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Easy Thai is exciting and helpful for beginning Thai Language students and Easy Thai: Learn to Speak Thai Quickly and millions of other books are .. I've purchased over a half dozen basic Thai language learning products. for the fastest speed talker to repeat and the pattern practice is not on the CD. . Fun stories for.
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The number of possible answers can be chosen by you. Learning and testing through inputting text This is the most precise way of learning: Read or listen to parts of the dialogue, vocabulary and exercises. Type in the correct translation and learn proper spelling at the same time. Repeat the words until you know all the vocabulary: In all of the tests, you have to type in the right words so often that you will be able to do the correct translation instantly. Simple words stop appearing in the daily program after 2 or 3 repetitions.

More difficult words may be repeated 5 or 6 times. Especially difficult words, which you often don't know, are asked even more often. Most importantly we don't want you to have forgotten these words by the very next day! Seven words at a time: After learning seven new words, the software will show you a table with a summary. Learning seven words at a time is especially effective. Now you can repeat these words again at a glance. Points, learning time and number of repetitions: You can already see how long you spend with one lesson unit. By the way, you won't be able to cheat: The program will actually only show the amount of time you worked.

If you would like to take, say a one hour break, the clock stops ticking until you're ready to work again. Every word allows you to see how often you have already repeated it today. Words that you knew immediately will no longer appear in tests for this day. Word that you are still having trouble with will continue to appear again and again.

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For every word you know, you get points. In this way, you can compare a day's learning with each other. You also see, for example, at which time of the day you learn vocabulary the quickest. A break after every 30 minutes: Studies have shown that after a half an hour of learning concentration decreases rapidly. For this reason, your language course will remind you every 30 minutes that you should take a break. Stand up, go for a walk, drink a glass of water.

Afterwards, reinvigorated, you are ready for the next half an hour! You can, of course, ignore the reminder and immediately continue learning. A wide variety of pictures: If you know a word, you will see a new photo as a reward. We have also thought of something for you even if you answer incorrectly When you see that the course is fun and rewarding, you will be motivated to see it through to the end! At regular intervals, you will get tips from our experts on how you can learn even more effectively. Let us surprise you!

We have developed a next generation super-learning meditation music. You will hear relaxing music. Within a very short time, you will be completely calm, your breathing will become slower and deeper and you can concentrate completely on your learning. Integrated into the music is the so-called "Binaural Beats", this technology will help you remember the words permanently. We recommend you practice with headphones, this way you get the full effect.

You can also use the Super-learning music in any situation where you need your full attention, e. Advantages of superlearning music: Only those who are relaxed can record new things quickly and permanently. Stress blocks your learning. Through this music, you will be deeply relaxed - the ideal environment to record new information. Become more relaxed and relieve stress. Even after learning, you will experience the benefits and be able to concentrate better.

The meditation music is quieter than the vocabulary you hear -8db. Learning remains the focus. Music that you can listen to with pleasure for a long time. The more you use the Super-learning music, the faster you relax. No previous knowledge required: When you turn on the Super-learning music, you can immediately relax. Tens of thousands of learners use super-learning music every day. In a test with learners and over , learned vocabulary, we measured the following: If you listen to the Super-learning music while you are learning with a headphone, you can learn the words on average We also found our users can learn The Super-learning music can be switched on and off , if you prefer to learn without music.

Obtain a useful and comprehensive basic vocabulary. The most important thing in learning a new language is the vocabulary. In this course, you will obtain a useful and comprehensive basic vocabulary. Building from this, you will quickly be able to form and understand simple sentences. You will learn the most important words from the following topics: Fruit — Vegetables — Grocery shopping — Pronouns — Time — In a hotel — The most important verbs — Clothing — Fashion — Money — At a restaurant and asking for the bill — Reading and understanding a menu — Family — Babysitting — Sports — Shopping — Cooking — Organising trips — Household items — Animals — School and university — Entertainment — Communication — Telephone conversation — In case of an accident — The human body — Injuries and illnesses — In the pharmacy — Writing a letter — Ordering online — Handicraft — Making new friends — An evening at the cinema — Transportation — Traveling by bus, train, airplane — Buying transit tickets — Traveling by car — At the gas station — Book a flight — At the airport — Ask for directions — Weather report — Regularly used adjectives and their comparative forms — Days, Months, and seasons — Countries — Crime — Greetings — Polite phrases — Numbers — Learn to count in Thai — Sightseeing — Wandering around town — Visiting a museum — And much more!

With this course, you will learn over 1, Thai words. All vocabulary and dialogues have been recorded by a Thai native speaker. From the very beginning, you will learn clear, accent free pronunciation and correct emphasis. The texts and phrases were developed through the cooperation of a linguist and a Thai native speaker. In this course, you will learn how Thai is really spoken in Thailand. Content of texts and dialogues: Theera has invited Wannee.

He wants to take her along to his parents. Thai native speakers read all texts and vocabulary aloud: All vocabulary and texts are spoken by a Thai native speaker. You can listen to and repeat each of the words as well as the 42 dialogue texts as often as you'd like. In a all the learning methods and tests, the vocabulary and lines of text are played for you. You constantly repeat the correct pronunciation.

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You learn clear and accent free pronunciation with the correct emphasis! This is an online course. Order the Thai language course easily with this online form! Questions about ordering the Thai language course: How does the ordering process work? Fill out the online order form. Pay online after completion. Then you receive your access information immediately and can start learning!

Which operating systems does this software work on? No, you can start immediately. I am a total beginner.

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Is this language course right for me? Yes, even without previous learning experience you can learn this new language quickly and effectively. The language course automatically tailors itself to your personal learning pace. What progress will I make with this language course? If you learn regularly, you will make progress very quickly. Ideally, schedule a certain amount of time daily for learning, 17 minutes for example. This is considerably more effective than simply learning 2 or 3 hours only once per week. Can I improve my pronunciation with this language course?

You listen to every word and every line of text at your leisure and repeat them afterwards. That way you can quickly learn clear and accurate pronunciation. With this beginner's course, you will ready yourself for everyday communication and conversation. Through the acquisition of the beginner's vocabulary, you will have no problem understanding clearly structured sentences.

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You will be able to communicate orally and in writing with simple sentences. You want to deepen your knowledge of Intermediate Thai? With the vocabulary of the Thai intermediate language course, you will be ready for challenging interaction in Thai. After working with this course, you will be able to understand and use complex sentences. Thanks to the advanced language course you will be able to easily understand spoken and written Thai.

As a result, you will possess a relatively high speech comprehension: You will, for example, be able to watch television in Thai. After you have worked with the Thai Proficiency Language Course, you will be able to effortlessly understand everything you read and hear. You will be able to summarize information from both written and oral sources.

You will be able to present statements and explanations comprehensively and coherently. You will be able to express yourself very fluently and precisely. In addition, you will not only be able to understand finely nuanced meanings related to complex issues but also make them. Since , there have been European wide standards that measure the levels of language courses. These standards were created by the Council of Europe so that the language reference levels for language courses can be transnationally cohesive. Our language course were developed in accordance with these standards.

I still have more questions regarding the Thai language course! What do our clients say I like the well-structured way of the course and the wide-ranged possibilities which makes learning so much easier and varying as well. Besides I think it's great you can choose listening to the language as often as you want to as well as being able printing the vocabulary on flashcards.

In any case I would love to thank the experts who developed the course very much! It's fun to learn a new language with this course! They have something in store for everyone. Especially being able to print flashcards has been new to me an I think it's brilliant! They are really easy to print and front and back are fitting on top of each other! The every-day situations make learning much easier since sentences out of everyday life are a great motivation learning a language. Learning varies at all time because there are so many different ways teaching myself the language.

This is how you motivate people to learn! Words have to be repeated until you spell them correctly. Also, I think its great being tested in both languages. Either one way or the other, it's up to you. I'm pretty sure this how you will remember your vocabulary! The texts are chosen very well, directly taken out of every day life, very understandable for everyone, meaningful and very helpful for general use. I also like being able listening to the texts line by line and listening to the vocabulary particularly as often as you want to.

This programm is super easy to handle. This is especially relevant when acquisitioning vocabulary. Thus, I can choose for my individual way of learning. It's been delivered promptly and comprising by your company. The quality of you exercises is particularly pleasing to me. By purchasing the language course I'm able to set my learning rate individually. By this there wasn't any need to attend a language course offered in my home country, instead I'm practising from home. Your company can be recommended with clear consciences!

This used to be my greatest problem - pronunciation. Moreover I've found the fill-in-the-blank texts very helpful. When working on my first fill-in-the-blank text I didn't believe it would work out but it was surprised by how much I knew! Since I rather pay more attention to speaking skills I expected the writing skills to be way too complicated and thought I wouldn't need them.

Meanwhile I am very happy to be able to speak and write the language! Not only is this course about learning vocabulary and learning them by heart, but also about spelling rules. Also I was very impressed by the distinct learning functions. What our clients say The explanation of the psychological backgrounds and the systematics of the memory performance respectively makes the learning methods much more comprehensible. I think it's really convenient having the possibility to repeat the vocabulary regularly with the long-term memory learning method.

I really enjoy this programm for it keeps asking until the correlate word is typed in correctly. Moreover the digital speech of the respective vocabulary is also great. Thereby you are developing ambition which keeps you going. Also the pages which hide the vocab are tremendously good to get a quick overview and are very suitable to repeat in fast track. I find the displaying of the last seven wrong inputs in the long-term memory learning method very supportive. Not only is this method incredibly efficient but also very motivating, because success becomes apparent immediately and you can feel certain having the vocabulary stored in your long-time memory.

A great advantage are the crystal clear voice recordings which don't left you thinking about the pronunciation and makes naturally learning possible. For this I'm sure the clear and logical structure of the language course is crucial and also the opportunity to operate within the programm in so many different ways. By purchasing your software I've made a good decision since it's fun learning and gives me a sense of achievement most of the time. As far as I'm concerned this course enhanced my linguistic knowledge because it's design is varying.

Another great advantage is the course being suitable for all kind of operating systems. This is what I really like about it since I'm a Linux user and therefor limited concerning software. The records of the entire vocabulary and dialogues sound very natural and realistic since they were all spoken by native speakers. Putting it in a nutshell, it's a well-made language course. Using the pc is much simpler than writing manually. Moreover using the pc is much more efficient since you can not betray yourself - The system is correcting every single mistake also including emphasis which are also registered.

Storing the different levels makes repeating the vocabulary and the texts based on the flashcard principle possible and thereby more effective. Learning foreign languages has become a hobby to me - for me, personally, not is it only learning by heart but a leisure pursuit. We are able to store the results. Also we think the gap texts are great and the pronunciation of the audio files is especially audibly and clearly.

The lessions are kept short which is favourable respecting our age. Thank you very much for this language course. The variety of the teaching materials is also great. When it comes to learning vocabulary by using the long term memory learning method you only decide once how long you would like to learn per day. Once you've decided on how long you want learn a day, this will be happening automatically afterwards. So, once you get started you will pull trough.

This is also very helpful when having a hard time with motivation. Being able to decide on your own how long you want learn makes this course "feasible". I'm also motivated by the long term memory learning method which makes it easy for me to live up to the learning success of the day before and gets me started over quickly. I've already bought the beginner's course and my experiences with the long term memory learning method are good. You can virtually follow the continuing progress the team is working on - this is what I really like since they give me the feeling that I'm taken seriously when I hand in some suggestions for improvement and changes.

In this way I'm able to learn in a structured way. Thereby, I can learn both the vocabulary training and text exercises quickly and continuing. Moreover I'm convinced by the different methods of vocabulary training and different learning methods. Above all the text input and the automatic testing of your knowledge gives me a quick and really good result.

Mostly I use the long term memory learning method and the quick repetition. This course allows me to continue my studies on a daily basis and I feel really really motivated to learning another language. They really give me motivation I need to do at least my daily exercises on a daily basis since I don't have much time left. Additionally I think the great choice of the different ways of learning is gorgeous, e. The daily exercises are giving me the pressure necessary I need to do them.

Apparently different brain areas are getting activated by different learning methods of the program. In my own case, the learning success seems to be lasting. Not a day goes by without me working with the program and working on my vocabulary knowledge at least. Within almost days I've stored about more than words in the long term memory. I would like to thank you so much for this course. I'm enjoying it so much and it really helps me staying on track.

I'll try learning a new language every year. I also like being constantly encouraged by the program and getting learning tips. Without the learning tips it would definitely take me longer to learn a language and also the feeling of success wouldn't be as huge as it is now. Still, I can decide by myself independently how much I'd like to learn. That way learning never gets boring. I further like the speakers being native speakers.

From the beginning, you are offered short texts which you can gradually elaborate. Thus I've started from scratch. I was able to enter the program quickly due to the daily exercises. You can enjoy an easy-to-use interface, as with just the touch of a button you can learn the correct phases with no hassle at all.

There are practical categories to choose from, and a convenient search function that can help you say what you really need to say. In addition, this is a free version with updates that give you new words and phrases. There is also an app, the very same as this one, however you can choose from languages to learn from.

Whether you are English, French or Japanese you can learn Thai all the same. This app is useful for anybody who wants to get by in Thailand with the essential phrases that you can actually use in daily life. There are 5 chapters that cover greetings, introducing yourself, introducing each other, saying goodbye and thank you. It is easy for you to learn about Thai sentences in each chapter that you read, which will help you speak Thai confidently in a short period of time. The iSpeak Thai app fully covers pronunciations properly, as this is something that the phrase books lack in teaching you.

The Lite version of this app has only few categories, which are still useful to learn from and can still teach you many useful things. However, the full version of this app comes with 35 chapters for you to learn and over 1, sentences.

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Nemo Thai gives you the most essential phrases and words in the Thai vocabulary, and each of them have a native speaker audio. With the Speech Studio, you can master your accent by recording your yourself by saying a phrase and then hear your voice compared to the teachers. All of the audio is downloaded into your device and it is even accessible in airplane mode and there is no expensive international roaming fees.

As Nemo is not built around lessons, you can pick it up and put it down anytime of the day, whenever you have time to spare. This app builds up foundations of Thai which will then give you more confidence when speaking everyday conversations. Furthermore, there is no need to have prior knowledge of Thai to be able to learn this.

Nemo has been personalised for you as it tracks your progress through every single word and phrase you learn. Nemo helps you get involved more in the sounds of Thai so that you will be able to speak naturally and at ease. Review mode allows you to recap what you practised earlier in the day which will boost your memory. Nemo will introduce you to words frequently to help you develop familiarity and review them and the correct time so that they will stay in your long term memory.

You are missing one of the best apps out there — Talking Thai. A solid dictionary that provides a native Thai speaker for each word. The spoken word helps with the tones, which are one of the toughest things to learn. Trending Xiaomi Mi Laptop Air review: Ultra light with all the trimmings New Apple watch could take bite out of Swiss market Apple to stop shipping free headphone dongles with iPhones Apple iPhones get bigger and pricier, Watch turns to health Samsung Galaxy Note9: Previous Article 5 tips to make your Android smartphone run faster.

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