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Structural changes can make capitalism work better for us. This can happen by changing the way firms are run. My book makes a holistic set of interlinked recommendations that need to be interpreted as a whole, but a few characteristics are outlined below.

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By placing an emphasis on core work rather than administration, companies become more adaptable. For example, in strategy consulting, we would staff client projects as needed and consultants would switch to a new project after finishing the last one, and there would be multi-tasking across several projects. Continuous learning is an imperative.

Employees become a more integral part of decision-making. Monitoring is achieved by a combination of employee social networks and market forces together with an independent audit function. Employees will not tolerate other low performers if their own survival is at stake. Boards of directors are not needed, and no controlling shareholders are allowed in the new paradigm.

Instead, each large firm has an internal Independent Audit Council IAC that is truly independent and motivated through a carefully designed incentive system, explained in the book. The GBR sets out common triple-bottom line reporting standards for all large firms, and works with the IACs of each firm to make objective decisions regarding breaking up companies due to anti-competitive monopolistic or oligopolistic industry developments. Companies use a triple-bottom line approach when they report transparently on their activities as related to environmental quality, social justice, and profitability.

Maintaining transparency and market competition ensures that if one firm fails, several others in the same industry can pick up the slack.

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Governments never have to bail out firms this way. At the same time, the suggested systems and structures help firms prevent failures. They are more adaptive, and internal structural problems related to hierarchy are removed. Ultimately, the effectiveness of operations becomes the focus, while the short-term whims of shareholders and stock markets have decreased influence.

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The history of pets and family life — Egham, Surrey. Pets in Victorian paintings — Egham, Surrey. Available editions United Kingdom. No industry should be considered too big to fail, including the auto industry.

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Deborah de Lange , Ryerson University. But stock market fluctuations reflect a more fundamental problem than most realize. No pressure from Canadian lawmakers The global auto industry, however, is trying to save itself by offering electric cars now with autonomous features and car-as-a-service coming soon. Independent oversight long overdue Book outlines how to ensure no company or sector is too big to fail.

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