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Waiting for the T: Welcome to Schmooley's: An Autobiographical Comic [Max M Carleton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ah, minimum.
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Need something that gives you some quiet time in the middle of a busy city? Interested in playing with some night vision?

Come check out Guardians. We help keep gate crashers out. Most shifts run four hours long, and if you do two shifts you get a super cool shirt. Looking forward to some new faces. Training will start in April.

Craig wants to freeze the ground! : OakIsland

Please keep these dates handy and remember to sign up to attend! Are you holding an event at Flipside this year? Do it now, so you can focus on those last-minute projects! Here are some facts that make Flipside somewhat unique amongst the events that I know of:.

Important Dates:

No one is paid to work Flipside. We do not have cash benefactors.

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Aside from the winners of the ticket and sticker contest, there are no comp tickets to Flipside — every other person, including the members of the LLC, buys their own ticket and pays their own way. Counting shift work ONLY, it takes approximately person-hours, at the event, to make Flipside happen. The real estimate is much larger than this, due to the large efforts from non-shift workers, like DaFT and our leads. What does this mean? This means that without volunteering, there is no Flipside, and it means that if everyone lends a hand, it will make light work, but if people stop helping out, it will get unsustainably difficult very quickly.

Fortunately, volunteering really is as fun as it is valuable, and it is probably the best way to get plugged into our community, and our strong year-round community really is another thing that runs at the heart of who we are. In the coming two months as we lead up to the event, I will talk more about the particular volunteer opportunities open to you, but just suffice it to say, everyone is welcome to help, and we can absolutely find a position that fits your abilities and desires! Do you want to be one of the people that welcomes everyone home and checks that they are prepared for the event?

It involves meeting lots of people and making their day a little better! If you cannot make one of these events, please contact your Greeters lead here. Are you passionate about Flipside and its community? Does learning how Flipside happens sound interesting? Would you enjoy talking about crucial matters in this community throughout the year? Do you know someone else who fits this description? The Combustion Chamber is seeking new members. Please take a few minutes to submit your application or nominate that person who would love this gig here.

But wait…what is the Combustion Chamber? Do you have a concern? Touch base with us! Wonder why something happens the way it does? The CC typically meets every other Monday evening for approximately two hours, at Lloyd the warehouse. To learn more about the Burning Flipside Combustion Chamber, click here.

Does this sound like the right way for you to help your Flipizen community? Combustion Chamber membership is not limited specifically to those that live in the Austin area, but members do need to attend meetings regularly in person. Interested in seeing the CC in action? We welcome the participation of all Flipizens.

Our next meeting is Monday, April 2nd, 7: A reminder that there will be no formal organized Recycling this year. Regardless all items packed in, including recyclable materials, must be packed out. PETs will be teaching some small demonstrations during Flipside. If you are interested in learning the secret art of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation CPR , or the mystic voodoo of Major Bleeding Control, you can participate at Flipside!

Stay tuned for more details and maybe more demonstrations as we get closer to the event! So, now, we have provided, for your pleasure, more opportunities for entering our fair city. This means that one of our roads will be moving a new direction. Your resident Cartographer, Monk, has provided a drawing to better explain the positions and directions of the roads.

Michelle, Patron Saint of Satisfying Burners. The Flame is a community generated bulletin boardesque thing where anyone with something relevant to Burning Flipside can submit an article. If you have a story about how to do Flipside better how to set up a tent to survive a Texas rainstorm, or how to stay cool, or warm or both , a story about an excellent experience at Flipside so this one time, at my parking shift , or an announcement about something exciting Daft Punk is coming to Flipside!

Welcome to the March Flame and Announce Combo! Theme Camp Registrations close: April 14th, 18th, 22nd, and May 6th. April Work Weekend IV: May Art Car and Event Registrations close: Obligatory Self Promotion All the Registrations! They have to eliminate the seawater intrusion if they are every going to get anywhere with the Money Pit. Depends if they freeze the right piece of ground.

I would like to see them expand the area of the drilling grid at the MP until they get a better idea of what, if anything, is down there. The team thought they found the money pit. They thought they hit the Chappell Vault. What did they do? They kept digging for another hundred more feet or so. Why bother questioning whether or not they should freeze the ground when they never stopped digging when they thought they hit treasure?

Welcome to Reddit,

Wasn't that the whole point of the oversized, custom-built drilling rig and caisson, so they could get a diver down the hole to investigate when they found something? And did they do that? They just kept digging. So don't waste any time or effort with the ground freezing idea. It just doesn't matter. Not sure about the maximum dimensions of the area they could freeze but bigger is definitely more expensive and that is a big negative for the brothers and Prometheus. I always thought they should wait for the swamp to freeze and then run a big sled magnetometer over it and mark targets for the summers search.

Re: Waiting for reconstruction

They did the a couple of winters ago with some type of detection item can't remember which one when the swamp was frozen They did find targets. But then couldn't find them again later. I believe the conclusion was "that's Oak Island for ya". The ground doesn't freeze all the way down. Just the top part. Even in Nova Scotia.

Waiting for reconstruction

To me it's an economic issue. To freeze and do a caisson type excavation will cost X per foot depending on the dimension of the hole they wish to excavate. Does it make economic sense to proceed?

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  • My gut tell's me "NO" unless the Canadian Gov't would be interested enough to want to put this issue to bed once and for all and become a more significant financial contributor. Or perhaps a new group of investors whom have money to burn and needs there vanity fed by having their mugs on TV. I am not a caisson estimator but I'm thinking it could be on the order of up to a million a foot with the freezing apparatus. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a crown link, Could it be?

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