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Available for the first time the complete saga of Thunder Jim Wade! Written by fantasy legend Henry Kuttner, this collection reprints all five adventures of.
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Not sure the cause. The length forces the author to wrap things up quickly.

How much was the author constrained by editorial fiat? Wade is similar to other pulp heroes: And he drinks in a few. The Altus Press collection also has the original illustrations, and reprints on the back the five covers of the issues of Thrilling Adventures that he appeared in, but he only appears on two covers, in a set of sort of Flash Gordon -type outfits. Hopefully, this will be the first of several on Thunder Jim Wade. Whenever current authors write new stories about classic characters, I have two things I look for: Did they write a good story; and were they true to the original character?

The original stories appeared in , just prior to the U.

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While a good story, the originals were set in more exotic locations around the South Pacific or Indian Ocean. Another good story, with setup for a possible reappearance of the villain. Navy confront a group of bizarre invaders. They find a mysterious foe with access to advanced technology, and put a stop to him. Another good story that has some possibilities for the future. I had a lot of small problems with this story.

The Thunderbug is now part-helicopter, and the behavior of some characters seems out of character. Overall, the collection was good.

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I did see a few typos, about a dozen. These should have been caught in proofing. I also thought that Pro Se should have added a page or two of short author bios.

Other images, quotations and trademarks protected by their respective owners. Commentary from the den of a pulp super-fan Navigation ThePulp. The Two Doctor Deaths.

Thunder Jim Wade: The Complete Series by Henry Kuttner on Apple Books

The six stories in the new collection are: That said, I do look forward to the next Thunder Jim Wade collection. You also might want to read About The Pulp Super-Fan: Filled with incorruptible men of vengeance and adventure, these heroes quickly spread throughout the pulp magazines. Like Doc, Thunder Jim Wade is a man of science, action, and justice. Like Kent Allard, Thunder Jim spent time living among an isolated people, learning their ways and sworn to their protection from outside threats.

But these strong resonances to these pulp heroes weighs lightly on Thunder Jim, little more than trappings instead of actual substance. At the same time, Thunder Jim is diminished compared to his inspirations, merely human compared to the larger than life Doc Savage and the Shadow.

Thunder Jim Wade: The Complete Series

Despite having a wide variety of knowledge and skills at his disposal, Thunder Jim relies instead on the direct approach and muscle-power. Among the many features emulated from Dent, Kuttner did not mimic the constant refrain of how peculiar and exemplary his hero is, and thus Thunder Jim seems to be ordinary for a pulp hero if not outright miscast, a two-fisted street detective that wandered into the wrong magazine.

Thunder Jim Wade was not the first of his departures from science fiction to more lucrative writings, nor would it be his last, as science fiction in the s was not a large enough market to support full-time writers alone. Like many Campbelline era science fiction writers, Kuttner would turn to screenwriting, and eventually leave the genre entirely.. And entering the potentially lucrative hero pulps meant becoming a hired gun as a writer.

Thunder Jim Wade: The Complete Series

It is likely that the more derivative elements were editorial diktat. Likewise, it is also probable that the contributions of his wife and frequent collaborator Catherine were minimal, too. Which is a shame. But it still occasionally shines with flashes of brilliance, and none more brightly than its opening setting of Singapore. Posted by Nathan Housley at 1: Henry Kuttner , pulp fiction , reviews.