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We would have loved to hike up through the Tijuca rainforest, but as we only had 1 day in Rio we didn't think we'd have time. In reality, we were glad we didn't, as it was sweltering just sitting in the shade, let alone puffing up steep humid slopes. The hike generally takes hours and is best done in the morning before it gets too hot.

You should be aware that there have been robberies on the trail, so don't take valuables or hike alone. For more information on what the hike up Corcovado is like, check out this post by The Life Well Traveled. Top things to do in Paraty on Brazil's Costa Verde. What is it like at the top?

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As you'd expect, it's all elbows and selfie sticks on the platform in front of Christ the Redeemer. Even outside of peak season it was heaving, and we had to wait ages to push to the front to get photographs of the city below. Although I'm sure if we weren't polite English tourists we could've jostled with the best of them and got there sooner.

There are restaurants and toilets at the top. The food is unsurprisingly mediocre and overpriced, but you're paying for the view of course. A private speedboat tour of the beaches and islands around Paraty. September and October are great months thanks to cooler temperatures and less humidity. There's of course no perfect time of day to visit.

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It really depends what your priorities are. Do you want to avoid the crowds, take pictures of the city, or the statue? Best for photographing the statue, avoiding the crowds and the heat of the day. The sun rises towards the statue which makes taking photos of the city, harbour and Sugar Loaf Mountain rather challenging. Best for hedging your bets and trying to photograph both the city and the statue.

The downside is that it gets very hot and crowded at this time.

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  4. Come later during the afternoon for fewer people and to avoid the worst of the sun. Really not great for taking pictures of the statue. So now you know how to visit Christ the Redeemer! I'm so glad we made the effort in the end. Whilst we were hot, tired and grumpy for most of the day, it would have been madness to miss this opportunity, and I'd agree with all those who have gone before and say if you do nothing else in Rio, do this! The construction lasted for about nine years.

    For several reasons, first and foremost technological ones, the creation of a giant statue in Brazil at that time was impossible, so all parts, including the frame, were manufactured in France. Disassembled parts were delivered to Brazil, and then transported by rail to the top of Mount Corcovado. The opening of the monument took place in October 12, This date is considered to be the "birthday" of the statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro and is annually celebrated with a lot of festivities.

    The statue was repaired twice — in and , and in it underwent some cosmetic restoration: In and the system of nighttime illumination was upgraded. The statue can be reached by electric train or by mountain road. While being driving to the statue, you can't stay away from the window even for a second because Brazilian nature is so picturesque.

    Observation desks offer astonishing views of Rio de Janeiro: Not to sound vain, please take a look at this breathtaking sight with the help of our virtual tour. In a sometimes dark world, you have managed to shine a light on the most important revelation of all Christ Jesus. Absoulty thee most beautiful thing i have ever seen in my life No matter what belief religi n that one may pratice seeing this should show one what the true importance in life really is! My hats off to the photographers. Your account of your Cristo Redentor experiences brought back memories of when I went there many years ago.

    I think it is the best urban view I have ever seen. I can't wait to look at some of your other locations. What you have presented and I have seen is a Great Step in my Life. I will mention you in my next Prayer to Him. Alem de belissimo o sol e maravilhoso. Povo lindo, gente linda, lugar perfeito para viver e ser feliz. O Cristo Redentor no Rio de Janeiro continua lindo. Um deslumbre para os olhos.

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    The pictures are awesome - would love to see it in person! You're images are great! We want to know if we could buy a high res picture of your work for a project? We need a minimum resolution of 4K pixels. Please let me know if this is a possibility. God has been gracious to my wife and i, allowing us to travel to india as well as israel. Christ yesterday, Christ today, Christ Forever.

    Long Live Christ the King. Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ, king of endless Glory. I have seen taj mahal in india but read the history of reedmer statute really impressed and so exicited to see it physically. Our dream is to one day visit this magnificent statue of our blessed Lord and Savior. Just watching the video fills us with love and so much spirituality.

    I've been visited this place and the statue last july. Your work was great and excellent. This is really as beautiful as I witnessed my self. It is no coincidence that you are chosen to make this little masterpiece He knows your heart and soul. And none of that what you went through to do this was no accident. You and all of us only need His blessing.

    God bless you and I wish you all the best. How is it possible to get photography file of Christ which you set in the text above - picture4a in resolution and quality suitable for my desktop in which because of my job I must watch too much? Beautiful Croatia is waiting for you to visit us and make at least one more of your remarkable projects Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of my favorites. It is really beautiful had never seen such jesus thank u to bilt this.

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    God bless you all and pray for me that one time I will be there and look that big statue of Christ and preach the gospel in your land in Jesus name ,thanks and bless,keijo sweden. Hope you will travel to Christ the Radeemer Statue. Its a great place for tourist and many others, its really wonderful god bless them all. Se obsrva la magnificencia de Dios el creador. I live here and you guys did a fantastic jobs with these pictures!! Great postcard for my city: Unbelievable views and unbelievable love from Jesus Christ , thank you for that.

    Though I'm Brazilian, I don't like Rio, but your pictures are nothing but stunning! These images are breathtaking! Thank you for this beautiful gift and I am sharing this! I wonder if it would be possible to display it? The organization was motivated by what they perceived as 'Godlessness' in the society.

    The donations came mostly from Brazilian Catholics. Local engineer Heitor da Silva Costa designed the statue. French sculptor Paul Landowski created the work. A group of engineers and technicians studied Landowski's submissions and felt building the structure of reinforced concrete designed by Albert Caquot instead of steel was more suitable for the cross -shaped statue. The concrete making up the base was supplied from Limhamn , Sweden.

    How to visit Christ the Redeemer

    In October , on the 75th anniversary of the statue's completion, Archbishop of Rio, Cardinal Eusebio Oscar Scheid , consecrated a chapel , named after Brazil's patron saint— Our Lady of the Apparition , under the statue, allowing Catholics to hold baptisms and weddings there. Lightning struck the statue during a violent thunderstorm on February 10, , causing some damage to the fingers, head and eyebrows. The Rio de Janeiro state government initiated a restoration effort to replace some of the outer soapstone layers and repair the lightning rods on the statue.

    Lightning damaged it again, on January 17, , dislodging a finger on the right hand. In , a massive restoration of the statue began. Work included cleaning, replacing the mortar and soapstone on the exterior, restoring iron in the internal structure, and waterproofing the monument. Vandals attacked the statue during renovation, spraying paint along the arm. Mayor Eduardo Paes called the act "a crime against the nation". The culprits later apologized and presented themselves to the police.

    In reference to Brazil striker Ronaldo 's usual goal celebration of both arms outstretched, the Pirelli tyre company ran a commercial in which he replaced the statue while in an Inter Milan strip. More work on the statue and its environs was conducted in and early In , a set of escalators , walkways, and elevators were installed to facilitate access to the platform surrounding the statue. The four-month restoration in [26] focused on the statue itself. The statue's internal structure was renovated and its soapstone mosaic covering was restored by removing a crust of fungi and other microorganisms and repairing small cracks.

    The lightning rods located in the statue's head and arms were also repaired, and new lighting fixtures were installed at the foot of the statue.