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They also include origins, popular names, etc. In regards to negative reviews on the 'only girl names are listed' or vice versa: If that occurs check the app settings on your settings.

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It allows you to choose both or even just boy names or just girl names! Awesome app hands down! I gave 2 stars cuz it was less than half of what I expected after reading the description, as always all the good features are in the paid version, which is fine so long as u kno that before downloading the free version thinking your getting a sweet app--the stork drop is kool but u should be able to sort boy or girl names to be dropped only, and when it gives u the option to choose gender, it gives girl names with boy names still Makes looking through baby names a little more tolerable.

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Started showing only girl names, but a restart fixed that problem. Five stars once they implement a way to trash certain names so they don't keep showing up. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Change the gender of the dropped names through the application settings available in the main iPhone settings application Settings.

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Stork Drop is now ad supported. We appreciate the thousands of users who bought the paid version, but we hope that this new model will allow us to better develop and support the application. This has been programed directly into the application. If you did purchase the app, but see ads, email support babybinks.

For more information, see http: This version shows the "Days-to-Baby" via the application badge i.

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During the Middle Ages, names of early popular saints, around whom cults and legends grew, were also used heavily in homage to their holy sacrifices as well as a protective measure for child namesake. Most of the common names we hear which have been around since Antiquity and the Middle Ages have Biblical or saintly significance. Yet there are also contributions from the Celtic, Germanic and Slavic languages as opposed to just Hebrew, Greek and Latin.

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Some names are strongly associated with particular characters from literature or certain significant historical figures. We provide our users with this information when pertinent which offers more color and imagination to certain names.

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We also tried to catalog certain names into fun categories. See our Unique Ideas for Baby Names section. This sometimes helps minimize the overwhelming amount of choices by showcasing certain names within certain meaningful categories. We basically used the quasi-science of Numerology to determine these characteristics.

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Every given name has a numerology output based on a specific calculation, and every output has certain personality traits associated with it. Plus, we believe in the general vibrations of the universe and subconscious connections, so why not add another small component of fun.

All names have some origin. For instance it could be the Spanish version of a Greek name or the English version of a Hebrew name. You get the picture. We tried our best to determine the root origin and then provide a potpourri of linguistic variations. The Baby name Origins section of our website gives a historic snapshot of various cultures which we hope will add some more color and clarity to a name's importance within each respective ethnic culture.

We suggest you use the Advanced Search section in an effort to strip down your preferences and get to the heart of your interests. In this area, you can select gender, number of syllables, ethnic origins, first letter of names and even a preferred numerology number depending on your desired personality. Now instead of sifting through thousands of choices on the general site, you can filter down to a list of fewer, more meaningful names from which to peruse and hopefully make a selection with greater ease.

We just ask for a few pieces of information user name, password, etc. This is where you can manage a list of your favorite names.

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The member area also lets you see what the full name looks like when you enter a middle and last name. This way, you can make sure not to end up with the initials A. When you become a member, you can also make comments on the name pages — which we hope you do!