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2 G H I German Horse I ndustry EQUESTRIAN EQUIPMENT Bedding for Winners Die tierärztliche Beratung zu den Auktionspferden findet in der Praxis von Dr. mit großartigen Gaben, die deutlich auf eine erfolgreiche Laufbahn hinweisen. Mutterstamm/Dam Line: Face For Edition (SPR: M-erfolgreich); Countess of.
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This gives effect to the trade clauses of the partnership and cooperation agreements between the European Union and Russia pending the entry into force of the latter. A similar interim agreement between the European Union and Ukraine also enters into force.

The aim of the meeting is to strengthen the relationship between the two regions and aid a cultural, political and economic relationship between the two regions. France accepts a compromise over the CJFT concept. The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation will remain one system capable of performing multiple functions, thereby avoiding the creation of separate command arrangements for European-only operations. The conduct of a Western European Union operation, drawing upon Alliance resources, will necessitate the approval of the North Atlantic Council. In deference to French pressure, it is agreed that there will be exercises to practise how Western European Union-led operations could be detached from the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation s structure.

The Council adopts corresponding acts. This was the seventh consecutive year that such a resolution had been blocked. It approves various provisions facilitating smooth passage to the Third Stage of Economic and Monetary Union and adopts a resolution on growth and employment. A provision stating that the Union is founded on the principles of liberty, democracy, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and the rule of law, principles which are common to the Member States is added to the Treaty and a reference to fundamental social rights is included in its preamble.

Free movement of persons, asylum, immigration, the crossing of external borders and judicial cooperation are integrated into the Community framework during a transitional period of five years. Community competence is extended to the Justice and Home Affairs pillar of the TEU, bringing asylum, immigration, and judicial cooperation into the Community legislative framework.

A new title on employment is incorporated into the Treaty. A Protocol integrates the Schengen acquis into the framework of the European Union. A Protocol on subsidiarity and proportionality is added to the Treaty. The Council adopts a resolution confirming the Stability and Growth Pact. The Council adopts a regulation providing for the replacement of the ECU with the euro at the rate of one to one from 1 January and for continuity of contracts, and laying down rules for conversion between national currencies and the euro.

The communication focuses on supporting China s integration into the WTO, social reform, promotion of human rights and raising the profie of the EU within China. Ever since they have been held on an annual basis alternating between Beijing and the country hosting the EU Presidency. Three Chinese reporters are killed. President Clinton issues an apology. Protests occur outside the US Embassy in Beijing.

It adopts the first European Union common strategy on Russia. It concludes that partnership between the EU and Russia should be strengthened as it is crucial to maintaining peace and security in Europe and for meeting common European challenges. The Presidency also concluded that It wholeheartedly ensorses the efforts made by China and Russia to date to achieve WTO accession and urges the Council and Commission to support early accession by China on the basis of a fair balance of interests and to encourage Russia s endeadours to adapt to the requirements of WTO accession.

The province is divided into zones of responsibilities. It decides to open accession negotiations with Romania, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Malta and to recognise Turkey as an applicant country. It agrees to call an intergovernmental conference to revise the Treaties in February It takes various decisions aimed at stepping up the European common security and defence policy, adopts a common strategy with regard to Ukraine, a millennium declaration and a declaration on Chechnya, and approves guidelines for employment for.

The intended purposes are national security, border control and law enforcement.

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This is the first visit of a Chinese Premier to the Commission. The Vatican canonizes saints who were martyred in China. It also adopts negotiating brief with a view to reaching a stabilisation and association agreement with Croatia. A European Council is held in Nice and reaches political agreement on a new Treaty amending the constituent treaties to provide for the participation of new members in the institutions to be known as the Nice Treaty.

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Ireland seeks to expand economic exchanges and cooperation with China. At a European Council meeting in Barcelona, Spain, EU leaders urge the speedy adoption of legislation for the opening of markets.

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Jiang is elected as head of the Central Military Commission. The EU celebrates 10 years of the Single Market. October China s first manned spacecraft is launched. McAleese praises the achievements in modernization of the Chinese and notes that bilateral trade European Union leaders sign an agreement to lessen visa restrictions for Chinese tourists and China agrees to support the EU s satellite navigation system.

Chinese Minister of Culture acknowledges the prominent role of culture in Asia-Europe relations. The EU and China sign: Joint declaration on Non-proliferations and Arms Control; 2. May Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao proposes strengthening China-EU leader strategic dialogue and expanding bilateral economic and technological cooperation at a visit to the European Parliament.

The EU and China sign a Memorandum of Understanding on labour, employment and social affairs; a joint statement on cooperation in space exploitation, science and technology development and a joint declaration on climate change. Human Rights Dialogue, Beijing, China. Petersburg, Russia to discuss Sino-Italian relations. Closer Partners, Growing responsibilities. This raises the number of EU Member States to 27 and the population within the Union to million inhabitants. Germany assumes presidency of the EU.

Human Rights Dialogue, Berlin, Germany. Text is agreed for the new Lisbon Treaty which is formally signed by all European leaders in Lisbon on 13 December Sep A new Roman Catholic bishop of Beijing is consecrated the first for over 50 years to have the approval of the Pope. President of the Republic of France pays a state visit to China. Cyprus and Malta adopt the euro, bringing euroarea membership to 15 EU countries and a population of around million. The European Council decides to continue the ratification process of the Lisbon Treaty.

EU leaders urge international cooperation to deal with rising food and fuel prices. Greek President Karolos Papoulias visits China. Presidency priorities include the economy and energy. Leaders agree on the need for a common approach to combat the financial crisis. China commits to resist trade protectionism.

Wang expresses desire to further cooperation between Daimler AG and China. China urges the EU to relax restrictions on Chinese technology imports. The EU and China sign agreements to enhance cooperation in i clean energy, ii science and technology, and iii small and medium-sized enterprises. Presidency priorities are economic recovery and climate change. China and the EU sign five cooperative documents covering technological cooperation, near-zero emission coal utilization project, energy efficiency and quality on buildings, the sustainable development of China s trade and investment, and environmental management.

French Prime Minister Fillon visits China. President Nicolas Sarkozy of France pays a state visit to China. President Barroso of the European Commission pays an official visit to China. Both sides exchange views on China-UK relations and the enhancement of China s pragmatic cooperation with Scotland. President Hu Jintao visits France and Portugal.

At G20 summit in Cannes, France leaders agree on coordinated action for global economic recovery and job creation and take steps on financial reform. Polish President Komorowski visits China. Higgins in Dublin, Ireland. Irish Prime Minister Kenny visits China. Human Rights Dialogue, Brussels. G20 Summit in Los Cabos, Mexico. The prize recognises the EU s contribution over six decades to the promotion of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights Feb Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping pays an official state visit to Ireland. Working for You which focuses on trade, international security and the promotion of human rights.

Bibliography By its nature this chronology is not the result of original historic research but draws on numerous sources and heavily on certain sources such as Keesing s Record of World Events, the European Commission s Annual Reports, European External Action Service, and China Profile. This work is indebted to those sources. This project has gestated over many years and the author acknowledges and thanks the many assistants and researchers over that period for their able assistance in this project.

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Chen, Li, Lawyers as the emerging diplomatic elite in China: The making of the first Chinese barrister at the English Bar. Chen, Weitseng, Sir, we suggest you be fired. Die Werbung ist wirklich strunzdoof. Was ich schon immer sagen wollte: Ich hasse Media Markt und Saturn wie die Pest. Das ist die Bild Zeitung des Handels. Immer dieser Mist mit Claudi B. Papi schaumal, ich hab eine Mehrwertsteuer gefunden Gibt es den nur noch bekloppte Werbung?? Das fand ich echt peinlich. Dresdner Bank Werbung ist derzeit meine Hasswerbung! Die "German Kleinigkeit" von Raffaello: Obwohl das Zeug gut schmeckt: Um was ging es da?

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Ich finde die Itunes Werbung sehr gut: Die Farben und das Lied dazu machen dirket Lust auf Musik. Die Renault-Werbung mi dem Elefanten find ich irgendwie witzig Hi, irgendwie hat sich die neue Campari-Werbung in mein Auge gebrannt http: Gerade eben hab ich den Radiosender gewechselt, weil ich heute bereits zum 5. Was glaubt Ihr, wie lange es auf dem anderen Sender gedauert hat, bis ich dieses tolle Angebot wieder bekam? Mich wundert es, dass hier noch nicht die neue Hornbacher-Werbung genannt wurde, mit "Schnick-und Schnaaaaaak". Ja die Firmen die mich mit ihrer Werbung nerven ,meide ich auch Wusste ich gar nicht.

Telefonieren und vielleicht noch SMS. Mehr brauch ich nicht. Ok, ein bisserl Organizer, Kalender etc. Und was ist das Fazit der Werbung? Wahrscheinlich wurden die beiden deutschen Geiseln erschossen. Die Politik missbraucht ihn zu ihren Zwecken und bringt ihn jede Woche mehrfach in die Medien. Die Geister die ich rief Die Werbung, aber im positiven Sinne: Makaber und daneben find ich die Werbung von irgendeiner Drecksonlineversicherung.

Da sitzen Mama und Papa auf der Couch und das Balg davor. Also nur ne gute Hand voll oder ca. Wie einfach da mit einer Zahl und dem wort Prozent und ein paar Bildern Gesundheit proklamiert wird Der Thread kommt gerade im richtigen Moment hoch. Finde ich geht eindeutig zu weit und ist alles andere als lustig. Die neue Soda Club Werbung geht mir auch auf den Senkel. Momentan bin ich in der Arbeit wiedermal Antenne-Bayern ausgeliefert. Ja, das mit Antenne regt mich auch so auf. Alle trauern um die Di, und jeder schimpft auf die Fotografen. Und spielen genau meine Musik - 3 x einen Ausschnitt: Und was machen kleine Kinder im Studio???

Die Oma, die ins Wasser springt - dann die geklaute Melodie, Ich kaufe es aus dem Grund aber nicht und greife lieber zu einer Alternative. Habe die Werbugn gestern abend gesehen.


Kennt ihr die noch? War vor so ca 20 Jahren aktuell: Noch etwas was nervt Ich verstehe nicht, dass das die Werbefuzzies noch nicht erkannt haben. Whynot Kommt dieses "Feature" nicht von den Werbefuzzis? Mami, wenn Papi tot ist, kauf ich mir einen Ponyhof. Wenn Papi nicht mehr da ist, ich eine Finka in Spanien. Frauen an die Macht, oder was? Da sag ich lieber, Frauen macht die Kinder, wir helfen dabei. Macht die Wohnung sauber. Ratte von Germanys Next Top Man, das nervt so tierisch Schon gesehen, die "wenn Papa piiiep ist D Die lesen hier wohl mit! Ich habe Denen einen lange Beschwerde am gleichen Tag geschrieben, als ich es oben beanstandet hatte, hat dann wohl gewirkt.

Und die Ausrede, "auf Wunsch unserer Kunden", haha. Ich schaue gern werbung Welche Werbung mir aktuell auf den Sack geht? Auch schlimm ist die Rama-Werbung, ohne Fett. Das geht dann Mal so, bis der Slogan kommt "Rama jetzt ohne Fett" D "Aber Mama sagt Die erste Antwort ist ja lustig: Pseudo-Talkshow mit diesem Assi im Publikum: Wenn schon mal Antenne Reihern genannt wurde: Umschalten, ausschalten und fertig.

Wo ist das Problem? Die finanzieren sich selbst. Antenne Reihern ist gut: Wos gibts nur einmol in Bayern und nur einmol auf der gonzen Welt? Nicht, dass da falsche Vermutungen aufkommen. Meine momentane absolute Nr. Im Moment isses die Axe-Werbung Momentan aber eher weniger vorhanden Testen Sie den Testsieger nervt mich langsam auch, alles nur noch Quark, was die einem eintrichtern wollen.

Echt nervig, dieser Fruchtalarm: Die finde ich eigentlich ganz gut, die Worte passen zu den Bildern und ein bisschen Pathos darf schonmal drinsein: Olli Dietrich, falls du hier mitliest: Was soll dieser bescheuerte Song und die Bilder mit den Tieren? Will man mir weiss machen, die Viecher passen in den Kofferraum? Ich habe noch eine Werbung vergessen, die wollte ich doch schon die Tage nennen: Fonic Handy-Provider mit Bruce Darnell. Den Vogel kann ich sowieso nicht leiden.

Heidi und der Seal.. Wobei der Fummel von Heidi recht niedlich ist. Hat fast schon GL Werbung Niveau. Die Bluetec Werbung ist auch klasse. Finde den Benz-Jingle auch nicht so toll. Der totale Nerv ist die "Doof"-Werbung, von den Marketingexperten: Also duschen sich jetzt Neikiiii-Fans in Dooviiii. Der C T-Modell Spot hat es mir auch angetan. Sehr, sehr gut gemacht trifft er wirklich den Kern der Marke. Mich nervt momentan tierisch die neue Werbung vom MediaMarkt. Ollie Dietrich in verschiedenen Rollen. Hi, mich nervt im Moment absolut diese "Bad selber gestalten" Werbung Grausam und absolut nervend: Und sagt sie vorwurfsvoll: Dieser Kack mit der Apothekenumschau - diese "Rentnerbildwerbung", oder " ich hab da was am Zahn, - brech und kotz!

Das dsa Zeugs nur Schwuchteln und Lesben tragen? Werbung, die man nicht versteht, kann ja nun auch nicht wirklich das Ziel der Macher sein, oder!?! Die Telefonwerbung Handys werden auch immer bekloppter. Es wurde zwar schon gepostet auch von mir , aber ich kann diese MediaMarkt-Werbung nicht mehr ab. Und den Ollie Dietrich nehm ich jetzt erst mal auf den Index. Boah, wie das nervt. Das ist nicht witzig, sondern nur noch dumm-peinlich. Auch immer wieder interessant. Die ist wirklich schlimm. Hi ho - Howdy Howdy Howdy Ich kann diesen Typen einfach nicht mehr sehen! Finde ich nicht schlimm. Ob die Damen da wirklich so aussehen?

D Sabrina ; P. Aber auch Haribo mit Thomas Gottschalk nervt! Neu Moderator "Bruce Darnell". Inzwischen hat man das Ganze mit Sprechblasen versucht, einzudeutschen. Bruce-isch Kann die leider nicht im Netz finden. Wenn die jemand findet, her damit. Neger darf ich nicht schreiben Menschen versteh ich eh nicht. Wer schaut sich eigentlich sowas an, und warum? Jetzt ist der beim Kerner beim ZDF Jeder bekommt einen Handyvertrag, auch bei neg.

Schufa und Creditreform, bla, bla: Das ist mir auch schon aufgefallen. Da wird um das ganze Pack auch noch geworben.

Ich finde zur Zeit 2 Werbungen sehr gut. Die neue OBI Werbung ist einfach klasse und nett gemacht. Gaaaanz grausam zur Zeit: Was soll denn das? Da vergeht mir das Joghurtessen aber reichlich: Die neue OBI-Werbung geht ja wohl gar nicht. Wie kann man einen Queen-Klassiker nur so verschandeln. Seit einigen Jahren gibts bei mir ums Eck Hornbach. Und dann kam Obi mit seiner Werbung.

Das hab ich noch live erlebt. D Wobei Hornbach und Obi sich nun vom Angebot nicht soviel nehmen. Ich find beide zu teuer. D Ich kann mich nicht erinnern, wann ich zuletzt aufgrund der Werbung vorm TV laut loslachen musste D Aus der Reihe gibt es noch mehrere Spots. Energiesparlampe - Die kommt mir nicht in die Tonne "Was ist Dir lieber? Ein Kaugummi, oder eine Energiesparlampe? Jedes "g" spricht die als "k" aus. D endlich mal was jutes!

Und wenn er dann fragt "Warum? Zumindest wird es aus meiner Sicht so unter dem Kleid abgezeichnet. Stotternd, nach Worten suchend, ein Assi hoch3. Was zum Geier ist ein Genuss Smoothie????? Da regste dich aber etwas spaet ueber einen recht harmlosen Begriff auf. Smoothies sind so seit ca bekannt.

Ist halt anstatt nur Saft gleich die ganze Frucht drin mal abgesehen von Steinen etc. Mich nervt eigentlich jede Werbung, die es nicht in die Cannes Rolle schafft: Neubert igs igs igs: Die neue Passat CC Werbung finde ich sehr gut gelungen. Die aktuelle Mediamarktreihe mit einem immer schlechter werdenden Ollie Dietrich. Mehr sog i ned. Seit Jahren permanent ungeniessbar ist dieser Fressfried Fischer. She is an uncomplicated, awesome and promising futurity prospect.

Sie begeistert mit idealer Technik und hervorzuhebender Rittigkeit. She delights with her perfect technique and super rideability. Qualified for the German Federal Championships. Friedel Cordes, Westerwalsede MwSt. Auction of the stallions part I You can find the pedigrees ot the two-year-old stallions in an extra brochure.

Spyke shows supple and powerful, wellbalanced movement. A top recommendation for a successful future dressage career. The stallion has been licensed in Redefin. Lake Worth is a dressage youngster with elastic and correct movement. His work ethic and motivation are hard to top. Don Olympic is a horse with impressive upper parts, incredible dressage potential and a bloodline combination that already produced a number of successes before.

Libelle DE Longchamp St. Meyer zu Strohen ; gek. Albertino is a horse, ready to compete at once and age-appropriately trained and placed at tournaments. Always eagerly working every day and delighting his rider again and again. Hier kommen ambitionierte Springreiter auf ihre Kosten. Asta kann Alles loves to work. Ambitious show jumping riders will be delighted. She already showed up at a number of tournaments and convinced with her brilliant work ethic.

Anja Sauer, Gusborn MwSt. Annekatrin Wotansmeise Wotan St. Wilhelm Struck, Gusborn MwSt. Fou Fou knows how to impress with her personality and above-average quality of movement. An eagerly moving dressage youngster. Sie ist dem Alter entsprechend ausgebildet. Federleicht is an impressive dressage youngster with a lot of dressage potential and outstanding basic gaits. She enjoyed an age-appropriate training. Quintus Maximus convinces with cadence and tremendous impulsion. This extraordinary dressage youngster is a recommendation for the upcoming show season. Fou Fou 50 B.: Marion Gabel, Kreuzebra MwSt.

M-erfolgreich mit Veronika Kornfeldner ; gek. Federleicht Quintus Maximus B.: Auction of the stallions part II You can find the pedigrees ot the two-year-old stallions in an extra brochure. Sportlich gestylte Erscheinung mit begehrenswerten Attributen. Chelsea H is a top jumper of rare quality. A sporty athlete with the required properties. Redbury Blue enters the Verden auction arena with brilliant movement. A dressage youngster with super rideability, comfortable to sit and basic gaits for the advanced dressage level..

Laszlo has all properties successful jumpers require. His balance sheet will also convince you. Gold Olympische Spiele Montreal mit A. Oliver Nanninga, Westerwalsede MwSt. Rainer Dubbels, Fredenbeck MwSt. Gerd Janssen, Neuschoo Sport-Name: Springt mit viel Potenzial und bester Einstellung. Nurmi is a jumper with outstanding sports qualities. Jumps with a lot of potential and the perfect work ethic. An eye-catching young dressage horse that leaves no desires open. Stakkata is an impressive, performancetested young jumper with incredible capabilities. Alfred Bruch, Winsen MwSt.

Hengst Cuzzoni Calido Sieger Han. Championat ; gek. Henning Mues, Stolzenau MwSt.

134. Elite-Auktion Reitpferde und Fohlen

S-erfolgreich mit Frank Agne ; gek. S-erfolgreich mit Nadine und Klaus Husenbeth ; gek. Eberhard Wotte, Rhede Sport-Name: Hengst Lord Pizarro Lord Pezi; gek. Hengst Stalypso; Dawina W. Sportliche Einstellung am Sprung - genau wie der Vater. Gin is a jumper without any ifs and buts.

The perfect sports attitude over the fences - just as his sire. Donna Fee is a young dressage horse with active hindquarters and striking canter qualities. She is uncomplicated and true to type. Gefion S is a recommendation as perfect partner for lady or junior riders. Her jumping capabilities leave no desires open. Martin Klintworth, Bargstedt MwSt. Martin Klemm, Beverstedt MwSt. Starboy has many outstanding properties. His basic gaits are not his only impressive feature: Seine einwandfreie Technik am Sprung zeichnen diesen Sportaspiranten aus.

Valerio K is a horse ready for the show season. His perfect technique over the fences is the most impressive feature of this futurity sports horse. Ein Pferd zum sofortigen Losreiten. Sierra Campina is a jumper true to the motto potential is always up-to-date. A horse to start with at once.

Quentin Quattro B Fahren: Friedrich Kramer, Wennigsen MwSt. Christina Martens, Ringstedt MwSt. Sie ist einzigartig hinsichtlich Optik und Bewegungsbegabung. London Style is a gorgeous dressage horse with first-class basic gaits. She is a unique appearance when it comes to conformation and quality of movement.

Drover is a jumper that knows how to perfectly handle his body. Perfect technique over the fences. A recommendation for ambitious tournament riders. Viactino is a recommendation for tall riders. Impressive performances and outstanding basic gaits. Volker Eickhoff, Sulingen MwSt. Hengst Perigueux HM ; gek. Hengst Cassini II; gek.

Action DE Abanos St. Hengst Superstar Sandro Hit; gek. Hengst Donnergold Donnerschlag; gek. Hengst Prinz Romadour Prinz Oldenburg. Frascati F is an impressive, eagerly moving youngster with outstanding properties when it comes to rideability and basic dressage horse qualities. Spirit is a partner for immediate starts at tournaments. He displays a perfect jumping technique. A future succerssful career will be no coincidence.

Hier reift etwas ganz Besonderes heran. Something very special is about to mature. Peter Fries, Northeim MwSt. Uta Dieckert, Asendorf MwSt. Dressurpferde mit A. Silence Rose is an extraordinary dressage mare who knows how to shine with her brilliant bloodline combination. Non Stop is still a bit green in the show jumping course, however, she presents a lot of skills and an exemplary work ethic. Dressurnachwuchs, der unter dem Sattel eine vortreffliche Figur abgibt. Special Agent attracts everybody s attention with his long legs and his super movement.

A stunning appearance under the rider. Markus Kappelhof, Soltau MwSt. S-erfolgreich mit Karin Hahn. Cocolala was age-appropriately placed at tournaments. A young dressage horse with exemplary rideability, quality of movement and riding comfort. Qwerty is a typey recommendation for ambitious riders. He loves to work and presents supple and powerful movement. Del Magica H convinces with extraordinary basic gaits, an exemplary pedigree, and she descends from a dam line with lots of successes at auctions and tournaments.

She is the full-sister of Del Magico the Vice- World-Champion of the six-year-old young dressage horses from Del Magica H is a dressage horse for the big arena. Claus Quast, Hamburg MwSt. Hengst Welt As Weltmeister. DE Sela BW bay gelding ca. Gerrit Luekens, Diepenau MwSt. Stefan Hermann, Northeim MwSt. Stefan Hermann, Northeim Sport-Name: H Del Magica H. Hier wurde Dressurpferdezucht auf den Punkt gebracht. Schatzmeister is a pleasingly sensitive and clever dressage youngster with brilliant basic gaits.

Dressage horse breeding at its best. Skyfall is a handy jumper with a lot of passion. A recommendation, offered by committed breeders. Quatermoon is an expressive young dressage horse with good basic gaits she already convincingly presented at tournaments. Zuchthof Vogel, Enger MwSt. Anka Brentano II St. Werther Sandro Hit; gek. Silvana Sandro Song EliteSt. Loretta Sherlock Holmes St. Gisela Appelkamp, Schwarmstedt MwSt.

Gisela Appelkamp, Schwarmstedt Sport-Name: Fashion Style shines with elevated movement and is a top recommendation for a successful future training. Limerick is a fascinating jumper with a sound work ethic, elasticity and all opportunities. He delights his rider every day.

In he was sold at the Elite-Foal-Auction. Balconetti is a very talented and pleasingly sensitive dressage youngster, very noble and with a sporty conformation. Jasmin Nussbaumer, Hamburg MwSt. Jost Klindwort, Malstedt Balconetti 82 Don Easy is an excellently to train dressage youngster with elastic movement and exemplary rideability. He is the full brother of the State Stud stallion Dubarry. A gorgeous riding horse for a successful future dressage career. Dagmar Meyer, Edemissen MwSt. Einzelwertung Olympia Sydney mit I. Hengst Carridam PJ Carrico; gek.

Herbert Kruse, Hamburg Z.: Stardust BC captivates in every respect: Cadillac shows quick reactions, powerful take-offs with ambition and the required attitude over the fences. This jumper is also a recommendation for lady riders and those who would like to change from pony sport. Final Chance enters the Verden auction arena with noble and elastic movement and fine reactions. Hengst Space Shuttle Surprice; gek.

Die Pferde werden als gebrauchte Sachen im Rechtssinne angeboten. BGB finden keine Anwendung. Das Ausbieten der Pferde erfolgt in Euro. Die Pferde werden mit ,00 angeboten. Es werden nur Mehrgebote von mindestens ,00 angenommen. Abrechnung und Bezahlung 3. Im Auktionskatalog ist bei dem jeweils betroffenen Pferd hinter dem Namen des Ausstellers der jeweilige Mehrwertsteuersatz ausgewiesen. Beschaffenheit der Pferde 4. Diese Kommentare sind keine Beschaffenheitsvereinbarung.

Die entsprechenden Hengste werden daher nicht als Reitpferde angeboten. Haftung des Ausstellers 5. Gesundheitsstatus keine zugesagte Beschaffenheit 6. Beides sind nicht vereinbarte Beschaffenheiten im Sinne der Auktionsbedingungen. Frank Reimann und Dr. Sie sind nicht Beschaffenheitsmerkmal oder Vertragszusage des Hannoveraner Verbandes oder des Ausstellers. Tickets are available for everybody as long as stocks last.

According to legal terminology, all horses auctioned-off are second-hand goods. This also applies for the horses that are not yet started under saddle but have already been trained e. The regulations of selling consumer goods ff.

Kündigen - schnell und einfach mit aboalarm

German Civil Code cannot be applied. The due to their age not yet ridden horses are generally presented in-hand or in free range. The horses will be offered for sale in Euro. Minimum auction sales price will be Euro 10, Bids of at least Euro will be accepted only. This is also permitted if the purchase note has already been signed, however, latest if the last horse of the auction was knocked-down. Only the bidders of the corresponding horse, the auctioneer or the Organizer are allowed to raise an objection as to the validity of the knock-down price.

A commission, consisting of the Manager of the Hannoveraner Verband, the Auction Management and the auctioneer will decide on all objections. An accepted bid shall only be cancelled if the commission decides unanimously. The first buyer shall be held liable for possible reductions in price. Settlement and Payment 3. The buyer owes the purchase price which is made up of the knock-down price plus VAT.

The VAT shall be added to the knock-down price and may vary depending on the assessment of the vendor. The individual VAT-rates are indicated behind the exhibitors names of each horse in the auction brochure. The vendor is responsible for the correctness of the VATrate. The Hannoveraner Verband assumes no liability for this information and raises a commission fee for its work as commission agent. The amount to be paid depends on the knock-down price. Additional handling fees and taxes will also be charged. All horses are collectively insured by the Hannoveraner Verband who raises an insurance tax of 2.

Payment shall become due immediately upon acceptance of the bid. Payment has to be effected in the auctioneer s office in cash. Unless payment by invoice has been accepted and confirmed before, the amount has to be transferred within seven days. Check collection fees or interests resulting out of the cashing of the check have to be paid by the purchaser. Foreign customers have to pay the fee for the services of the official vet. The new owner shall be the legal successor of each insurance contract.

The insurance premium shall be settled with the auction statement. Characteristics of the Horses 4. The indicated heights are approx. A difference to the actual height may be possible. Besides, one public presentation day is also recorded and published on the Internet, featuring, if possible, the whole collection. These comments are no assurance or evaluation in the sense of a guarantee of special qualities or characteristics. Accordingly, they are not sold as suitable for breeding unless expressly stated otherwise. For the stallions younger than three years old there is also no proof yet regarding their suitability as riding horse.

These stallions therefor are not offered as riding horses. The risk of the future development lies with the buyer. Liability of the Exhibitor 5. If at the time of transition of liability the horse s constitution differs considerably from the one mentioned in the contract, the vendor of the horse shall be held liable and has to accept a return of the horse and a repayment of the auction sales price. The vendor and the Hannoveraner Verband have agreed on a debt relieving assumption of debts as is laid down in German Civil Code which.

This procedure is based on the higher efficiency of the Hannoveraner Verband who in individual cases is also able to provide subsequent performance by delivering a faultless object as is laid down in , paragraph 1, alt. Upon acceptance of the bid, the buyer agrees to accept the assumption of debts.

The horses are sold as inspected, excluding any liability for material defects. No liability will be assumed for the horse s health status. Apart from that, the exhibitor shall not be held liable for the accuracy of the veterinarian inspections and the corresponding evaluations of the independent veterinarians. Claims for damages, resulting out of an impairment of life, body or health, based on grossly negligent violation of duty by the vendor or the Hannoveraner Verband or based on intention and gross negligence of a legal representative or vicarious agent of the vendor or the Hannoveraner Verband.

Besides, limitation of liability does not include damages resulting out of a grossly negligent violation of duty by the vendor or the Hannoveraner Verband or a legal representative or vicarious agent. State of Health No Guaranteed Constitution 6. Special examination of the front feet navicular bone Oxspring method. The hocks are x-rayed at two angles on the same plane and , stifle The results of these examinations are written down in a vet report.

Both are no assurance or evaluation in the sense of a guarantee of special qualities or characteristics as fixed in the Conditions of Sale. Frank Reimann and Dr. Alexander Merz, will evaluate the X-rays together. A written report shall be available about each horse, featuring the evaluation of the X-rays, the experiences of both veterinarians with comparable X-ray results in the past, the clinical state of health of the horse in the past, especially also during the auction training, and the general impression of the horse.

No X-ray categories shall be mentioned in the X-ray report. According to this, the report issued by both independent veterinarians, Dr. Alexander Merz, is not part of the characteristics as laid down in the contract, but only a non-committal information for potential buyers who are requested to consult both veterinarians regarding the issued report, with or without their own independent veterinarian. They may acknowledge, analyze and check the information on their own responsibility prior to the auction.

They are no characteristics or contractual promise of the Hannoveraner Verband or the exhibitor. The veterinarians are not the servants of the Hannoveraner Verband or the exhibitor, but independently working experts with consultative function. Removal and Transition of Liability The liability passes on to the purchaser after acceptance of the bid, which replaces the transfer of ownership, as is laid down in German Civil Code, even if the horse remains for the time being in the custody of the auctioneers.

This also applies if the vendor remains the owner under reservation. The Hannoveraner Verband shall be entitled to accept payment and has been instructed and is authorized to insist on buyer s settlement of obligations and related costs. Provided the purchaser is no businessman, the jurisdiction clause as laid down in 38, paragraph 3 no. The void arrangements shall be replaced by a valid condition that aims to match the commercial requirements of the void arrangement.

In case of doubt, the German version of these Conditions of Sale shall apply. Effective as of August 1st, Award for mares with the title State Premium Mare or Hanoverian Premium Mare Pursuant to a decree, issued by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry, the Hannoveraner Verband awards the qualification for being nominated state premium mare or Hanoverian Premium Mare according to the following principles: Three- or four-year-old main studbook mares can be awarded the candidacy for the title State Premium Mare or Hanoverian Premium Mare at mare shows.

The dam of a state premium candidate has to be registered with the main studbook, too. To obtain the qualification for this award, the chosen mares have to complete a mare performance test with a sufficient result until August 1 in the year they will be five years old. Provided they fail to achieve a sufficient result, it is possible to repeat the test once until above mentioned date. The chosen mares have to be examined for the main vice whistling by a contractual vet of the Hannoveraner Verband and have to be free of this condition. A corresponding certificate has to be forwarded to the Hannoveraner Verband.

Niedersachsenring 13, Hannover Ihre Ansprechpartnerin: Frau Andrea Piccenini Tel.: Als Versicherungssumme gilt der Zuschlagspreis zzgl. Die Versicherung wird unmittelbar mit der o. Die Abrechnung erfolgt mit der Auktionsabrechnung des Verbandes. Eine Anschlussversicherung kann auf eigene Kosten innerhalb des versicherten Zeitraumes bei der o. When the bidding is concluded all riding horses are insured at Vereinigte Tierversicherung Gesellschaft a.

Niedersachsenring 13, D Hannover Contact person: Mrs Andrea Piccenini fon: Within europe, the risk of transport is generally insured. The auction sales price plus auction fees and respectively valid VAT is considered as amount insured, max. The insurance contract will directly be concluded with above mentioned company.

The Hannoveraner Verband will bill the premium on the final auction invoice. It is possible to extend the coverage with above mentioned company within the mentioned period of coverage at buyer s own expenses. Another clinical and radio logical examination will not be required. Contractual waiting periods do not occur. In case of interest please contact the VTV-contact person mentioned above. Theresa Bahlsen, Burgdorf MwSt.

Contenance D Sherwood H-St. Arbster Pferdezucht GbR Katja u. Jan Ehlers, Asendorf MwSt. Hecker Sakura Yumi B.: Hengst Chacco-Blue HM ; gek. Hengst Chacco-Blue HM Hengst Comander Chacco-Blue; gek. Ulla Katzorke, Essen MwSt. Hengst Amati Akzent II; gek. Hengst Frontier Feinbrand; gek. Hengst Friday Feinbrand; gek. Sebastian Ebert, Kutenholz MwSt. Wolfgang Lutz, Langwedel MwSt. Doris Day Fuchs Rousseau ex: Frankel Borsalino VA Hengst Quattroporte Quantensprung HM ; gek. Reinhard Baumgartner, Kamern MwSt. Hengst Franziskus HM ; gek.

Oskar Wiese, Ottersberg MwSt. Clarissa Don Frederico H-St. Prince Thatch xx B.: Andreas Middelkampf, Badbergen MwSt. M-erfolgreich ; Cormoran Cor d. Lovely Amerigo Vespucci xx H-St. Johann Duis, Uplengen MwSt. Karin van der Meul Florenz B.: Raindancer Roncalli xx SPR: Heinz Plieth, Sprakensehl MwSt. Patrick Seefeld, Neustadt MwSt. Volker Bertram, Schollene MwSt. Hengst Dimaggio HM ; gek. Beelitz For Rose B.: Sven Graefe, Heiligengrabe MwSt. Edelrose Sandro Hit H-St. Siegfried Friebe, Schiffdorf MwSt. Jazz First Shakira Hann. Contenance D Wolkentanz H-St.

Heike van Vlyten, Jemgum MwSt. Pincarla Fuchs Espri H-St.