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Becky Bound: A Novelette of Romantic Dominance eBook: Reese Gabriel: Kindle Store.
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They begin a texting relationship. The whole troubleshooters series is fabulous, but this one is my favorite. Owner of personal-ad newspaper and a man looking for an eloped couple go searching together. Sexy, smart and incredibly scintillating. Emotionally lost bellboy finds rockstar dead in hotel room. His ghost haunts him and they fall in love.

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Socially awkward graphic novelist heroine and her friend, a comic book store owner hero, who she is crushing on, have a drunken Vegas wedding. Contemporary romance; genius heroine desperate for a child seduces NFL quarterback and quickly discovers the mistake. Best bad sex ever. Heroine is an allergist, hero is a restauranteur who needs allergy shots to settle down with his on-again-off-again girlfriend.

Banana scene that wins everything. My favorite old school romance. Erotic contemporary; rape survivor heroine meets abuse survivor hero. Book 1 of 2. Fabulous, sweet new-adult friends-to-lovers. Of course, it's not that simple. Motorcycle gang member, widower and single dad hires a nanny who soon becomes irresistible. Beautiful book about family and love. NYC-set sexy contemporary; New York police officer hero, rich-girl heroine.

Medieval historical; Love at first sight that immediately goes south. Blame her for all of this. Smokin' hot see what I did there? Gut-wrenching romance about two broken people finding love.

Heroine is an exotic dancer, hired by the hero to teach him how to accept human touch. Geeky, fun sexy times! Hero is a crusty duke who falls in love with the heroine, then discovers she's a witch. He thinks she's bewitched him into loving her. Contemporary romance, opposites attract. Hero and heroine work in same room, loathe each other, are up for the same promotion. And then they fall for each other. Paranormal; heroine has emotions in a world that devalues them.

Hero feeds on emotion. First in terrific, long-standing series. The heroine has been obsessed with hero since childhood. Heroine falls in love with honest, hardworking disabled hero who is falsely labeled "simple. Heroine lives next door to hero, whose bed bangs the wall every time he does it. Which is a lot. New York set with chick-lit overtones. Heroine is having the worst week of her life when an actor moves into her apartment and makes everything more complicated. Hero plans to ruin heroine's charge.

Hero is aristocrat masquerading as servant, falls in love with governess. First in a duology. Second book features the servant masquerading as a lord. Old school regency historical. Nerdy spinster accidentally ruined by dark, brooding lord. Thieves run amok in seaside caves. Heroine raised in a cult returns home to investigate a series of murders alongside sexy local sheriff.

Hero is a bad-boy actor with a reputation problem. Paranormal; hero is a human-phoenix hybrid rescued from scientific experiments by journalist heroine who is somehow immune to his fire. Heroine who runs a gossip rag seduced by a hero attempting to keep her from discovering his secrets. Delicious, emotional erotic contemporary. Hero is a SWAT team leader who must be in control at all times. Heroine is the domme who helps him let go. Heroine is unable to have children, and thinks that she's unable to have the hero because of it.

Emotional and sexy menage scenes. After her wedding reception is ruined by her groom sleeping with someone else, the heroine finds herself on her honeymoon with his cousin Workaholic single dad falls in love with his daughter's dance teacher A blind naval hero and a courtesan looking to shore up her future meet in the wilds of England to chase down treasure.

Romantic adventure at its best.


Beautiful twist on the heroine-in-pants trope--crusty, proper Alistair falls for non-binary Robin, who has assumed the identity of a dead man. Best-maid heroine goes into competition for best bachelor ette party with the bride's brother, whom she's carried a torch for forever. Childhood friends, turned enemies, turned lovers. To get back the estate where he grew up, a cold-hearted scoundrel must marry the only girl who ever warmed his heart. A lady casino-owner and the newspaperman desperate for all her secrets. There's a swimming pool in this one that I hope will stick with you!

Many would tell you this one is best read last in the Scoundrels quartet. What happens when Britain's most eligible bachelor ends up at a country house filled entirely with women? He falls in love with his hostess London's strangest debutante seeks out a notorious rake to teach her about the science of love before she marries Pre-Victorian Romancing the Stone , but with fewer crocodiles and more celebrity scandal.

My only YA novel -- a little bit rompy Regency, a little bit the story of three best friends, a little bit murder mystery. And yes, some smooching. When a crusty British duke makes a deal with a beautiful Italian scandal, nothing can possibly go right London's winningest bareknuckle boxer is also a fallen duke, who is thought to have murdered a woman decades earlier But there is a nude painting and a big burly Scot. Victorian historical; autistic hero, widowed heroine. The Duke's Guide to Correct Behavior: Loving the Secret Billionaire: Till Death By Jennifer L.

Mister O By Lauren Blakely. Right By Jana Aston. Hot Head By Damon Suede. Suddenly You By Lisa Kleypas. Never Seduce a Scot: The Duke Who Ravished Me: Rebellious Brides By Diana Quincy. Paranormal vampire romance; dentist heroine, vampire hero who loses a fang. Lord of Scoundrels By Loretta Chase. The best romance novel ever written. Pygmalion retelling, catnip historical.

Luck on the Line: Indigo By Beverly Jenkins. Take Me By Bella Andre. My Once and Future Duke: How the Duke Was Won: Roller Girl By Vanessa North. French Silk By Sandra Brown. Sanctuary Island By Lily Everett. You May Kiss the Bride: The Proposition By Judith Ivory. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

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Return to Book Page. Preview — Becky Bound by Reese Gabriel. A Novelette of Romantic Dominance it was ok 2. Reginald treated Becky like a princess, constantly showering her with gifts and flowers. Everyone said he was the perfect catchl. But it was only when she met Tom, who soon bound her and forced her to be his slave, that she found happiness and fulfillment.

The Replacement

Do you want to come to my party? Everyone gets presents on their birthday. For the love of god, kid just apologise and spare us all the metaphorical heart attack that comes with waiting for Spencer Michaels to lose his cool. Scott and I share a fleeting look and I seriously consider getting the fuck out of here while I still can. Her own eyes land on mine and in that brief second, I see her Father in her.

Having taken on the same emerald green shading and slight gold colouring, they are the exact replicas of his and I can even see some of Scott in her, confirming the young girl has definitely inherited the Michaels gene. I quickly switch my gaze to his, finding his intense eyes are already on me and while his focus is slightly settled to my right, I feel awfully scrutinised under his gorgeous greens. His free hand comes up to circle my wrist and as his firm fingers come to wrap around my beating pulse, I have to make a conscious decision not to moan out loud at the strangely erotic gesture.

She simply offers her Uncle a curt nod and turns to leave, stopping briefly in the doorway. Having natural auburn hair, people are often passing comment on how unique the colouring is and with inhumanly pale skin to accompany it, I find I often stand out from a large crowd, which has more often than not proved beneficial being a woman in this line of business.

I did graduate with a first class honours in business management, after all. Though, I suspect that means bugger all to him. I remain tight lipped; stuck between wanting to defend myself and knowing when to shut the hell up. Ah, the old reverse physiology method. Scott certainly knows how to work things to his advantage, although I expect nothing less from the famously brutal man who can manipulate any business deal to his advantage.

Still, I very much remain out of place and actually contemplate leaving both men to it, feeling nothing short of bloody uncomfortable stuck in between their argument. From the second we entered this world, we were brought up to run this business one day. He is no more aware of my personal circumstance as I am his and the fact he seems to smug about being right all the time quite frankly grates on my gears.

His anger towards things being done without his consent is truly justified but that was neither my fault, nor my intention. I only bloody found out myself ten minutes ago! You think me and my brother have kept this business running on luck. Well done to you. This is not what I bloody well need today of all days. I remain rooted in my position, neither prepared nor ready to pass comment on his situation.

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No one deserves this shit, even a pretentious arsehole like him. As if reading my mind, Spencer suddenly stiffens in his stance and twists his head to glare in my direction. Thankfully, Scott presents him with a distraction and somewhat defuses the situation with his silk-like tone. I just think you need longer than a couple of months to adapt, especially with all this shit going on.

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Your priorities lie with Leila and rightly so. By the time he finishes, his voice has adopted a rather gentle edge and he even goes as far as to offer his hurting brother a comforting pat on the back. His compliment has me brimming with pride and I just about jump for joy at the hands of being called an asset by Scott-fucking-Michaels of all people. Growing up, I lived for praise and to some extent, still do. Respect is earned, Spencer and it works both ways.

He appears somewhat shocked by my response but recovers quickly; running a hand through his thick, dark blonde hair and pulling slightly on the roots. With that, he turns on his heels and strides towards the door with those lovely, lean legs of his. My insistence is met with nothing but a smirk that undeniably screams amusement; his cocky demeanour annoying me more so than ever.