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If You Want Blood. Just the Best , Vol. Love Seed Mama Jump. Nobody Does It Better. Our Big Top Parade. Peace Love and Guitar. Life on the American Road. The Train Never Stops. Snoopy's Classiks on Toys: Sunshine on My Shoulders [Music Digital]. The Beat Goes On. The Unstoppable Ted Hawkins. This Round Little World. The Great Urban Folk Boom, Vocals, Guitar 12 String , Primary Artist.

You Are the Sunshine of My Life: Best of Rocky Mountain Collection. Diagnol Ryme Garganchula 2. Favorites of the Seventies [Network Music]. History of Country Music: Best of the '70s. In the Mood for Love: John Denver Autobiography, Vol. Primary Artist, Readings, Composer. Les Vendanges de l'Amour. Red and Blue Days. Rock 'n' Roll Singer. I enjoyed this movie, but once again, history and chronology were ignored. Example - if you believe this movie, the song Calypso came out after the movie 'Oh God!

If you believe this movie, Annie's Song, a top ten hit from came out post The movie also skips from straight to which omits John Denver 's peak years as a performer and hit maker. Why don't these TV Movie makers do any real research? Because they need to get the movie out first, accuracy is secondary.

Unfortunately, TV movies are now no different than tabloid magazines. Worth watching but don't rely on it for chronological accuracy. Not quite right pfehrman 12 June After both reading and listening to John's autobiography in his own words, it's pretty clear that much of the movie is inaccurate to say the least and seemed to take on the counter story of Annie Denver. Many details were different from the book and many things left out. John was made to look 'goofy' which is not ever, at any time, the way I've ever perceived him to be. I grew up with John I listened to his music and the words that he spoke; truth being, he was a deep, thoughtful individual who at his worst was just human.

I believe too that he did accept responsibility for his own screw-ups I would love to see someone really come along a do a great mini-series on John. After all, how can you sum up this wonderful person in just a couple of hours. I have to say that I still miss him and think he was taken way too soon; and for those people who didn't care or understand who John was, all I can say is this movie isn't going to help much. Most of all, I'm sorry that you missed out on such a great person who has done more than any one person I know personally.

David 15 May Chad Lowe is simply awful. The lip synching he does for the songs is almost funny. He has never been a very effective actor but this performance wouldn't even get noticed in a high school competition. One has to wonder how he got this gig. The other actors and actresses in the movie do a good job but no one stands out. The worst part about Chad Lowe's performance is that it is so bad that it overshadows the effort of every other performer.

The story of John Denver is a compelling and interesting one. Unfortunately, this movie does almost nothing to capitalize on it. It would be funny if he weren't trying to be serious. John Denver's personality was not correctly portrayed in movie. While the movie touched on some very basic parts of John Denver's life as listed in his autobiography, it seemed to be more about Annie Denver than about John.

The actor portraying John Denver made him look simple-minded and shallow - NOT the personality I've observed for two decades at concerts and at televised interviews! I wish I could rate this awful dreck 0 stars. This film was not just an insult to John Denver, it was a tribute to Saint Annie and her revisionist pal, Hal Thau, who even today, seeks to portray John as a stupid hayseed.

Hal thought up the idea of Windstar??? And although the man is not exactly my favorite person on the planet, we must give credit where credit is due -- John's 70s career was the work of Jerry Weintraub, NOT Hal Thau, as the movie shows. In fact, I don't recall Jerry's name ever even mentioned, and we won't even go into the lapses in chronology that turn this non-fiction into utter fiction. The pain this film caused John's family, friends and fans was immeasurable.

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A two-hour mockery of John's life, starting with the simply abysmal portrayal by Chad Lowe. Talk about adding insult to injury! I remember being very excited to hear that Chad had been chosen when the casting was announced -- I had enjoyed him on Life Goes On and considered him a fine actor. But his John Denver was a ridiculous caricature. He claimed that he had been a fan, but it was obvious to me and everyone else that he had never even watched a video of JD, let alone seen him perform live. He was passionate and intense and sang with his whole body.

One person, in their IMDb review of this "movie" said his voice was not very good, but au contraire -- his voice was superb, and only got better with age. The way Dutch, John's father, was depicted was abominable. Yes, the two had their problems and yes, Dutch was a pretty strict father. But to infer that he was not proud of his son was a bald-faced lie. He may not have approved of John leaving college to pursue a musical career, but he did the most wonderful thing a parent could do -- he sent him some money, wished him luck and let him go.

He was far from the one-dimensional ogre this film portrayed him as. The saddest part of this dreary little exercise, to me, was the way John's humanitarian efforts were portrayed as dilletante-ish, when in fact, he basically gave up his popularity in the 70s to work for the things he believed in. I agree -- John was no saint -- he was just as human as the rest of us. But focusing on his shortcomings cheapens and denigrates an extraordinary life. Hal Thau, you should be ashamed of yourself. While this account, from a creative standpoint, could have done more justice to John Denver, the events and places as they transpired provided a fairly true-to-life story of John's legacy.

Chad Lowe was seemingly unfit to play the part of John Denver, as the mannerisms and lip-sync attempts were modest at best. The shining star of the production was Kristin Davis as Annie Denver. My biggest regret is that the sequences were filmed in Canada and not in John's hometown and mine of Aspen, Colorado. Additionally, two hours is not nearly enough time to chronicle the beautiful life of this artist. Garth Algar wants his wig back treeline1 17 December This biopic, based on John Denver's Take Me Home, An Autobiography, will be enjoyed by hardcore fans like me but is still awful in many ways.

The story begins in the early 60s as John Chad Lowe begins his folk singing career. He meets Annie Kristin Davis at a gig and falls in love on the spot. They marry and move to Aspen, but as John's career takes off, tension builds in the marriage. They divorce, he has a short second marriage, and he discovers his love of flying, something that finally earns his stern father's Gerald McRaney respect. This movie is a Cliffs Notes summary of John's life; it's poorly-written and amateurish and lacks any depth or emotion. Lowe who dons a hideous clown wig that makes him look like Dana Carvey in "Waynes World" mugs shamelessly throughout, playing a leering innocent who never seems to grow up.

In fact, though the film covers thirty years, no one ages. Davis is very pretty but the horrible script doesn't give her much chance to develop. McRaney plays the only character who seems real, and he's the villain of the piece. The story is shallow and Lowe's Denver isn't particularly likable. His hair is so laughable and distracting that the movie doesn't have a chance. Although we hear Denver sing many of his songs, Lowe is terrible at lip-syncing. I just finished reading the IMDb reviews of "The John Denver Story" and wonder why so many John Denver fans did not approve of it, although there were a few positive ones.

True, there are a lot of time element discrepancies, but mainly for dramatic purposes to make the film move along and not be boring. Also, songwriters have songs in their minds and sometimes perform them long before they are recorded. There are so many variables at work in the music industry. I lived through the time period covered by the story and felt that it captured the times and John Denver's contributions to the era about as well as is possible in recreating history. I also feel better about watching a biography if the actor actually resembles the person being portrayed.

Chad Lowe does look like the real John Denver.

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I recently tried to watch a biography of Martin and Lewis where the actors looked nothing like the characters played and it was very distracting to the point that I switched off the television. John Denver had many critics who called him at best a middle of the road performer. The movie left out one of the highlights of his career, where he appeared before Tipper Gore's Congressional committee and stood up for the world to see to denounce censorship and "Big Brother" control by the government.

Prudes and busybodies had tried to get radio stations to ban "Rocky Mountain High" because of the obvious references to pot smoking. It took great courage for the supposed darling of the establishment to openly express his views against censorship in the public arena. This was part of what John Denver was all about. Though there were saccharine songs such as "Sunshine on My Shoulder," there were also wonderful songs that stand on their own lyrics such as "Rocky Mountain High" and "Annie's Song. I agree with one reviewer that the standout performances in the film are by Gerald McRaney and Kristin Davis, but Chad Lowe is acceptable as Denver and casting could have done a lot worse.

Watch the film and decide for yourself. MacPherson 8 October There were many things about John Denver which were emphasized in this movie. The first was that his father an military pilot never gave John any positive enforcement about his career in music. He wanted his son to join the military like dad did. That is how I explain his fascination with flying. There's a very short biography. It desperately needs a good copy editor-- lots of typos. I glanced through it very quickly. Oct 18, Lucie Nofziger rated it it was ok. Kindle edition had many errors which tend to interfere with enjoyment of the contents.

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