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After reading this I literally had to sit for a few moments and simply absorb the idea. Writers are supposed to be giant idea factories and if you read a lot of genre material it is easy to feel that there are no really new ideas. I mean, Zombie, the gruesome, rotting dead; and Erotica…the explicit and often graphic depiction of sex.

This short-story anthology is packed full of some of the most heartbreaking romance and vicious revenge stories I have read in quite some time. The book is split into four sections, dividing up the stories by theme. The broad themes are romance, revenge, risk and raunch—though this is quite a subjective division as many, or most, of the stories contain more than a single one of these elements.

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With true solids handling capacities of Rigore Two Faces Palladium Plated Brass and Multicolor Viscose Clutch crafted in palladium plated brass and viscose has a futuristic edge and a geometric design that will instantly update any chic evening wear. When I first mention to people Rigor Amortis , the anthology of flash zombie erotica edited by Jaym Gates and Erika Holt, it elicits laughter and looks of disbelief.

As I understand it, the concept was born as a joke but grew as people realized there was material to be mined. And rest assured that this anthology is not one done for laughs. But more often the tales are more serious, questioning what remains of love and sex once a body dies but the flesh continues to move? Thrown into the mix are animated corpses, bodies that have come back to fulfill a task and even technological creations.

Some are more mindless than others. Above all else, the stories are often macabre in their tone. The book is put together with an eye towards establishing tone. The cover art, which I would dare to call beautiful, tells you exactly what the books is going to be like.

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Each section of the anthology has interstitial art and most of the stories have a black and white piece tied to its content. From there the editors break the stories up into four thematic sections. With so many flash pieces crammed into this collection, I hope you will forgive my brevity in not highlighting each one.

The first part, Romance, presents the sentimental and tender hearted tales of love beyond death.

Rigor Amortis

A few authors use the theme of a dead spouse coming back from the dead due to occult influences. My favorite among those was J. The sweet, almost fairy tale, structure of this story really captivated my heart. Through death I thought the story said much about life. The next section, Revenge, told tales of love going wrong. It was a painful and beautiful story of the complicated nature of love. Many stories in this section focused on revenge between the lovers, but this was one of the few that focused on revenge on behalf of the lovers.

VanNewkirk, was an engaging dark tale of recreational zombie drugs and mutually abusive lovers, a sort of erotic zombie Trainspotting. My love of Revolutionary France made the Wendy N.

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Risk, the third section, revels in the undead condition. Some of the stories are about undead lovers, others are about those who delight in the undead nature of their companions.

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  8. Beyond the necrotic undertones of the stories, the sexual content is often minimal. More often the stories focus on the romance, with sex either implied or entirely absent. In some stories, sex and romance are all but absent from the tale. The parts I loved the most were the thoughtful pieces that explored the human condition through the lens of undeath, but there are also fine pieces that are just about zombies and sex.

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    If you enjoy zombie horror, this could be a fine piece to include in your collection. Jun 18, FK rated it did not like it Shelves: Although some of the stories had some creative value the quality of writing was consistently poor. Oct 01, T. First off, full disclosure: I know the editors through Twitter and was lucky enough to get an advance copy of this book for review. My comments below are based on that reading. I imagine it wasn't an easy task to assemble this collection. From an editorial standpoint, I think they did an admirable job ordering and organizing the pieces so that they fit together well.

    From the reader's standpoint, that's easy to overlook but it would definitely make or break an anthology like this.

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    Fortunately for First off, full disclosure: Fortunately for us, Gates and Holt successfully rose to the challenge. I am not a hardcore horror reader or writer, nor do I spend a lot of time in the world of erotica. I read both from time to time, but I don't consider myself a connoisseur of either.

    And although I would not have thought I was susceptible to prudery or squeamishness, more than once I found myself challenged by the subject matter. This isn't a criticism at all. In fact, I see it as a virtue. I'd say the collection works very well at providing entertaining and provocative stories for the well-seasoned readers, as well as offering the curious newcomer with the same.

    Not an easy thing to do, but the collection pulls it off quite well.