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Feint of Art:: An Annie Kincaid Mystery by [Lind, Hailey, Blackwell. Audible Sample. Audible Sample Feint of Art:: An Annie Kincaid Mystery Kindle Edition. by.
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The plot is done well and has a twist that is unexpected. The writing is good and Annie seems better motivated to investigate and be Decent first novel for a series about a young art forger gone "straight" though her grandfather hasn't! A similar copy at seventeen made her a crook. As a long time reader of Juliet Blackwell, it was fun to read an earlier work. This one has similar character expression and fun romantic queries.

The Element of the second author creates and interesting set of contradictions and plot twists. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase. I bought this book without thinking, because it is an "art caper," a much neglected sub-genre of mysteries in my view. But I approached it with trepidation since the very first author's thank-you is to an editor at an independent editing firm.

Then when I read that the author is purportedly two people, I braced myself for a real clunker. The writing is bright and funny, the dialogue snappy, the incidental characters entertaining and the plot if not plausible then at least is well-paced with only a few dead ends. My only gripe is that the although the obligatory handsome and mysterious love interest is a little too domineering for a supposedly independent heroine versed in the ways of the criminal; he's a big presence in the book and the only character that doesn't have at least a whiff of authenticity.

I would definitely look for more in this series, which has the potential not only to be a great addition to mysteries based in SF but has also set up the heroine Annie to travel in national and international circles. She was ditzy, ridiculously gullible and sometimes downright stupid. I liked "Feint of Art" very much. Annie Kincaid was an appealing main character, her business and the backstory of how she ended up there was interesting, the secondary characters were all very well-drawn and charming and the San Francisco setting seemed fresh.

The plot of "Feint of Art" with the seemingly appearing and disappearing Caravaggio and the fake copies kept things rolling along nicely and the villains of the story ranged from appropriately villainous to bumbling, both adding to the story. Annie's financial challenges also seemd real and added interest to the tale.

The writing was good, nothing to annoy the reader, which is really as much as I expect from this type of book. The author s seemed to know the world they describe and convey it nicely. I'll be interested in reading the next in the series. I understand this is a "first mystery" by two sisters, one an artist and the other a historian, who collaborated to write a mystery no small task!

The "detective" is a woman living in SF who is a talented artist with a shady past her grandfather is a skilled art forger and taught her the trade, until she got busted in Paris as a teenager and swore off forgery. She is dogged by a reputation she doesn't deserve and supports herself with a small business doing faux finishes to walls and furniture. The book gets off to a fast start with a death in the first 20 pages. She has been has been invited by the curator of a major art museum to meet him at midnight to visit the vault -- he wants her to evaluate a recent acquisition, a multimillion dollar Caravaggio -- or so they thought when they bought it.

As it turns out, there are multiple copies of this painting around -- the only question is who has the real one and what's going on. An art dealer goes missing, along with some valuable artwork. A series of deaths surrounding forged art work threaten our artist-detective, who is trying to locate the stolen art to earn the money to pay the recently doubled rent on her business.

She knows and meets a lot of interesting people in her search for the art and gets herself into some amazing scrapes -- but done realistically she gets caught fairly often, for example, when she's doing something risky. There are two men to provide the possibility of romance -- her new landlord and a man who claims to be a private detective also searching for some missing art.

The pace is fast and the people likeable. I can hardly wait for the next in the series, and I hope the quality continues to be high.

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I think this one should get an Edgar for best first work. Artist myself I loved the quotations that were purported to be by the character's grandfather, the famous art forger. Great read and I laughed out loud many times. My review for all 4 books in this series: I'll most likely be reading the series to the end and looking into other books by this author. Nov 22, Kitty rated it really liked it Shelves: First in the series My favorite "cozy mystery" series to date.

A "reformed" art forger gone legit finds herself embroiled in a world she tried to leave behind. Her art studio in San Francisco would be enough alone to make this book worth reading for me - but it's actually a good story, too! I really enjoy all the characters in this series - and there's a good bit of humor in it, too. Sep 03, Gigi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Somewhere along the line I seem to have developed a soft spot for art thieves It was a welcome development to find this new series that's so well done.

Oct 10, Shirley rated it it was amazing Shelves: Loving this so far! My daughter recommended, and besides the plot, so enjoy the humor. Aug 31, Vickie rated it really liked it. MPB, Such a cool cozy series with a fab premise. Definitely look for more! Jun 29, Imjussayin rated it liked it Shelves: Ernest Pettigrew, ex-beau of Annie Kincaid former art forger extraordinaire askes her whether Caravaggio's painting The Magi at the Brock Gallery is a forgery.

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Not only is it a forgery, but Annie knows who painted it! And that same night Ernest disappears and a janitor's dead body discovered. Who killed the janitor at the Brock Museum and where is Ernest? Annie spent her teenage years forging Old Masters with her gr Feint of Art: Annie spent her teenage years forging Old Masters with her grandfather in Europe. After a spell in a European jail, Annie has returned to America setting herself up as a respectable faux finisher in San Francisco. Inbetween fired by the Brock.

Feint of Art

There is something naive and yet appealing about Annie. She embodies joie de vivre although she is too trusting, a tad frustrating but feisty and comedic. I find myself enjoying cosy art mysteries. Annie is the second series of this type that I am reading. In both series the protagonists, first names begin with A.

And there the similarities end. Annie is funny and warm and relatable. Is drawn to two different men J. The dual man attraction-attention is somewhat hackneyed, but I enjoy it in this story.

What is more difficult to swallow is Annie needing to be rescued by one or other love interest. And I wonder if along the line the authors will be brave enough to have a genuinely independent and feisty Annie? The large supporting cast makes the fascinating but complex plot unnecessarily more complicated. So keep a notebook handy just in case. The author eases the reader's path by giving the cast of a million characters nicknames like 'fender bender' to DeBenton. An explanation of why would be a spoiler.

The book has a diverse cast of characters that lends texture to the story. I like the intergenerational aspect of the work, and the world building is convincing. I had fun with this book and am off to read book two. U Would I read the next one or reread?: A prominent example of the genre.

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Feint of plot and talent We climbed into the cab, where all was silent but for the sound of heavy breathing. I was drenched in sweat, my nose was running, my hands were shaking, and I had one hell of a stitch in my side. I was trying to decide whether or not to throw up. Several long minutes passed.

I glared at her, unwilling to spare the oxygen for a snide reply. Besides, she had a point.

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Maybe it was time to return Feint of plot and talent We climbed into the cab, where all was silent but for the sound of heavy breathing. Maybe it was time to return to Plan A: Teaching faux-finishing courses for do-it-yourselfers was looking better all the time. Numerous annoying inconsistencies like above. In a cab, then suddenly starting an engine Poorly written Vapid main character For this one, she teams up with her sister. I really tried to go with the plot twists and just enjoy the story but I found myself frequently annoyed with Annie for doing completely stupid things like continuing to trust someone who is repeatedly dishonest, destroys her property, and endangers her life…more than once.

Jul 17, Ruth rated it really liked it Shelves: She is trying to forget that her grandfather is writing a book on forging classical art. She lived with her "grandpere" from the age of 10 long enough to find herself in a Parisian prison for art forgery at 17 years of age. Even though she is now in a legitimate art centered business she happens upon art forgery. This leads to lots of crime centered action.

There are only 4 books in this series and they are going out of print.

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I happened upon them through a book sale and possess all 4. They are a wonderfully exciting read. Jan 12, Holly Doyal rated it liked it.