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As soon as the ammo is scanned at the main warehouse, it shows its in stock. That means the ammo is anywhere from the main warehouse, on a truck and being still transported to your walmart. Or, it's sitting in the back of the stockroom at your walmart in pallets and not taken out to the floors yet. Or, shady employees are hiding it so they can buy it later. Walmart is the most efficient and has the most advance inventory management in the world. If the employees are telling you different about the app, then they are misinformed or wrong. There are too many coincidence where I went to the walmarts that showed "in stock" and it was there.

And too many times, after I buy the last box, mins later, it shows "out of stock". The other day, I went to one of the walmarts early to pick up some 22lrs that shows in stock early in the morning. Was told by the worker there that they didn't get any shipment in that morning.

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Instead of arguing, I left to hit up other walmarts. Came back 1 hr later app still showing its in stock , sure enough Same again with walmart 2. Worker and manager there swore there was no shipment.

But according to the app, the ammo that shows "in stock". When it shows "limited stock", it means there are only boxes left. Find out when your walmart start selling their ammo. Usually the ammo shipment arrives in the evening and they wont start selling it until the morning. Mine is usually around am. Every walmart runs different. Some have 3 box limit, some has 1 box limit, some open at 7am, some sell ammo all night. I usually check the inventories at night and plan which walmart to hit in the mornings. Usually the app gets really busy around am and might crash.

The people I've been telling to about the walmart app been getting really lucky. Sure beats waiting in huge lines at bass pro shop or academy. The lines are usually sparse here since not alot know about the app. Using the Walmart app to scan barcodes off ammo boxes to search certain ammo that is not showing up on the usual search. So naturally they saved the pics of the barcodes. Now I can search for tulammo for 9mm. Great thanks to the original posters in these threads below. Has the Walmart app been accurate for you? Hell yeah, scored some ammo No, you kidding me On the fence, employees are hiding the ammo View Results.

You gave rep to doinky for this post. Add a Comment Reply. No magnetic strip to scan and they take it. Argue no DL to show matters not if you have one anyway and the will likely take it.

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Had the manager for that half of the store, security manager and dept manager involved. The cashier who initiallly refused CWP was livid and totally outraged when I smiled at her as she was ringing it up.

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I think his comments are valid if you are going on an African safari. So you might be thousands of miles from home and somehow the airlines lost your ammo and you are on the expensive trip of a lifetime and yet your rifles are all custom wildcats, etc. And I can see how it would apply to someone like him who travels the country so something like airline shipping or customs or whatever could result in a problem. I reloaded for many years, but I always bought factory for the brass to reload later.

Using Walmart App on Phone to Find AMMO

I also keep the number of calibers down so as to maintain a decent supply on the most readily available on the market. In some cases I have firearms that can shoot multi-cals with a quick barrel change…. Wal Mart has ran many mom and pop stores out of business over the years and If old Sam was still alive he would have a fit over the way the company is doing business, I try not to spend anymore money than possible with them.

Lots of folks in the comments section think the Walmart reference was a recommendation on where to shop. And I am sure your disapproval will hurt their bottom line. Nice to know you know the thoughts of a dead man. If you buy ammo at Walmart, they not only require your Drivers License, they enter your DL number into their computer system with each ammo purchase. No more ammo purchases at Walmart for me. I have never been asked for my DL at any WalMart.

Do you live in a communist state? I had the same experience some time ago at my local Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is a strange business. The Idea is to track people who purchase large amounts of Acetone. Of course, this is Texas which might seem foreign to some people so I have an advantage. At the height of the. Every church participates in a baked goods and ornaments sale around Christmas time. The Baptists had Christmas stockings with cookies, an ornament, some little toy, and yep a box of.

Not every little town, but an awful lot of them have their own City Gun Show. Everybody that I know reloads more and better than I do. No one seemed to be short of ammunition. For handgun, my primary is 9mm. Ammo is ubiquitous here and around the world. I have enough ammo available to get through ANY domestic situations. But, if large scale civil unrest breaks out? Also, both calibers, 9mm and 5. This should be a no brainer. There is a limit as to how much ammunition you can carry away from home. Many years ago an old-timer cautioned me that someone who drives rural areas for a living should buy a Ford or or a Chevrolet.

His rationale was that if you have a breakdown in a small town they are more likely to have a part for a Ford or Chevrolet. If you travel a lot it makes sense to carry something that can be resupplied anywhere. Thanks for pointing this out and for a thoughtful article. M, its not that big of a deal, Here in Illinois when you go to the range everyone who shoots has to put up their drivers license, and foid card for the time you shoot.

I buy ammo at Bass pro from time to time when its on sale, they ask to see my foid card, and make sure its up to date, give it back, ring up the ammo, and your on your way, nothing logged, but for the most part, I buy ammo on line, as its way cheaper, and most of the time its free shipping. For true safety against ammo shortages invest in a Dillon.

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Nothing gives you that money under the mattress feeling more so than the ability to load up whatever you need, whenever you want it. Go one step further Ansel, and invest in bullet casting molds for each caliber you own. A lot of what runs through my Dillon B are handloaded cast bullets. You will never have to worry about running out of lead so long as lead continues to be use for wheel weights. If times get tough, I would imagine you could spend a couple of hours in a wrecking yard with permission, or for a fee, of course and walk out with quite a few pounds of lead. Farnam, I hate to be the first to disagree this time, but I must point out that the Walmart Test is not always valid.

Of course, if one is in a foreign country or otherwise dependent on locally available commercial supplies, it makes great sense to stick to the most readily available calibers. The World Wide Web and the proliferation of custom ammo makers has made it fairly easy to find anything we need. I also remember the Great Ammo Panic not so long ago. I can tell you from personal experience that the chamberings you mentioned specifically were not available at any price, from any store, even Walmart.

I had to drive over one hundred miles to be drastically overcharged for two boxes of Remington. Most handgun ammo, especially the common self defense calibers, was just as scarce as. At the same time, shelves at Walmart and elsewhere were filled with. The take away here is that having a weapon in a common chambering does not guarantee that ammo will always be easily obtainable. John Dunlap, of the ammo you mention, you failed to mention 9mm.

Available at Walmart? The Walmart Ammunition Test

My Walmart always had it, both FMJ and hollow point. Never have 10mm though. The Walmarts around me also have 9mm — now. During the so called shortage, none. Even after they started getting some ammo in again, and rationed it, usually no 9mm. If there was, it was snapped up by the scalpers, practically right off the truck the local Bass Pro had to put security on their loading dock to stop that sort of thing. Oddly enough, the store nearest to me did have two boxes of.

Those were also gone when I visited again a couple of weeks later. My point is that the availabilty of goods like ammo is situationally specific. The reason all those otherwise common chamberings were impossible to get was that they were and are so popular.