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LIBRA - Daily Predictions (Mills & Boon M) by Dadhichi Toth. $ A Return of Passion: Mid-Year Love Guide for Taurus by Astrology Detective.
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You may think about changing your profession or commitments. Review your action style over matters of authority. Be patient and understanding. Someone or something may need to blow its top in order to advance. Mars is still in reverse as the year come to an end. Mercury moves into retrograde reverse motion three times a year for about three weeks each time.

This phase heralds a time of confusion and misunderstandings that can affect arrangements, travel, transport, appliances, machinery and communications. The breakdowns that occur are a function of neglect, inattention, simple misunderstandings or component failure. They will often bring to the fore the very contingency we should have planned for and didn't.

When the retrograde phase occurs, watch out for such possibilities as well as putting off major decision-making or the signing of crucial documents and agreements. We tend to miss things while Mercury is in reverse motion and then have to come back and do them again.

A process of review in the retrograde phase can efficiently show where problems might lie and help us with damage control or the mending of things. Double check arrangements at these times! What you think you've said and what others have understood will often prove to be two different things. Mercury's first retrograde cycle comes in Pisces on Feb 14th.

There may be disruption or unexpected developments with work, health or daily routines. Confusion or equipment failure may be a problem at work. There may be minor infections or fatigue affecting your health. There may be a change of duties at work or difficulty with co-workers. You may be disillusioned with work and consider change.

Review before you act. People you deal with in relation to work or health may change. Work conditions may be disruptive. You may go back to someone or something from the past with a work or health concern. Mercury returns to Aquarius on Feb 27th then moves forward on Mar 8th. Mercury's second reverse motion cycle comes in Cancer on Jun 15th.

Professional concerns, dealings with authority or the cycle your responsibilities may be subject to poor communication and unexpected change or reversal. Someone in authority in business or in the family may be difficult. You may have to sort out a communication problem in your career. You may have opposition or difficulty in dealings with authority and there could be an outburst of emotion or a hidden emotional charge with this.

There may be obstruction or delay in professional dealings. You may need to talk over a problem in professional life or in your responsibilities. It may be an emotional or family matter. Mercury moves forward again on Jul 10th. Mercury's last reverse motion cycle begins in Scorpio on Oct 12th. There will be change or unexpected developments with money or personal spending. There may be confusing communications about money.

You may have unexpected bills or a change with income. You may need to review finance or the current cycle of expenses. As Mercury returns to your sign on 24th of Oct, this may affect you directly or generate a need for discussion or negotiation. Step in to personally resolve difficulty. Be clear and clearly understood.

Lifestyle spending, romance or children may contribute to these concerns. Mercury moves forward on Nov 1st. Your Full Moon comes on Apr 2nd, shining light on developments with your friends and hopes for the future, as well as romantic connections and lifestyle matters. Look at how you're placed. You may see where to take a project or where you might want to go with an important personal connection. An unusual individual or activity may play a part. There will be important communications or exchanges of interest or ideas. Romance may blossom in unusual circumstances.

Your New Moon comes on Oct 11th. This period may set directions about dealing with past matters or people from the past, working towards a new outcome. You may have to go back over old ground. You may deal with authority or with those connected with career or professional matters. Males may feature prominently. Issues connected with females, health or work may be in the background somewhere. You can set things straight or set a new course by dealing with an old matter. Eclipses of both the Sun and the Moon often indicate the end of a cycle or a significant change in the direction or pattern of the affairs governed by the house in which the eclipse falls.

Eclipses of the Sun may affect work, direction and relations with people in authority. Eclipses of the Moon may affect matters of home, family and emotions as well as relations with women and children. Both may affect your health. There may be disruption that affects your energy levels. You may go through a crisis of faith or confidence. An 'out of the blue' event or outburst may disrupt or confuse the situation. You may come to the end of a cycle with something you've been pursuing in daily life.

You may need to unwind or step back from the outer world. There may be an end of a cycle with work, health or daily routines. There may be a change of work duties or a change with co-workers. You may come to the end of a project. You may find that choice or circumstances take you from one work situation into another. Health issues may alter your work situation or routines. Daily routine may be disrupted or unsteady. Avoid yourself from getting distracted and focus more on quality, reliability and better understanding of your work and clients.

You might see yourself trying hand at new techniques at work which could be the result of a growth oriented approach. If you are willing to tie the knot, try to postpone it after December You are likely to have a very mature approach when it comes to handling matters related to spouse and partner. Your patience and sensibility should hold the key to subside such controversies or tensions.

The financial prospect looks promising in the Libra horoscope with the onset of October However the period leading up to October also promises to be moderately good with just minor glitches here and there. There is a possibility of a lean year in terms of comfort from children, sibling and matters involving real estate. It would be a good year with few challenges but these should not pose any significant problems in your progress. January Horoscope demonstrates that you may display an intrepid temperament all through the month. Your siblings may become well known in this period.

With a non-materialistic inclination, short excursions and journeys are on the cards for you. You may display wit and energy. Your leadership abilities ought to win you gratefulness in this period and your respect and regard at work place may see an ascent. You are additionally prone to grow great administrative qualities, which may ignite ego conflicts with associates.

With control and eminence in your ownership, landing a headway in position is quite likely during this period. February Horoscope shows indications of high energy for you. Your growth in your position of expertise at work is likely. An ascent in social image is not too far off for you. You ought to maintain a strategic distance from any conflicts at work, as it should lessen the stress. You may get regard and respect in this period. Students looking for advanced education may receive open doors from government associations. For working people, peachy monetary profits are shown.

Accomplishments in new endeavors are highly likely. Your group of friends may grow in this month. Progeny prospects are not being positively denoted. In this way, care ought to be taken. In general, the month should bring inspiration and success. March Horoscope depicts a shining term for profession. For working people, financial benefits and development in work is demonstrated. Entering new ventures may bring positive outcomes and grow your network of connections. Your rivals may act against your success out of brewing jealousy.

Your wellbeing is likely to endure to some degree. Maintain a strategic distance from any legal actions as it may result in heavy expenditure of finances. Expenses may be directed towards betterment of health. Pointless debates should be ignored and avoided at work.

April Horoscope focuses towards a growth in rivalry for you. With an expansion in your range of abilities, coworkers are probably going to take similar steps. Envy might lead to heated confrontations. I am a Libra woman who has fallen desperately In love with anAquarius man. From the moment I first saw him, he Ignited this primal need deepwithin me to have sex. Just his presence In the room made me hot and flustered. I am falling so hard for him that I can only believe that all of the things Ihear are true.

Libra women, I swear to God, just date an Aquarius man. You will most likelyfind the man you've always wanted. To all the Aquarius men and Libra women out there Happy New Year andlet us see what Is the problem at present. We have a lunar eclipse, Blue Moonplaying havoc on our stability and emotional selves, therefore creating a lotof angst and aggression that Is usually absent.

I am thinking that we need toreject any negative expressions from either party over the past couple of weeksand maybe even Into the next week or so, and wait for this powerful stage topass so we can regroup and resume a positive relationship with each other. Nothing Is quite what It seems right now, so ride It out and rekindle your lovefor each other: I sure am going to try this They are attentive, funny, weird,experimentive, laid back, smart and very focused.

You've got to give themtheir freedom though. Do not cage In this wild bird, but do give them a placeto come home to. I am Libra woman and I unexpectedly met an Aquarius man during theholidays as I was In a very nervous situation and he was so kind enough to showgenuine Interest In what was causing my distress.

We have been together sincethen to my complete falling love and dreams of him all day long until I can bewith him again. He has already told me he loves me and when I talk to him In the morning whenhe has made It to work, I say I don't want to bother him while he Is at workand he says to call him anytime and then tells me he loves me In such a sweettender voice before we hang up. We have laughed so hard and continue to make each other laugh until we cry.

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I can go the whole day just thinking about his masculine yet gentle ways. Ijust get so attracted to him that I am close to loosing all control over myselfwith him. He Is masculine In not a chauvinistic way but to me his tenderness Is soincredibly masculine. He has the most wonderful eyes and they resemble Robert Downey Jr. I have begun to pray that he Is my soulmate, and the man I have been waitingfor all my life. I hope that every Libra girl here will stay content forever with their goodAquarius man to be able to ride In bliss off Into the sunset with the mostamazing smart man ever to be discovered.

Im a Libra woman and I met a Aquarius man. We have not spent thatmuch time together nor have we communicative that much on the phone, but I amattractive to this man. He rather send text messages. When we do talk he seemsto soothed me. They are also straightforward In communication.

I do agree witheveryone else I think they have a problem committing because they enjoy theirfreedom. But, I do believe when they commit they are very honest In theirrelationship. I've known this Aquarius dude, for like about two months now. Atfirst I had no Idea he was even an Aquarius. We talked for hours on the phoneand he fell for me big time after that. After finding out he was Aquarius, Ithought It was kewl. Because I never really gotten a chance to befriend anAquarian male before. He calls me all the time and recently toldme he loves me.

He's very funny and we make fun of each other playfully. Whichis kewl and cute. I think about him a lot and would like to continue as lovers. Only thing Is that we skipped the friendship stage. So, I kind of want to takeit a lot slower. I expected him to be not as emotional. But, his Venus Is a Pisces. Which Iskewl and all, because mine Is a Scorpio. But, sometimes he acts like he Is onhis period.

I can handle that because he becomes the kewl dude he Is rightafter. As for physically, he Is above 6ft, broad chest, athletic body pretty much. Ilove him and all. But, kind of not sure.

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He wants me to move to UK. He toldeverybody he knows about me, I'm guess by now. So, I do want to go, but I kindof might not want to go. That's pretty much It. Anyway, In a nutshell he Is by far the most compatible dude I have ever beenwith of my short life of Great communication and great sexual attraction. So, to you other Libra women, get one. But, also pay attention to his natalchart as well as yours. You might just end up picking a sour Aquarius.

Met one, different story, another time. To the Libra girl who has been with her boyfriend for 4 years: I amhappy for you, It sounds wonderful. Among all the tragic love stories on thispage, you gave me some hope ; May I ask how you managed to catch him? Whatis the key to an Aries man's heart?

Saturn In Libra

Ladies, I've red every post. Asfor everything else Astrology, I'm not buying Into the Astrology bologna. Reading the posts have beyond encouraged me because all my failed relationshipsI believed were my fault and I'm told each and every time that the woman I'mwith feels as though they are my buddy vs. But this Is based upon my decisions to date"non-compatible signs. Notbecause I'm a bad person but I witnessed my parents have the traditionalrelationship where It went well as well as other good relationships andultimately being the Aquarian male, I know It's difficult with me going back tothe whole romance Issue which Is a fundamental emotion for women across theboard regardless of your sign.

Apparently how I see things about never wanting to date me and after readingthe posts herein combined with women for the most part really honest on topicshave only confirmed what I Initially understood long ago and chose to Ignore,that little sun sign has plenty to do with how I work In a relationship. Themore and more I'm discovering the Libra the more I'm resoundingly hopeful thatI can be In a relationship that simply works where as before, I believed thatit would take a heck of a woman to deal with my Aquarian rear end aka MissionImpossible ; primarily because I'm Into the buddy system and not the romanticsystem; I own It and It's how I'm designed.

Apparently the buddy system Is right up the alley of you Libra women withoccasional romance. To the poster above yes a lot of astrology is bologna. It's too easy for anyone to state xyz as fact. Real astrology though definitely works. I've had several readings from the guy who runs this website over the years and he has always been spot on even though often I disagreed with him Initially. I am a Libra woman, and am seeing an Aquarius man.

He makes me gocrazy, In the way were he stimulates my mind excessively. We are both veryintelligent and sometimes toy with each other. In bed, we are perfect..

Your December Horoscope: Own Your Truth and Give Your Love

So far so good, because I don't wanna be enveloped In him either,perfect I love my Aquarian man. It Is amazing to read the posts and how I canrelate to each and every one of them! I don't call him that often and I justlet him be. It's justfantastic because when you give him his freedom he would keep on coming back toyou! It's because I never asked him to. I fall In love with him over and overeveryday. Libra-Aquarius Is an almost perfect match.

I felt relieved hearing the posts about relationships of over 8 years with an Aquariusthat never changes. It was because It was too good I was scared he wouldsuddenly just change and get tired of me. It was good to hear that an Aquariusonce In love, stays that way. What do Aquarian Men say about their Libra women??

I would love toread those posts. I'm becoming less suspicious as time goes on butit Is hard for me to get my head around. Mostly because of my past, beingcheated on and all. My mind goes to the worse. Rather he Is or Isn't I can't besure of He say's he Is not and will let me know when and If he does. It started off as sex right away and was suppose toend there. As we have gotten closer, the emphasis has been more onbuilding the friendship - he Is navigating things and I'm letting him.

Somedays just totally letting It go and ready to move on. But then I am quicklyreminded, when we're together again both physically and mentally, of what wehave and am back In this thing It's crazy, I've never experienced this kind of love before. We have so much between us It blow us both away, and given bothour pasts, It's a bit scary too. Yet, we always come back to each other In themost comfortable and knowing way. Like we've known each other forever. What Ireally want to know Is, Is this just how all people react to these creatures,and him them, or Is It unique to us?

I don't want to be deluded here. I wasmarried for 10 years and very much In love with my ex-husband, but nothinglike this. Never has It ever been like this. After reading this It makes a lotmore sense though I must say. I am a Gemini woman and I have an Aquarian rapped around my fingers. I don't like to be tied down. He tells me he love's all the time and I nevertell him back and yes the sex Is the best I ever had but you cant rule me bysex. Its just for the moment. I'm an Aquarius and have been seeing this Libra girl for going onthree years now. She Is clever and funny and understands my need to save theworld.

We are going Into the same work I'm going to be a psychologist soon,her a psychiatrist and we are the best of friends. She's a little possessive,which I find completely adorable. I've never had a girl that actually growledwhen another girl said hi to me. I don't understand people who find Itannoying, It Is just really cute. She puts up with me when I talk too much andshe follows along when I bump around from subject to subject. She deals with myrandomness with a hidden smile and a false exasperated sigh. She Insults mewhen I flirt with her, rolling her eyes.

The only problem we have Is, well, my fault. I'm kind of scared to really commit. I can feel her pulling me In on thatleash I seem to keep avoiding My senses are telling me to cut and run beforeit gets too serious. I'm making a real good name for Aquariuses, huh? I like myLibra girl so much Are there any other Aquariuses out there that know how todeal with this commitment phobia? I want to make her happy, I want us to behappy But I don't want to screw It up.

I don't want to tie myself to her,only to find something out there that makes me run for It. I know myself and Ican be stupidly fickle. Long post Is long. I hope all Libra women know how amazing they are, though. I've never met another girl that I connect with so easily.

I'm a Libra women falling madly In love with an Aquarius man. He Iseverything I could ever want. We communicate sooo well, Its like we can readeach others mind. We haven't been Intimate as of yet. But I'm sure once we do,sparks will fly. Don't get me wrong Its more than a sexual attraction. I'm currently with an Aquarius man. He's been married and Is waitingfor his divorce.. But we share the mostpassionate moments together Something no other Aquarius man has ever wanted before..

Yes, I've dated only Aquarians and allwith different experiences.. I just hope with this one, It ends up Into somethingconcrete.. I love his company, love his sense of humour, his Intellectualdebates, and his wonderful childish ways. I love being with him I just don'twanna let myself say that I love him, coz he doesn't want commitment due to hispast experience.. I hope someday he'll realize how good we are. I am a Libra and every Aquarius man that I have encountered aredrawn to me Instantly. I can almost always guess they are a Aquarius. I lovehow I feel so liberated and lost In time with him.

We giggle and make sillyvoices all the time and I personally am a sucker for laughter. It brings downall the walls I can build up. Since I have a radar for BS. I am stimulated bythe Intellectual conversations we hold. Its so sexy to talk about stuff thatmatters In this world to me.

I notice they do always notice when a girl Isbeautiful. They might make a comment or stare. Don't be jealous girls they likethat you act like you don't care and have a smile on your face or talk to thegirls.. I don't think so. They just have a different way of expressing It. Hismotto, "Less talk, more action". I have known my Aquarian man since 4th grade, we had a connection then and 20years later It Is still there.

We are on the same wavelength as we cancommunicate without saying a word. I dated an Aries man and It was basically like an episode of Ultimate FightChampionship, always tipping my scales and when my scales get tipped thatcharming Libra bolts out the door and the Queen Bitch comes strolling In. Surewe had some good moments but overall I felt like I had to sleep with a bat bymy side since he was extremely jealous and controlling.

Basically he broughtout a side of me that I didn't care to see much. Opposites do attract but theyare not always compatible. With my Aquarian man we are like peas and carrots Jenny. We are both verybrainy and Independent. Our first date consisted of going to the MaritimeMuseum and sharing some great seafood by the bay on a beautiful bench where wecould see the ships sailing and the sea lions resting. In recent times we havegone to jazz concerts and of course more museums!

In every relationship I thinkpeople believe that "you become one"; however, that Is not the case. You arestill two people who need their personal space. I love my man and he loves mebut we also need our time apart to be able to work on our own things. He givesme my space I give him his.

If he wants to go out with the guys, I don't callhim every 5 minutes and neither does he when I'm out with my girls. It's amatter of trust, open communication, loyalty and respect really. If you haveto track down your mate or feel Inclined to call or text them obsessively thenyou really need to ask yourself why because In a mature relationship, we don't do things like that. I'll admit though, I am the live wire In the relationship.

He's more reserved;however, he does have his rebellious streak and sometimes I have my mellowmoments. Able to communicateeffectively, both of us enjoy engaging In an Intellectual conversation andfinding ways to Improve the environment around us. In essence, we share acommon vision although we may have different ways of approaching the task.

I can say with all sincerity that he Is my best friend! Absolutely everything I could ever want In a partner and more. We plan tomarry In I am a Libra girl dating an Aquarius dude. I love him to death and wehave been dating for 4 months an a few days. We do fight a lot, but that helpsus grow and be closer.

We are both the jealous-types but we get through It. I am a Libra woman who absolutely adores my Aquarian man. Although,I feel he has been sending me mixed signals. This Is our history I firstmet him about a year ago. Whenever he would come Into the store I manage, Icould not stand him! He was so arrogant and full of himself that I would leavethe area and have others wait on him.

LIBRA/ its complicated / LIBRA 5/20-6/16

Then after awhile I started to beattracted to his arrogance and understood why he Is how he Is. Then weexchange numbers and the texting began. Soon the sexting "came" lol. I have never In my life felt so many different levels ofpleasure. He had my legs so shaky I could barely stand up. When we aretogether just to hold him melts me. This Is the problem He just got out of a relationship about 3 months ago andI am going through a separation. He says he enjoys our time together Which Ismostly sexual but does not want a relationship.

I agree on no relationshipbecause with this separation I got going on I am going through yo-yos ofemotion. I have stopped seeing him twice because of this and my needing to getmy shit straight. But, every time I decide to work on my marriage, I ammiserable thinking about him wanting just to say hi If at least.

During theseseparation times he tells me he missed me too. He also makes Inclinations asto how It's been awhile since he had sex. Pretty much telling me It's only meand he's been waiting for only me. We share very deep Intimate kisses. But,he has told his friends about me and brought them Into the store when he comesto see me but never do we go anywhere together or does he bring me around hisfriends.

We always go somewhere and sit In his truck. It makes me feel like he Is embarrassed of me. How can I tell to be surewhether or not pursuing this Is worth It or not? I met an Aquarian man recently. He's 6'2 and has the most amazing body I have ever seen, broad shoulders andsix pack and absolutely no body fat. The first time we met was amazing. It was like an Instant connection andattraction. It scared me so much that I couldn't build up the courage to go up and talk tohim for weeks but I would see him there and all he would do Is shamelesslystare at me until I was the first to look away.

I loved It, It was like he wastrying to look Inside my soul. It's true what they say about Aquarian menanalyzing people they find Interesting and watching their moves. I know thatall the girls are chasing him and that he's a bit of a player, but I like himanyway, so It flatters me so much that he show Interest In me.


He's super niceto me but yet still so masculine. Now we started talking and he's super cool,and really nice and the flirting begins. As an Aquarian would say " I hope webecome great friends" Thanks ladies It's so cool that you feel this way about your Aqua guy X o x. Honestly, I love my Aquarius man, but his Inability to be romanticand his always feeling the need to keep me guessing Is unnerving.

I want to becommitted to someone, not because I am needy or afraid to be alone, but I justdon't want him to get comfortable with "hanging out" In my life. He Is awonderful man, but he has done some things that have hurt me deeply and Istayed. My choice I do understand that, but I feel deeply connected to him, andsometimes I question If It's just my fear of rejection. I have deal with a lotof shoulda, woulda, coulda's with him and I hate that.

I just want to be atpeace with not only myself but him as well. I know he cares for me to. He'spulled away for reasons unknown as well as he has just come out of a divorce. Iunderstand all of this. Yet, I feel, If I am what he wants, If so, then thatneeds to be expressed to me. I can confidently say. I just don't have time for It anymore.

I am straight forward also. Either you want this or you don't. I've been the one to do most of thereassuring that his heart will be safe with me, yet he has been the one to putme through drama and feels the need to pull back or take space whenever hewants. I am the one who needs reassuring now, because the woman he loves Isabout to walk and no matter what he says, she has already made up her mind thatshe will not return.

My heart Is just tired. We are happywith each other. However, my problem Is all about commitment. He keeps on telling me that because of his Issues. He always makes me feel special and happy. I just worried Ifhe really loves me. He never told me yet but he said that he has feelings forme. I just don't know If It's similar with love. He also told me that he doesn'thave any woman. He's 25 years old and I am I love him soo that I want towait for him. I have two kids with a sag.

I met an Aquarius guy and Absolutely feel In lovewith him. I have never trusted a man In my life. It hasended for good this time because the circumstances In life has torn us apart. I have neverfelt a connection like this one. I dated a Aquarius for 5 months, he was the perfect man for me but heturned out to be week personality who couldn't handle stress.

I love him for who he was no matter how he ended out time together Libra women think the Aquarius man Is playing mind games, but he Is not. You raninto him where a lot of people are and then started dating. He spends time withyou to get to know you. If he stands you up on dates It's just that he'snervous about being all alone with you and does not want to make a fool ofhimself In front of you it's not that he's not Interested In you.

He reallylikes you, so he wants to Impress you. He may even show up just to cancel yourdate or say something came up and ask you out on another date This does notmean on every date he will stand you up or cancel. Now he's been with you formaybe two or three weeks and you are falling In love with him. Your thinking What the F, where did he go? He left them all alone for you now he needs to spend time with them. I fell madly In love with my Aquarius four years ago. We dated forabout five months then life took us In different directions.

We stayed Intouch, talking for hours on the phone, and now we are back together. I don'tmind his need for freedom because he understands me and loves me so much forwho I am It's easy to do the same for him. I don't know If he'll get over hiscommitment Issues and marry me, but I do know we'll be together forever. Wecouldn't be apart now If we tried. Oh, and the sex? I am a Libra woman who recently went on a first date with Aquarianman, It was wonderful.

Had a second date with him the following day where heproceeded to try and have sex with me, I wasn't ready for that so soon andleft. I explained to him that I enjoyed his company but wasn't ready quite yetfor Intimacy. It has been 3 days and I have no heard from him. Maybe he Is"licking his wounds" or maybe he has moved on. It Is a shame, I really thinkit could have been special I'm an Aquarius Man, I was chatting with her In text and then thephone.

We agreed to meet for dinner then a walk. I met her coming though the door andsparks started flying. We had I good time at dinner, she held my attentionquite well. This was a 1st time for me; no one has ever kept me toned In like she did. After dinner we went for a walk, shortly Into the walk she wanted to hold myhand. I never met someone so open about what they want, feel and think.

It waspleasing to see her take my hand. I feelgood about It, I understand my self quite well as an Aquarius Man. I knowwhen to come back down to earth when on one of my thinking quest. We try to do every thing right. A wrong move can set an Aquarius Man on athinking tangent. Who, what, when, where and why. So we like to know as mush aspossible to keep a balance.

We would even point outthe same things at the same time, hum that Is a 1st for me too. I gave herWight roses at dinner; they can convey feelings of love, friendship, respectand hope. So do you have any tips or suggestions? An Aquarius Man prefers thanks to go slower than fast but at a good pace. Toslow and we may loose Interest and move on. I welcome your feedback Aquarius Man.

My best friend Is a Capricorn woman and my friend Is aAquarius guy. They both told me they like each other, and he asked her out 3times, but she said no. I started liking him sort of because he Is veryfunny, friendly, and popular that I couldn't resist. But I stopped liking himbecause he likes my best friend and that's wrong. I was going to tell him not towaste his time with her, but he won't give up on her. I have been Involved with an Aquarius man for about four years But deep down Inside I know he's the one for me. Yet no matter what I do I cant leave my aqua man alone and he cant leave me alone I lovehis goofy personality which matches mine Hecame out to see me twice before the relationship became sexual of course hewasn't trying to commit but I didn't care cause just looking at him and being Inhis presence made me feel good.

As time has past he as opened up to me In manyways. In fact Im seeinghim tonight lol. Hello all Libra girls: I'm an Aquarius man I met this Libra girlabout five months ago or six we, the Aquarius, are not good at remembering datesyou know that's your job: I kept teasing herplayfully and making jokes about her nose piercing she played along with mycockiness, at first I was really seeking friendship with her, I didn't find hermy type of girls at first as I was always comparing her to my Gemini ex, butday by day I started feeling love coming and leaving It was unsteady, shealways criticized me for being mysterious and not telling much about myemotions, I told her "believe me I SUCK AT THOSE THINGS!

So one day she was there for me it was on Valentines Day, which I told herdon't expect me to do anything on this day, and always was laughing at herromanticism but believe me when we do so It's just DENIAL! Moreover I realized that there was someone else In her life that she never toldme about he's a Cancer, she met him at work, but they weren't together anymorebut I understood that she still have feelings for him, so when I got all theinfo, I couldn't bear the guilt and revealed who I really was and told her thatI loved her I know, I know then It was the rage!

I still pass by her and totally Ignore her as Ifwe never knew each other before, believe me It hurts me more than anything, butit's my choice, I still love her till this very moment. I've been with other girls recently but I still want her back, I wont make themove, my pride was hurt more than anything when she told me "you aren't the MANI thought you were" that was what hurt me most, I wish her my best In life, sheis so special to me, I will always love her from afar I miss my Aquarius man, more than anything.

He was fascinated by the way my mind worked, as was I with his mind. He made memelt whenever he walked Into the room, he had this presence that was juststunning.