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Once you put on the clothes, wait until Jade comes to the above mentioned clearing. Kill her (for example The Higher Ground Part 2. General assumptions: .
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Wait for John Hoplon to pass. Get out of cover, sneak up behind him, garrote him and hide his body. Get back to cover and wait till Carey Scutum comes your way, stands for a while, turns around and starts walking. Repeat the process to garrote him and hide his body. Now move ahead, towards the center, and wait till Jack Aegis is walking away from you towards the left side.

Sneak up on him, garrote him and hide his body. Then pick up the evidence without any worries. This is arguably the easiest way to eliminate the Praetorians with the fiber wire while remaining unseen. When all three Praetorians are dead, take the explosives near the double door, stick it on the exit, back away and watch as the game's finale plays out. The first piece of evidence, in Cemetery Entrance , is located where the pathways intersect, atop the final low wall on the right side. To retrieve it quietly, a majority of the enemies can be eliminated with the Kazo TRG, and any remaining can be eliminated with the Silverballers.

The second piece of evidence, in Burnwood Family Tomb , is located beside a computer on a stack of Agency crates sitting on the pathway that bends left around the burial site.

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There is a gap in security between patrols once past the remote explosives and proximity mines that will allow you to retrieve the evidence quietly. The third piece of evidence, in Crematorium , is located atop a stack of Agency crates sitting near the top of the right staircase leading up to wear Travis is hiding. Since the Praetorians are the only opposition in this segment, once they are eliminated it can be retrieved easily.

Sign In Don't have an account? Contents [ show ]. Retrieved from " http: Worn by numerous guards patrolling each segment of the mission. Worn by a technician aiding Jade in lifting the lid of the tomb.

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Another exists on a stack of Agency crates up the stairs behind the tomb. Use the each of the disguises. Complete the mission without changing out of the beginning outfit.

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Kill Jade and hide her body while wearing the Agency Technician disguise. Kill Jade by dropping the lid of the tomb on her. Kill Jade by caving in one of the tunnels with her inside. Complete Heart of Stone and Crossed Out. Kill one of the Praetorians by shooting a tripwire bomb or detonating a remote explosive or using a proximity mine.

Garrote all 3 Praetorians without getting spotted. This challenge is completed in the Crematorium stage. Depending on your preferences you can use remote explosives screen 1 or proximity mine or laser trap destroyed in the right moment screen 2 to kill praetorian. It is important that he dies in the explosion. Get close to praetorian, lure on of them to move towards Hitman with throwable object for example and then use a garrote screen above.

What's interesting, you do not have to kill them in a one row.

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  4. If you get spotted, you can return to the mission begin and try once again. This challenge is automatically unlocked after completing the Absolution mission. Get three headshots with the sniper rifle without being spotted and without alerting other enemies. This challenge can be completed in the Cemetery Entrance stage. Stay at the starting point and use the sniper rifle.

    Aim at the single enemies, which are not observed by other opponents. Get five headshots with the sniper rifle without being spotted and without alerting other enemies. Do it in 10 seconds. This challenge is an extensive version of previous one. I suggest eliminating enemies gathered left from the cemetery gate.

    Higher Ground — Iris Dement’s Journey to Self - The American Society of Cinematographers

    Try to get one-shot-one-kill because your clip has 5 bullets and you can't waste the time to reload. Get seven headshots with the sniper rifle without being spotted and without alerting other enemies. This challenge is an extensive version of previous two. Carefully select your targets, eliminating only those enemies, who are clearly separated from others and no one can see them. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Absolution Guide Game Guide. Selecting difficulty level Exploring the area Opponents' alertness levels Staying in hiding Using disguises Ways to eliminate other characters Using elements of environment Scoring and challenges Bonus content.

    Gardens Greenhouse Cliff Mansion ground floor Mansion second floor. The King of Chinatown. In cooperation with the school's owner and founder, Frank Markasian, he has built Horizon to one of the finest, most progressive and most successful "emotional growth" schools in the Pacific Northwest. Prior to meeting Frank, Peter had bottomed-out.

    To keep up with the incredible physical demands of the business after a success at one of the biggest brokerages on Wall Street , he, at 28 years old, turned to cocaine and then to heroin. Drugs ultimately led to divorce and when, after his first overdose and a stint at a rehabilitation clinic, he began using drugs again, Peter ended up on the streets. Recovering at a Washington hospital after another near-fatal overdose, he met Frank, whose philosophy struck a chord with Peter. The two men bonded and Frank invited him to Mount Horizon for recovery.

    Frank became Peter's mentor, best friend and surrogate father. Except for an occasional trip back to New York, he has remained at Mount Horizon ever since. Sophie met Peter Scarbrow during one of his drug rehabilitations and the two became friends, one of the reasons being their interest for adrenaline sports. Later Sophie departed abroad while Mount Horizon was established. When she came back, Peter, eager for her not to leave his life again, eventually coaxes her to become more involved at the school.

    Sophie agrees and since then their mutual affinity begins developing. During her time at Horizon, Sophie's personal struggles slowly become apparent to not only Peter, but some students as well. The original leader of the Cliffhangers, Hannah loved her students dearly and became very close with them, especially Kat and Auggie. However, Hannah struggled to balance her marriage with the emotional toll her demanding job took on her. Despite her many successes in aiding the teens, Hannah departs Horizon to fix her marriage after a devastating occurrence at the school.

    'Higher GROUND'- Pastor Smith Jr Singing Old School HYMN

    Higher Ground consists of 22 episodes, each of which having its own quotation at the beginning. These quotes comes from famous writers, politicians and other significant persons. Scott Barringer is brought to Mount Horizon, a school for troubled teens, against his will, while his new group, the Cliffhangers, make their way back from an eventful day quest in the woods.

    Meanwhile, Peter Scarbrow, the administrator of Mount Horizon, learns that the school is in financial trouble and is facing foreclosure by the bank. Peter is caught between his ex-wife Chloe and a new flame, Sophie Becker. The students help search for Annie's 6 year old daughter Gracie, who wandered off into the woods during a picnic. Shelby Merrick is acting out terribly and must overcome the troubling shadows of her past in order to help rescue the little girl. Peter faces his estranged dad and his troubled past life in New York City to try and save Mount Horizon from foreclosure.

    Auggie spirals over taking the upcoming PSATs. Scott refuses to be a team player. The Cliffhangers are shaken when a new student overdoses. Frank takes the boys on a trek to the site of his son's death 22 years earlier, while Peter and the girls bake for Hannah. A search-and-rescue mission is mounted to find Juliette who, after falling into an uncharted cave containing Native American bones, she faces her inner demons.

    Hannah's departure and Kat's impending graduation spark old emotions and rebellion. Peter assigns the Cliffhangers a parenting project taking care of eggs. Sophie returns from Africa. Auggie visits home for the first time since coming to Horizon, and his past tries to grab hold. Meanwhile, potential investors visit the school, and Sophie steps back from her relationship with Peter. As a thunderstorm causes the school to flood, passions run high and Shelby's attempt to seduce Scott causes him to relive unpleasant memories. Scott runs from Horizon when his parents come to visit, trying to escape after an encounter with his stepmother.

    Meanwhile, Shelby falls in love with a horse that's been abused and abandoned. Ezra's parents come for a surprising visit with disastrous consequences. Juliette is devastated when she learns that her mother is getting married again, but she's not invited.

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    The Cliffhangers deal with the fallout of Juliette and Auggie's escape and Ezra's overdose. Auggie does his best to keep Juliette safe on the streets while evading Peter and Roger's search for them. When a tough father brings his troubled son, David, to the school, the teen antagonizes the other students while the father treks through bear country with Peter. When Horizon's new boss wants to film a promotional video for Mount Horizon, Peter, Sophie, and the Cliffhangers clash with the actors and director hired to portray them.

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    Meanwhile, Scott finally tells his story to Child Protective Services. A journalist goes undercover as a student to expose the school as a dangerous scam. The Cliffhangers are not fooled by her antics and feed her the wild stories that she wants to hear. Shelby's story finally comes to the surface when she gets some news from home.