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Bountiful Harvest is a book by University of Houston economics professor Thomas R. DeGregori, debunking what he calls "anti-science environmental activists".
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Each character level 36 and above can open the Treasure Trove once per day for free during the event period. Opening the Trove will give you the opportunity to purchase any of the items you see with gold, but you can only purchase one item per Treasure Trove Key used! Six additional Treasure Trove slots can be opened with Treasure Trove Expansions purchased from the Hongmoon Store, which will unlock these slots for the entirety of the Treasure Trove period.

If opening each Trove one at a time is too slow for you, you can speed up the process by opening five at once!

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It works exactly like opening one Trove, just five times more fun. You can find the rating of each Trove you unlock by looking at the stars at the top of the window.

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After his tour, Allen Ditson remarked, 'Corn is king. And soy bean is Cinderella.

Bountiful Harvest(Crosby) - Old Hymn Lyrics & Music

Flying over the Mississippi delta, the land looked to us like a perfect batik art design usually on fabric. Out of this aerial inspiration, a pattern emerged. A mural was born called The Bountiful Harvest.

The artists believed that CF Industries is the hub of the machine that feeds the world and thus gives life. From the smallest unit of organic life, the atom, to mechanical objects like combine wheels that conclude the growing cycle, the circle is a symbol of life that appears extensively throughout the work.

Bountiful Harvest

Just like a circle, there is no beginning or end to the mural. The artists intended for a constant tension and interplay between opposites in the mural: Davos is taken to the owner's cabin where he and Salladhor discuss recent events.

When Davos talks of seeking vengeance, Salladhor becomes angry and Davos leaves. The Bountiful Harvest is part of the fleet that carries Stannis's army north to the Wall. The fleet encounters violent storms on its way back south toward White Harbor and Bountiful Harvest is one of many ships that are lost. A gale in the Shivering Sea rips away Harvest's rigging, forcing Salladhor to have her towed.