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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. USA Today best-selling author of over 40 books, Lyn Cote writes award-winning contemporary and historical romance.
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He lives by the law.

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After forensic accountant Beth Greenwood uncovers a money-laundering scheme tying her company to the organ A cowboy to her rescue…Since losing his childhood sweetheart, cowboy Garrett Wade has avoided emotional entanglements. But when he comes across pregnant H Framed and braving the wilderness… He needs her help to clear his name.

You are viewing this site in an old browser or Internet Explorer compatiblity mode. You can continue to use our site but it may not work properly or display correctly. You can do it. He was still her baby. Strong, steady hands gripped her waist, stabilizing her balance.

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Just a little farther. She could barely touch one hand. Just a bit farther. She gave one huge jerk as Betsie pushed from the other side. Sean slammed into her and she tumbled back.

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Hunter's arms closed around her as she caught Sean against her chest. She pulled him tight against her, feeling his solid weight. She couldn't get a breath in, but she didn't care. The fire engine wailed to a stop down the block at the end of the alley. Fiona dug the phone out of her back pocket as Sean scrambled into Hunter's arms. The fire's getting hotter and there's no way my curves are squeezing through that window.

Hunter's here and the fire trucks just got here. Get down on the ground, as low as you can. That was Hunter, strong and steady. Always there when she needed him. She jerked in a breath that was more like a sob as Hunter passed Sean back to her. Let me work on the door. Get him out of here, Fee. Hitching Sean higher on her hip, she ran for the engine. The first firefighter swung off onto the ground, pulling up his hood and slamming his helmet into place.

As he turned to look at her, his Fitzgerald blue eyes were unmistakable. Danny, there's not much time. The fire chief's red truck pulled in as the other two firefighters began rolling hose to the hydrant. Fiona stopped at the curb and just held on to her son, feeling his sturdy little body against hers. He was safe, thanks to Betsie. She closed her eyes, only to open them again as Sean squirmed his way to the ground, clearly not as traumatized as she was.

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Her cousin Liam, the officer on A-shift, was talking into the radio. We're hand-jacking a line, initiating search and rescue. We're in offensive strategy, requesting the balance of the First Alarm and one ambulance. It was red with Sean's blood. Where was he hurt? Everyone on the small crew was cross-trained for medical response.

Sean's dad had been an EMT, too. As if to emphasize that fact, an ambulance stopped in middle of the street, the medics grabbing their trauma kits and running toward the fire scene. It was really smoky. My arm hurts a little. On Main Street, the volunteer firefighters had arrived and begun to work at the fire from the other side.

Hunter had told her once that a fire scene was like a well-choreographed dance. The Cold Case Files. Cowboys of Sunrise Ranch. Hearts of Hartley Creek. The Heart of Main Street. Return to Dry Creek. Men of Mule Hollow.

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