only solace in flighty dreams of romance and escape: He meets discreetly with Rosemary once a week and lends her romantic literature, such as Jane Eyre and the poetry of Rossetti, which she reads secretly by candlelight.

In this way, a modest but important intimacy is formed between them, though Rosemary always feels her social inferiority. This feeling is not unjustified, especially when the beautiful and refined Mrs. Edith Lee comes into Alden's life and alters the course of his affections. Thus ensues a melodrama of uncommon wrongheadedness, injected with an indecent amount of throbbing and quivering, the love poetry of Rossetti debased by the trite, melodramatic endearments of Reed's fictional lovers. Alden is a hopeless chump for a romantic figure.

He had known Rosemary a long time, yet 'never before had he thought of her as a woman' , just two minutes before proposing to her! It can hardly be a surprise that he drops her just as quick when Mrs. For her part, Rosemary, who despite her abject passivity and all round listlessness is still supposed to be the heroine, has to learn what love truly is: Giving, not receiving; asking, not answering. The humdrum inevitability of a lonely man and woman being drawn together, then apart, then together again it's hardly a spoiler! Yet, for all that it did evoke some pathos in me, though not necessarily where intended, and the ignorant conversations of Rosemary's Grandmother and Aunt offered some genuine comic relief and were easily the most enjoyable part of the book.

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Sep 27, Robert Laviano rated it really liked it. Could not read too many like this. From the Bard and Banker library list!

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