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This cemented a growing alliance between the two men. At Rathmullan O'Donnell was invited aboard a ship from Dublin to drink wine , but was then carried away as part of a pre-planned operation. Hugh O'Donnell made his successful escape only in January , assisted by his allies brothers Art and Hugh O'Neill, 2nd Earl of Tyrone , who arranged for his flight from Dublin into the Wicklow Mountains in the depths of winter.

It is likely that corruption played a part in his escape, and he was assisted by the Lord Deputy William FitzWilliam. Upon his return to Ulster , he gained the leadership of the O'Donnell Clan becoming "The O'Donnell", Lord of Tyrconnell after his father abdicated in his favour later that year.

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Having driven the crown sheriff out of Tyrconnell, he successfully led two expeditions against Turlough Luineach O'Neill in , to force Turlough O'Neill to abdicate his chieftainship in favour of Hugh O'Neill. At this point, O'Neill did not join O'Donnell in open rebellion, but secretly backed him to enhance his bargaining power with the English. Their greatest victory came two years later however at Battle of the Yellow Ford on the Blackwater River near the southern border of Tyrone in August At this battle, the Irish annihilated an English force marching to relieve Armagh and they seemed on the verge of expelling the English from Ireland altogether.

O'Neill then went south to secure the allegiance of Irish lords in Munster, without much success.

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O'Donnell raided Connacht , destroying the town of Athenry , laying waste to much of County Galway , and on being refused entry to Galway , burned its suburbs:. They then leaped from the parapets, and gained the streets of the town, and opened the gates for those who were outside.

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They all then proceeded to demolish the storehouses and the strong habitations; and they carried away all the goods and valuables that were in them. They remained that night in the town. It was not easy to enumerate or reckon the quantities of copper, iron, clothes, and habiliments, which they carried away from the town on the following day. From the same town he sent forth marauding parties to plunder Clanrickard, on both sides of the river; and these marauders totally plundered and ravaged the tract of country from Leathrath to Magh-Seanchomhladh.

The remaining part of his army burned and ravaged the territory, from the town of Athenry and Rath-Goirrgin Westwards to Rinn-Mil and Meadhraige, and to the gates of Galway, and burned Teagh-Brighde, at the military gate of Galway". As a result of these and other assaults, O'Donnell was unable to persuade the local lords to join him. However, in the next two years, O'Donnell and O'Neill were hard pressed with the deployment of thousands more English troops in the country. O'Donnell repulsed an English expedition towards western Ulster at the battle of Curlew Pass in , but his and O'Neill's position was increasingly defensive.

Niall Garve's brothers and hundreds of followers also joined him in supporting the Crown. Hugh Roe was so outraged by this, that he killed Niall Garve's infant son and his own nephew by beating him to death. They recognised that their only chance of winning the war outright was with the aid of a Spanish invasion. The Spanish finally landed at Kinsale — at virtually the opposite end of Ireland from the Ulster rebels in September En route, true to his family arms and Constantinian motto In Hoc Signo Vinces and in anticipation of the battle to come at Kinsale , he visited and venerated a supposed relic of the True Cross Holy rood on the Feast of St.

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Andrew, on 30 November at Holy Cross Abbey , and removed a portion of it. From there he sent an expedition to Ardfert in County Kerry , to win a quick victory and successfully recover the territory of his ally, Fitzmaurice, Lord of Kerry , who had lost it and his 9-year-old son, to Sir Charles Wilmot. As the rebel armies retreated from Kinsale, O'Donnell announced his plan to travel to Spain to seek further support from the Spanish crown.

This demoralised his supporters despite his pledge he would return with twenty thousand Spanish soldiers by the next Spring.

After the Irish defeat at Kinsale, O'Donnell left Ireland and sailed to Corunna in Galicia , Spain, where many other chieftains were already arriving with their families. There he was received with great honours by the Governor of Galicia and the Lord Archbishop of Santiago de Compostela , where an Irish College was founded.

He was also taken to "visit the Tower of Betanzos , where according to bardic legends the sons of Milesius left to the IsIe of Destiny". While based in Corunna, he plotted a return to Ireland and travelled to Valladolid to ask further assistance from Philip III of Spain , who promised him he would organise a new invasion of Ireland.

Some of these letters were written in cipher, but the key to the cipher was to use a substitute letter six spaces earlier in the alphabet. It is, however, unlikely that he was poisoned.