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Rough Ride has ratings and 45 reviews. Mountie said: The people over in the M/M Romance Group requested that those of us who give 1 star to a book.
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It's very jarring to run across a misspelled word or even an incorrect word. In this book I was particularly annoyed when Richard apologizes that the "graters" haven't been down the road yet. It should have been "graders" as in correcting the grade of the road. Not grater as in what you use to shred cheese. It may seem like nitpicking but when you sell a product and there is an editor to QA said product, things like this just shouldn't happen.

Those two glaring issues aside, I think this story is fabulous. Ezra's dialogue is really well written. He's funny and snarky when he needs to be. He's tender and caring when it's appropriate.

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You can't help but fall in love with him and Wyn. One person found this helpful. I've liked Wyn for a couple of books now, and I was happy to see he got his man and story! This was a good book, the first half had a bit of drama, then not as much happened in the second half though.

I can see set ups for more stories, and there were appearances by other characters, which was nice. Ezra and Wyn make a good couple, and the sex was hot. It got all love, romance, sweet stories, great stories, tragic stories and lots of HEAs. My favorites by far are Rio, Ryan and Nate. This story in particular I have been eagerly awaiting ever since Nate helped Wyn out of an abusive relationship back in book one and I have to say, it did not disappoint!

On the flip side, I enjoyed watching as Wyn came out of his shell more and made it clear to Ezra that he could anything the other man could dish out and that he enjoyed a bit of rough when there was love and not hatred involved. I experienced so many firsts during those three summer months in when I discovered Gay Romances. It was entertaining and fun. Kept discovering more new authors or works or publishers. In the fourth story of this series I encountered my first Silver Romance. I totally enjoyed Wyn and Ezra's story.

The build up to it from the other three volumes made this story even sweeter. If you enjoy a story where loss of and earning trust are central issues, silver foxes, importance of friendship, protecting and taking care of someone rank just as high this story is for you.

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The wesstern aspects of a story about a rancher drew me in too. See all 7 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published on May 19, Customers who bought this item also bought. Cattle Valley Volume One. Out of the Shadow Cattle Valley Book 6. The Sound of White. Feedback If you need help or have a question for Customer Service, contact us. Would you like to report poor quality or formatting in this book? Click here Would you like to report this content as inappropriate? For rancher, Ezra James, life is pretty simple.

He wakes before dawn and spends his day working with the cattle he loves. For twenty years, the EZ Does It ranch has been enough to drown out his loneliness and guilt.

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  • To the world, he appears impervious to everything. The only chink in his armour - the man who owns the clothing store in town. Palmer 'Wyn' Wynfield caught Ezra's eye the first time the rancher stepped foot in the store. Though Ezra knew his large size intimidated others, his little self-confidence was shattered when Palmer backed away in apparent fear.

    In a moment of self-preservation, he referred to Wyn as Mr. That was six years ago, and he's never been forgiven. An early morning phone call changes all that. Though the line is scratchy, Ezra definitely hears the words he's been waiting to hear for years. This book is best read in sequence as part of a series Ezra James , Palmer 'Wyn' Wynfield.

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    To ask other readers questions about Rough Ride , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Jan 15, Mountie rated it did not like it Shelves: I know that there are many people who read Ms.

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    Lynne's work and are happy, unfortunately I am not. If you enjoy reading Ms. Lynne's work, please continue to do so. If you have never read one of Ms. Lynne's works please try her out. May I suggest Cattle Valley: Sweet Topping as this is the best book I have found in any of her series. I'd like to explain my 1 star.

    The blurbs to a book is what draws me into buying and this book started with such a promise; an interesting story line and a wonderful idea, and characters I had met in previous books. Lynne always always has such wonderful story ideas. I have read about 6 of Ms. Lynne's works and start each one hoping that the writing will finally match the promise given in the blurb and once again it is the quality of the writing, particularly the dialogue that makes me dislike the book.

    The dialogue is wooden, the writing does not evoke in me any "Oh that was wonderfully worded" moments, which I love to have when reading. I felt disconnected from the story, it never pulled me in which was sad because I wanted to enjoy the characters in this book. I read the book to the end because I wanted to find out what happened.

    Sadly though, I was left with a bitter taste in my mouth.

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    The story line had such promise, the book could be so much more if the writing, the pure craft of writing and the use of words were better executed. I needed more, way more to pull this story out of the 1 star category. Apr 17, Kay rated it liked it Shelves: We met Wyn in the first book of this series as the man who had been stalked by his ex-lover. When the hometown locals gang up on Wyn because of his lifestyle, Wyn reaches out to Ezra to come and help him.

    This story shows how the scars of abuse are not always on the surface but can run deep. Mar 06, Chappy rated it really liked it Shelves: A nice quick read and I find myself really getting into this series. Books 1 and 2 weren't that great but 3 and 4 were much better. Ezra is a mountain of a man who was using his gruff exterior to keep everyone at bay.

    Wyn has had some troubling relationships in the past and is a little weary to get involved again. These 2 older guys are smoking hot together.

    Series: Cattle Valley

    Feb 15, Lillie rated it really liked it Shelves: I also liked catching up with the other characters in this series. I liked the chemistry between the heroes. Dec 28, Yvonne rated it it was ok Shelves: Shallow, trite and predictable with cringe worthy dialog. Mar 09, Penumbra rated it liked it Shelves: Rough Ride is the fourth book in the Cattle Valley series. He runs a local clothing store. The author appears to have taken more effort and time in making this a better read. The only part I thought was rushed was the beginning w Rough Ride is the fourth book in the Cattle Valley series.

    The only part I thought was rushed was the beginning where Ezra and Wyn finally get together. I suppose that could explain why they hurriedly got together at the start of this book since mentions of their interest spanned the other stories. However, it was too rushed for me and made it appear the author just wished to bring the two together so she could get on with the rest of the story.

    In the other books, Wyn was insecure. In this one, he appeared like another person. He was uncomfortable when he returned to the family farm, but other than that, he lost his insecurity. As to Ezra, he was also this other person. In fact, he was so different, he acted and talked like Gill from book three. Pretty much Ezra and Gill are the same person, just different books. He was Gill, only with a name change. Rough Ride was a fast, easy read with no angst.

    I give this story 3. Apr 19, Jenna Byrnes rated it it was amazing. I did not want to start reading the latest installment in Carol Lynne's Cattle Valley series: I have a job, I try to write every day, and there is the small matter of family do they really need to eat again today? I knew what would happen, and I was right. Once I fired up my ebook reader and hit the first page of Rough Ride, I was lost. Wyn phoned Nate and there I was, right back in Cattle Valley, a town that I love, and love to immerse myself in.

    Rough Ride is the fourth installme I did not want to start reading the latest installment in Carol Lynne's Cattle Valley series: I'd suggest reading them in order because the characters are so vivid, you won't want to miss a beat with this bunch. And I do mean romance.

    Since the first episode we meet Wyn, the high-maintenance store owner who is just out of an abusive relationship with the former minister of Cattle Valley. Wyn is a little skittish, being a small man; and he is not a young stud, he borders to forty or even a little more. And since the first episode we know that something is going on with Ezra, the big ranch owner.

    Ezra is almost a giant, 6 feet and 11 inches tall with a unkept bears that makes him the best next thing to a real bear. No one would think that Wyn and Ezra could be a couple, but the two of them seem unable to stay far from the other and when they are near to each other, they seem unable to not argue. But when Wyn needs to go back home, in his omophobic home town, and the welcome home kid party is not a good one, Ezra like a knight in shining armour, comes to rescue.

    From this moment on, Wyn and Ezra are a steady couple, but back in Cattle Valley not all the townfolks are happy of this new development. This episode is a nice one. Not too much drama, two nice characters and a little sexy story. You know from the start that Ezra and Wyn will be a couple, we were waiting three books for this to happen, and so we are ready to be plunged into the real story without much notice. As always we have also the chance to know the future characters in the series: In the past we met also the chef of the only restaurant of Cattle Valley, but in this episode he doesn't make an appereance.

    So who will be the next?

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    Kyle became paraplegic after an accident years ago. Gill, a former pro-football player, wants a relationship with him. The best part of this story is that the author doesn't shy away from the reality of Kyle's life. His bakery kitchen is specially designed with equipment he can reach from his wheelchair; he has a horrible experience when his elevator gets trapped between floors and his physical limitations both sexual and everyday present challenges for Gill and Kyle to overcome.

    But, they do so together. Their courtship was sensitive, tender and very real. There was one thing that disappointed me though. In the end, Kyle manages to walk with the aid of a walker after much intense therapy. I would have preferred if he hadn't. I do love a happily ever after, but this was unnecessary. Gill loved Kyle despite the paralysis and it was nice to read a romance with a physically disabled person who was loved just as he is.

    This message lost some of its impact when Kyle "got cured. And it was so good I went looking for more.