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Senf- Genuss und Gesundheit (German Edition) (Kindle Edition) Schön giftig: Ein Giftpflanzen-Handbuch für Eltern (German Edition) (Kindle.
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Seed kernel of nutmeg fruit used as a spice. Synonyms and antonyms of Muskat in the German dictionary of synonyms. Examples of use in the German literature, quotes and news about Muskat.

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Birgit Muskat untersucht die Bedeutung und Anwendung des Total Quality Management in kommunalen und regionalen Tourismusorganisationen. Maskat ist Hauptstadt und Hafenplatz des Sultanats Oman. Karl-Heinz Steinmetz, Robert Zell, Rosinen oder Apfelsaft quellen lassen. Zitronensa 1- 1 Teel. The musical pair were Die Konjak-Nudeln sind glutenfrei, extrem In Germany, the dietary supplements fall under the provisions of the Food and Feed Code.

The legally permitted in Germany ingredients lists in Annex 1 of the regulation on dietary supplements, which also allowed ingredients. Dietary supplements are intended to supplement general nutrition. They are usually in the nutritional supplements to concentrates of certain nutrients or other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect, but not a drug. Dietary supplements are usually fed in metered form in addition to the normal diet. Examples of dietary supplements are vitamin and mineral tablets. Lebensmittelzusatzstoffe sind die Erzeugnisse oder Stoffe, die Lebensmitteln absichtlich zugesetzt werden, um deren Eigenschaften z.

Food additives, the products or substances to foods are added intentionally to adapt their properties eg. As durability, workability, taste or appearance of the wishes and needs of consumers and food manufacturers. According to the German food law Food additives are substances that themselves consumed normally not consumed as foods used as a characteristic ingredient, but come for technological reasons for use.

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At least in Germany the prohibition principle, may be used only after expressly permitted substances shall apply to food additives. In the European Union, the various food additives get a so-called "E-number" as soon as the authorization of a substance to the European authority is requested for food safety. By "functional foods", which are also known as "nutraceuticals" foods are combined, which are enriched with dietary supplements. These supplements offer consumers added value that goes beyond the purely physiological nutritional value of the food.

However, the addition of dietary supplements can be problematic to a food. Thus, certain dietary supplements can affect the taste of the food may strongly due to their own taste. The to be added to the food supplements can be destroyed by ingredients in the food. For example, antioxidants, vitamins and enzymes by the acids in a yogurt or fruit juice would be attacked.

There is also the possibility that the dietary supplement destroyed components of the food. The incompatibility problem of food and dietary supplements is a not easy to be solved for the food technologists task. Another problem to be solved in the development of functional foods, is that certain dietary supplements on health are likely to have only in sufficiently high concentration positive impact. For example, the number of probiotic microorganisms in a probiotic dairy product must suffice be high so that the probiotic microorganisms can exert their beneficial effects.

However, it is doubtful that the number of probiotic microorganisms in many of the currently commercially available probiotic milk products permits.

In contrast, other dietary supplements are considered to be toxic when they are fed in too large quantities. This object is surprisingly achieved by the use of micro-tablets as a food additive or feed additive. Under microtablets particles are understood with a diameter of 1 to 4 mm, which are characterized unlike prepared by pelletising process the pellets through a more uniform shape, a uniform surface structure and uniform weight. In the prior art micro-tablets are provided for administration of drugs.

The invention suitable microtablets have a cylindrical, elliptical or spherical-dimensional shape. They preferably have a diameter of 1 to 4 mm and a height or length of 1 to 4 mm.

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Particularly preferred are micro-tablets with a diameter of 3 mm and a height of 3 mm. For the inventive use micro-tablets are concerned, containing at least one dietary supplement. Examples of dietary supplements that may be included in the inventively provided micro-tablets, probiotics, prebiotics, omega-3 fatty acids, phytochemicals, vitamins, folic acid, fiber, antioxidants and minerals can be mentioned.

Therefore, the present invention suitable micro-tablets include not only food supplements containing micro-tablets, but also micro-tablets that contain at least one drug. The consumer can purchase his food and the invention in question microtablets separated and stored.

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  • Synonyms and antonyms of Küchenkraut in the German dictionary of synonyms.
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This embodiment in which it is a type of modular system that offers consumers the advantage of maximum flexibility, because the food or feed lots and several different micro-tablets can be added as desired. Thus, the food or feed supplement can be adapted to individual needs and wishes.

Kekse und Fruchtriegel oder Futtermitteln z. In a preferred embodiment, the food additive comprising different micro-tablets with various additives or food supplements, wherein the different micro-tablets have the same spatial shape and same weight. Vorzugsweise liegen die unterschiedlichen Mikrotabletten in dem Lebensmittelzusatz in homogener Mischung vor.

Preferably, the different micro-tablets in the food additive present in a homogeneous mixture. Durch die gleiche Dichte aller Mikrotabletten tritt keine Entmischung der unterschiedlichen Mikrotabletten ein. By the same density of all microtablets no segregation of the different micro-tablets occurs. Preferably, the micro-tablets are in fluid form and can be similar to dose a liquid. Die Herstellung von Mikrotabletten an sich ist bekannt. The production of micro-tablets is known per se. They can be direct, that is, by pressing a powder, or using additional adjuvants, giving the powder necessary for tableting properties.

Diese Hilfsstoffe sind dem Fachmann bekannt. These adjuvants are known in the art.

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For example, there are flow agents, binders, disintegrating agents, lubricants, fillers and other excipients. The micro tablets can also be coated with a glaze or a film to achieve an even better controllability or convertibility to improve an unsightly appearance of the micro-tablets to protect the contents from external influences to control the release of the ingredients, or the identification of the different improve micro-tablets.

As materials for such coatings for example, shellac, celluloses, for example, ethyl cellulose or hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, or acrylate resins can be used in addition to sugar. With suitable coatings dissolution of the micro-tablets in the food or feed can be prevented.

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The materials for example, a water-insoluble or enteric coating and process for coating tablets are well known to those skilled in the art. The use of micro-tablets, especially in the form of flowable preparations, instead of powdered or granular food offers both in the industrial production of food as well as private preparing food great advantages.

Mikrotabletten lassen sich sehr einfach und genau dosieren. Micro-tablets can be easily and accurately dosed.

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In particular as flowable formulation microtablets can also be problematic transported through pipelines. In addition, with the use of micro-tablets does not pollute the environment by dust produced. In a particular embodiment, the functional food be prepared by dietary supplements containing micro-tablets are mixed with a food and then optionally carried out a further processing and packaging of the resulting functional food. Die besonderen Vorteile von mikrotablettenhaltigen Lebensmitteln liegen darin, dass sie geschmacksneutral sind, insbesondere wenn sie befilmt oder beschichtet sind.

The particular advantages of micro-tablets containing foods are that they are tasteless, especially when they are film-coated or coated. This allows the natural flavor of a dietary supplement, for example, highly concentrated vitamins, minerals or plant extracts, or a drug does not affect the natural taste of the food or feed if the dietary supplement or drug in the form of micro-tablets contained in the food or feed.

Thus, by the use of dietary supplement or drug-containing micro-tablets, particularly in animals, to ensure that the intake of dietary supplement or food arzneistoffhaltigem is not denied.

DE102008056312A1 - Use of micro-tablets as food and feed additive - Google Patents

Beispiel 1 example 1. In one consisting of two chambers of unequal size yoghurt pots in which the chambers are connected to one another via a film hinge, about g of a natural yoghurt was filled in the larger of the two chambers. Etwa 2 g Mikrotabletten, enthaltend 80 Gew. About 2 g of micro-tablets containing 80 wt.