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At that time there was only one English regiment of dragoons, after William and Marys accession to the throne, England involved itself in the War of the Grand Alliance, primarily to prevent a French invasion restoring Marys father, James II. Spain, in the two centuries, had been the dominant global power, and the chief threat to Englands early transatlantic ambitions. The war between the British and the First French Empire of Napoleon Bonaparte stretched around the world and at its peak, in , the regular army contained over , men.

The campaign of the English republican Protector, Oliver Cromwell, involved uncompromising treatment of the Irish towns that had supported the Royalists during the English Civil War, the English Army stayed in Ireland primarily to suppress numerous Irish revolts and campaigns for independence. Having learnt from their experience in America, the British government sought a political solution, the British Army found itself fighting Irish rebels, both Protestant and Catholic, primarily in Ulster and Leinster in the rebellion.

The Haldane Reforms of formally created the Territorial Force as the Armys volunteer reserve component by merging and reorganising the Volunteer Force, Militia, Great Britains dominance of the world had been challenged by numerous other powers, in the 20th century, most notably Germany. Central Intelligence Agency — As one of the principal members of the U. Though it is not the only U. In , The Washington Post reported that in fiscal year , the CIA has increasingly expanded its roles, including covert paramilitary operations. One of its largest divisions, the Information Operations Center, has shifted focus from counter-terrorism to offensive cyber-operations, when the CIA was created, its purpose was to create a clearinghouse for foreign policy intelligence and analysis.

The Executive Director is in charge of the day to day operation of the CIA, each branch of the military service has its own Director. The Directorate has four regional groups, six groups for transnational issues. The Directorate of Operations is responsible for collecting intelligence. The name reflects its role as the coordinator of intelligence activities between other elements of the wider U. This Directorate was created in an attempt to end years of rivalry over influence, philosophy, in spite of this, the Department of Defense recently organized its own global clandestine intelligence service, the Defense Clandestine Service, under the Defense Intelligence Agency.

This Directorate is known to be organized by regions and issues.


For example, the development of the U-2 high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft was done in cooperation with the United States Air Force, the U-2s original mission was clandestine imagery intelligence over denied areas such as the Soviet Union. It was subsequently provided with signals intelligence and measurement and signature intelligence capabilities, subsequently, NPIC was transferred to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

It has been the residence of every U. The residence was designed by Irish-born architect James Hoban in the Neoclassical style, construction took place between and using Aquia Creek sandstone painted white.

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When Thomas Jefferson moved into the house in , he added low colonnades on each wing that concealed stables and storage. In , during the War of , the mansion was set ablaze by the British Army in the Burning of Washington, destroying the interior, reconstruction began almost immediately, and President James Monroe moved into the partially reconstructed Executive Residence in October Exterior construction continued with the addition of the semi-circular South portico in , because of crowding within the executive mansion itself, President Theodore Roosevelt had all work offices relocated to the newly constructed West Wing in Eight years later in , President William Howard Taft expanded the West Wing and created the first Oval Office, in the main mansion, the third-floor attic was converted to living quarters in by augmenting the existing hip roof with long shed dormers.

A newly constructed East Wing was used as an area for social events. East Wing alterations were completed in , creating additional office space, by , the houses load-bearing exterior walls and internal wood beams were found to be close to failure. Truman, the rooms were completely dismantled. Once this work was completed, the rooms were rebuilt.

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In , it was ranked second on the American Institute of Architects list of Americas Favorite Architecture, in May , New York began construction of Government House for his official residence, but he never occupied it. The national capital moved to Philadelphia in December , the July Residence Act named Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the temporary national capital for a year period while the Federal City was under construction.

The City of Philadelphia rented Robert Morriss city house at High Street for Washingtons presidential residence, the first president occupied the Market Street mansion from November to March , and altered it in ways that may have influenced the design of the White House.

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As part of an effort to have Philadelphia named the permanent national capital, Pennsylvania built a much grander presidential mansion several blocks away. The Presidents House in Philadelphia became a hotel and was demolished in , the Presidents House was a major feature of Pierre Charles LEnfants plan for the newly established federal city, Washington, D.

The SAS was founded in as a regiment, and later reconstituted as a corps in , the unit undertakes a number of roles including covert reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, direct action and hostage rescue. It was conceived as a force to operate behind enemy lines in the North African Campaign.

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Its first mission, in November , was a drop in support of the Operation Crusader offensive. Due to German resistance and adverse conditions, the mission was a disaster,22 men.

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Its second mission was a major success, transported by the Long Range Desert Group, it attacked three airfields in Libya, destroying 60 aircraft with the loss of 2 men and 3 Willys MB. It was tasked with parachute operations behind the German lines in France and carried out supporting the Allied advance through Belgium, the Netherlands. In October , in the aftermath of Operation Loyton another 31 captured SAS commandos were summarily executed by the Germans, at the end of the war the British Government saw no further need for the force and disbanded it on 8 October The following year it was decided there was a need for a long-term deep-penetration commando unit, ultimately, the Artists Rifles, raised in and headquartered at Dukes Road, Euston, took on the SAS mantle as 21st SAS Regiment on 1 January In , a 21 SAS squadron was raised to fight in the Korean War, after three months of training in Britain, it was informed that the squadron would no longer be required in Korea and so it instead volunteered to fight in the Malayan Emergency.

Upon arrival in Malaya, it came under the command of Mike Calvert who was forming a new unit called the Malayan Scouts, the Rhodesians returned home after three years service and were replaced by a New Zealand squadron. By this time the need for a regular army SAS regiment had been recognised, in the third regiment, the 23rd SAS Regiment, was formed by renaming the Reserve Reconnaissance Unit, which had succeeded MI9 and whose members were experts in escape and evasion. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved from " https: Articles needing additional references from October All articles needing additional references. Physical fitness was a prerequisite, with cross country runs and boxing matches to improve fitness, speed and endurance marches were conducted up and down the nearby mountain ranges and over assault courses that included a zip-line over Loch Arkaig, all while carrying arms and full equipment 2.

The Haldane Reforms of formally created the Territorial Force as the Armys volunteer reserve component by merging and reorganising the Volunteer Force, Militia, Great Britains dominance of the world had been challenged by numerous other powers, in the 20th century, most notably Germany 3.

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