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The bears escape, and find their way back to the plains. Once there, Ujurak finally realises what they must do: Nov 29, A. I'm really enjoying this series of books. This is the fourth, and so far they have been a consistent four stars. I'm going to start with what is keeping this instalment off the five-star mark, just to get it out of the way, but these things do not really spoil my enjoyment. Please be aware that this review contains spoilers for the first book, though not for this one. Firstly, I think the authors a little disappointing they turn out to be more than one person!

Most of the time, the bears use words that would make sense to them, 'flat-face', 'denning area', 'firestick' etc. I also question whether they would recognise themselves in a human's carving of a bear; I can't help thinking of the wonderful Watership Down , and the part in which Hazel has no concept of a 'shape', and I think the same principle would apply here. Similarly, I don't think the bears would recognise that a human was 'waving' at them. Both these things are plot points that could have been adapted to sound more plausible.

Secondly, the rules of Ujurak's changes seem to be inconsistent, particularly when he becomes human. I won't bore you with specifics, not least because it may lead to spoilers! I have nothing else negative to say. For the most part, the bears' perspective is extremely well written, and the author has the power to make me see things from their point of view. The characterisation is strong and consistent, combining the individual character of each bear with his or her natural instincts, and shaped by all their histories established in the first book of the series.

Where they've come from and what they've been through has stayed with them at least until the end of this fourth book, and I have faith that it will continue into the final two. Toklo is perhaps the best written character, by a margin, because all are excellent. Ujurak, however, is probably my favourite.

It took me a while to get used to him, but in this book he finally gets a voice the series is written in limited third person, with chapters from each bear's point of view, but Ujurak's has been missing until now. His introduction in the first book was a huge surprise, and I've always felt that I could do without the fantasy element he brings, even though I never minded it. At last, though, it really seems to have a point. I was compelled by the chapters he spent as a 'flat-face cub'. The destruction of nature comes through in all four of the bear characters, and Ujurak learning all about the ins and outs from human beings might have been a bit too much, but for me it really worked and helped to develop the character.

We also begin to learn how little he knows about his own background, which has perhaps been on the reader's mind. It was on mine, but I like how the questions are unanswered, and hope they will remain so - it's a great mystery that will carry weight by remaining a mystery. But it isn't the magic and mystery that make Ujurak my favourite character. I like his kindness, his bravery and his innocence, and the fear that preys upon all of those things.

It has been established that once Ujurak transforms into an animal, he becomes that animal, body and soul, and sees the world through their eyes, rather than through the eyes of a bear. Once that became apparent to me, my first thought was, "What if Ujurak transformed into a human? What would he see differently that he wouldn't be able to see as a bear? How would he react to this sudden influx of knowledge and awareness and sentience? Would he be overwhelmed? Would he sympathize with humanity?

W It has been established that once Ujurak transforms into an animal, he becomes that animal, body and soul, and sees the world through their eyes, rather than through the eyes of a bear. Would he hate humanity?

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Once he returned to his original ursine state, would he come away from the experience psychologically shaken? The possibilities are endless, and it could really elevate the status of this series from 'cool fun book series for kids' to 'high quality children's literature'. Come to think of it, I was probably expecting too much from this book, but just the fact that I had such high expectations in the first place just goes to show what a great series this is. Now, we finally get to read some of these chapters from Ujurak's perspective.

Mar 05, Ben rated it really liked it Shelves: When I started reading this book, I couldn't think of what they'd be doing. They already got to the last great wilderness which really explains itself. After a few pages it became clear to me what was probably going to happen: The last great wilderness will go away. I think that this is a great way to keep the series going and makes me wonder how they're going to save it.

The Last Wilderness

The main part that sets off this book is when Ujarak gets hurt by swallowing a fishing hook while he was morphed into a bir When I started reading this book, I couldn't think of what they'd be doing. The main part that sets off this book is when Ujarak gets hurt by swallowing a fishing hook while he was morphed into a bird. He gets back to the others but in bad shape. Lusa said that he should turn into a human and get one of them to help him heal.

At first, Tocklo and Kallik don't like it but give in when they have no choice. Ujarak gets partially healed while in the village.

Then some people, from a larger city, helicopter him into a hospital to get him completely healed. This is when he has trouble remembering that he is a bear. Ujarak also learns that the wilderness is slowly going away and that is because of humans trying to get oil.

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On the other hand, Lusa, Kallik, and Tocklo have to get back together to go find Ujarak. This book reminds me of just about every other book about animals. They both talk about how we are cutting down forests and destroying other environments for matierials. This is wrecking habitats and cutting down on food for others to feed on. They both make sure that there are few places without electronics and just live off the land.

They boh clarify this. I'm using this for pages. Nov 22, Ashley rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Is this journey's end Toklo feels the urge Seekers: I had to learn that when Taqqiq left. It's no use trying to hold on to someone when they want to be somewhere else.

Oct 03, Jenaka Fontes rated it it was amazing. The Last Wilderness is the 4th book ina series of 6. It is about 4 bears named Toklo, Kallik, Lusa and Ujarak he can turn into any animal. They have came a long way from the forest to the "flat-face" town what they call humans. Ujarak swallows a fish hook while a goose and it gets lodged in his throat. His friends get him to change into a flat-face cub. They take him to a doctor in the woods. The doctor gets the hook out and while he is leaving, the government comes in and want to d Seekers: The doctor gets the hook out and while he is leaving, the government comes in and want to dig and collect the oil under the village.

They are able to them but take Ujarak in their helicopter and take him to a hspital in town. Toklo, Kallik, and Lusa are able to get in the hospital, but Ujarak had changed into an owl and flew out the window. In the end they find him and travel to the beach. I think you would LOVE it. I am on book 4. It gets sad at some points but otherwise it is a great seires!!

Sep 12, Grace Cuenca rated it it was amazing. I thought that this book was great because it was very adventurous and had some exciting twists and turns. Sometimes the things that happend surprised me and I always couldn't wait to see what would happen next. At the Last Great Wilderness, the bears start to remember their true natures. Toklo the grizzly bear longs to hunt caribou and make scratch marks on the trees to mark his territory.

Kallik the polar bear is still not comepletely fond of the ground and wishes she could go back to the ice I thought that this book was great because it was very adventurous and had some exciting twists and turns. Kallik the polar bear is still not comepletely fond of the ground and wishes she could go back to the ice. All the bears thought that this would finally be the end of their long journey and hardships but even at The Last Great Wliderness humans were taking over everything just for oil.

So as one journey ends for The Last Great Wilderness a whole completely new journey unfolds in front of them as they start to save the wild. This book interested me most because the reason they have a new journey is because of their shape-shifting companion Ujurak. Ujurak is a bear but he can turn into other animals and humans.

It made the book interesting. Hoping to leave her home, she escapes the zoo and looks for Toklo. Meanwhile, Toklo finds Ujurak injured and helps him; they begin to travel together. They meet up with Lusa at the end of the book. By Great Bear Lake , the four bears have joined together and they try to go to the Arctic. Although Kallik finds her Taqqiq, he has joined a group of bullying bears who kidnap a black bear cub. Taqqiq sees that what he did was wrong and joins the questing bears but he soon leaves the group in the third book, Smoke Mountain , when he feels he does not belong with them.

The remaining four cubs learn of a place called the Last Great Wilderness in the third book which is the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge , where there is plentiful food and shelter. After defying hardships such as hunger and bear hunters, they finally make it to the Last Great Wilderness. However, even though they are there, Ujurak, who leads the journey, feels that they need to go further, into the Arctic. In the sixth and final book of the first series, Spirits in the Stars, the four bears make it to Star Island Ellesmere Island , a place where many polar bears live.

They find a sick mother polar bear named Sura and her cub. Sura dies from sickness and the traveling four bears look after her cub, which Kallik names Kissimi. Toklo finds that he also struggles with his urge to become a proper brown bear and travel alone. The bears save the polar bears that inhabit Star Island by destroying an oil rig that was poisoning the seals that they eat, but Ujurak dies in an avalanche while saving the others. Yakone, a determined young male polar bear who lived on the strange Star Island with the sick bears, is added to the group of bears on the last page of the book.

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The series takes place over the span of six books. The story follows Toklo, Kallik, Lusa, and Yakone as they return home but struggle between leaving the only family they've ever known or returning home, where they haven't been for so long. They also meet the strange Nanulak, a male grolar bear. Seekers has also been published in original English-language manga form. The second, featuring Kallik, called Kallik's Adventure was released on February 8, The third one was going to be called Lusa's Tale , But Tokyopop, the graphic novel company, decided not to make any more books for the USA.

Unless Erin Hunter creates it herself, the book may not come out at all. The main theme emphasized in the series is the environment. Holmes says that by "coming up with a series about a different animal gave me a chance to explore some themes that don't fit so easily into Warriors.

In particular, the environment. Publishers Weekly found that "readers will appreciate the bears' struggle to survive, along with Hunter's environmental theme. A review from Children's Literature picked up the environmental theme, but commented on themes such as "youth versus age, new versus tradition and the discovery that foreign others are often not very different from oneself.

The Seekers

He notes that "[Hunter] also cleverly deals with the theme of racism through a unique and honest approach—three bears of different color, different backgrounds and different beliefs turn to each other for survival and friendship. The first series contains a total of six books. It was originally to be called "The Clawed Path," as the journey the four bears make through all six books in the series is referred to as "the clawed path.

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