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UFOs and Extraterrestrials in Art History. The Historical Record of Planet Earth speaks of ongoing contact with extraterrestrials as found in oral traditions, tablets, .
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For books that were, at least nominally, nonfiction, the flying-saucer subgenre had cover art that was wildly imaginative.

10 Historical Paintings That Prove Aliens Have Already Visited Us In The Past

But hardcover publishers generally played it safe. Early books on flying saucers tended to come in one of four designs: Even so, the most revealing example of how seriously publishers and audiences took flying saucers is the UK edition of H.

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An especially choice example is the hardcover of The Truth About Flying Saucers , which uses a stock photo featuring three would-be spectators gazing up at a supposed saucer overhead—but all three are clearly looking in the opposite direction. Around this time, Hollywood stepped in to bring us the canonical image of the flying saucer—a wide disc with an orb at its center, its bottom sometimes shooting a geyser of light—through the films Forbidden Planet and Earth vs.

The paucity of great flying-saucer cover art ended in the sixties with the publication of such genuine hardcover best sellers as Flying Saucers—Serious Business Lyle Stuart, , but independent publishers continued to retain the same kind of cover design: The majority of the art on early flying-saucer books is uncredited, but we do know a few of the illustrators. The Canadian Gene Duplantier was known for his artwork in science-fiction zines of the s, and for books some of which he wrote himself on cattle mutilation.

The luminosity within the cloud is an attribute of a group of angels, whose faces can be seen.

Hidden UFOs in Ancient Art: Ancient Aliens

If one follows the beam of light from the angel cloud down to Mary, it passes through a dove before touching the Virgin Figure 3. Was Jesus an Alien? UFOs in Christian Art: There are, of course, many similar examples. The angel at the top left introduces a bright female personification while gesturing toward the sun. The opposite angel expels a dark personification to the other side of the moon.

ART and UFO - Intro

Here is a small sample of crucifixions in the Byzantine style, showing the Sun and the Moon with human attributes: The two objects near the cross are an anthropomorphic representation of the Sun and the Moon shown in much the same way as in many other Byzantine Crucifixions. The two strange objects at the sides of the cross are considered to be the UFOs: After this early publicity, the pictures were featured in many books about UFOs. But this Crucifixion also follows the common iconographic model of the Middle Ages.

On the edges of the composition, in the same position as in the fresco of Visoki Decani, the Sun and the Moon are represented as human witnesses to the Crucifixion just as they are in the previous painting.


In both art works the figures who represent the Sun and the Moon look towards the Cross that is located in the center of the composition. The Sun and Moon, represented as human figures, are visible in many Byzantine-Orthodox sacred paintings, therefore as we have seen in the previous understood one it, dedicated to the Crucifixion of Mtskheta. Below a particular of an ancient Gospel Treasure of Saint Clement, sec. XIV and a modern byzantine fresco: