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How Photos Can Make or Break Your Marketing Campaign were added--not to mention the charts, graphics, illustrations, doodles and other images Rather than relying on boring stock photos, the smartest businesses are.
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Candid photos sold nearly twice as much as posed images. And 85 percent of the sold photos we analyzed featured a subject looking away from the camera. Why are candid shots of individuals looking away from the camera best sellers? When it comes to choosing an image, your main focus should be on conveying the right feeling. HSBC is a great example of a company that emphasizes images that evoke emotion. The simplest way to adopt a similar approach is to search for emotions and states of mind. Has it worked for you.

15 Tools for an Effective Visual Marketing Campaign

As you may have noticed I quite often take the key points in an infographic and put it into text. Providing multiple types of media in addition to images increases views. Thanks Antonio for your insights and comments. The web is a very different medium to the written word and people are still getting their heads and habits around this change in the paradigm. Picture speak more than words and same is in the case of marketing regardless of Social media marketing or the typical print media marketing.

Thanks for the comment. The difference between print and social media is that it is so easy to share pictures on social media. I always insert images in my blog posts so I can pin them to my Pinterest boards afterwords for bigger exposure. We are not reading any more. We are browsing and pictures and visual effects are grabbing and holding our attention so we can actually process a written information. Love the stats — thank goodness Bring Back Desire has a sensational illustrator! I work for a new Social Media Marketing Company and we have put photo integration very high on our priority list when marketing our company and others.

Obviously, we are heading in the right direction. Be sure to keep track of us and see how we are doing.

60 awesome free tools to create a visual marketing campaign on a budget – Learn

Thanks for your question. Yes, it is important to include text. Images play such a large factor in our online infrastructure. As a business I often post updates with images and link to them from my articles and reference them through social networks. Building a strong infrastructure is key to online growth. Branding through image culture is a daily ritual for me. Well in upcoming days Images will play important role in SEO.

Images will be important! And It will make it looks good and easy, So i think not only 6 reasons there are many more reasons. I agree with you. Sign up is free and gives you access to creating 5 mood boards. However, if you truly fall in love with Niice, you can subscribe to a premium option for unlimited mood boards and no banner advertisements.

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One of the best parts of Niice is how easy it is to add images to your moodboard. From infographics to newsletter designs, Pinterest should be on your go-to list for seeing what other brands are doing to market themselves. Photos becomes art in the hands of the right photographer.

The Age of Visual Culture

If you like what you see, you may even be able to purchase it. You can buy photos individually or subscribe and save. To search for an idea or topic, simply start typing.

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Looking for some carefully curated pieces of marketing design inspiration? Well, look no further than Crayon. A mood board is a hugely valuable tool to get yourself and your peers on the same visual and aesthetic page, and the site Moodboard makes it all so much easier. A beautifully compiled database of some gorgeous pieces of email inspiration.

Armed with the right app, your smartphone could rival a high-priced DSLR camera any day of the week. VSCO Cam gives you power to create professional-looking edits to your photos without being trapped in the Instagram bubble. For web-based products and SaaS, you may need to show how to use your product as part of your visual marketing campaign. Whatever the reason, Awesome Screenshot is an awesome choice. You can also share your screenshot with your social media directly from Awesome Screenshot.

Completely free and straightforward to use, Gyazo is a great introduction to the world of moving images.

02. Tools for Finding Inspiration

Tilt-Shift Time Lapse Videos. Consider TiltShift effect for your still photography or Miniatures for your videos. DaFont is a first choice for finding new, popular, and off-the-wall font choices for a visual marketing campaign. You can search by style, popularity, or recently added. And, you can input your own text to get a preview of what the text will look like in your new font before downloading.

Be sure to verify licenses before downloading. Like DaFont, Font Squirrel is a repository of fonts, but it goes one step further by providing fonts that are completely free for commercial use. Upload an image such as a cropped screenshot of the font to WhatTheFont! Need to pair two fonts together? Type Genius finds the perfect match for one font type, and gives you a live example of the two fonts working together. Well, Fontface Ninja is here to get you one step closer to replicating that typographic beauty. Do you prefer to see typefaces in action before downloading them? A quick and easy way to make informed typographical decisions!

Font Park is the biggest database of free fonts for both commercial and noncommercial use. The League of Moveable Type. Yet another database of carefully selected, beautiful, and free typefaces. Chosen by hand to ensure only the highest of quality typefaces are included, this site is a one stop shop for some beautiful typographic treats. A great resource to browse through for when you feel a little uninspired typographically-speaking. One of the best reasons to choose ColourLovers is for the social aspect.

ColourLovers combines unusual colors to amplify the feelings of harmony, excitement, believability— all of the feelings you may want to inspire in your visual marketing campaign. A good way to discover new colors or fonts every day is with the browser extension Palettab. Available on Chrome for free, you can get inspired every time you open the new tab. Another must-have browser extension for color picking on the go: Available in both Chrome and Firefox, ColorZilla lets you quickly read any color on your browser page.