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Abashedly, I have to admit that I was momentarily swept away on a sea of political incorrectness and tempted to cheer for the twisted girl-pimp's rise out of poverty Who's your daddy?

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But Jesse lives the high life just long enough to piss off her competition. When a big brutish thug with the mentality of a small soap dish Why am I telling you this? Suffice it to say that the outcome brought me to my senses and left me righteously redeemed. Do I bristle at Este's glamorization of her character's dirty deeds? As a fairly political lesbian, and totally honest person, I have to say that I do. Taking power away from male pimps in order to form a female-owned stable of whores doesn't win any prizes for breaking through the glass ceiling, in my book.

Fortunately, for Estes, I don't review books for feminist values or superior moral content. I review books for the author's use of language: I review books for smart humor, like the hilarious scenes in which it dawns on Jesse that Bunny's girlfriend, a "six-foot dyke with pounds of undiciplined flesh" might view Bunny's interest in her as a problem.

Lastly, I look for a good story with interesting events. You can't get much more interesting than this band of misfits with it's own distorted code of honor, in an explosive setting where anyone might turn up as a corpse. If you're the type who spells women 'womyn', protests the attendence of male children at the Michigan music fest, and thinks Venus De Milo is pornography, fine.

Don't read this book. But anyone who enjoys a well-written book with story elements that create a highly engaging read, I urge you to run right out and get yourself a copy. Did I mention the hot sex?

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Oh but you probably don't want to know about that. Kudos to Estes for her riveting tale, and especially to her editor and copy editor who did a hell of a job putting it together. View all 7 comments. Jan 26, Bobby rated it it was amazing. On the edge of my seat the whole book. Ms Estes penned her characters with the boldness of a Samurai solider, slashing through political correctness, wielding a sword of honesty. Lisbeth finally has company in contemporary literature with a protagonist whom you've never seen before.

I was a research librarian during the sixties with a propensity towards adopting hippies. Considering myself an intellect, who was very broad based, I thought I had Fabulous read. Considering myself an intellect, who was very broad based, I thought I had read them all. Stilettos and Steel completely shattered my concept of there's nothing new under the sun.

The story line is shocking at times and graphic, with a wonderful twist; Estes has the ability to throw a literary strike at will. Stilettos and Steel introduced me to a world of women gangsters that I did not know existed. The read was so satisfying since I knew it was based on a true story. It was filled with sex, suspense, glamor and violence, but most refreshingly at the core, a deep love story. Feb 27, Ronel rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I am halfway through this book Let's see what happens onwards I absolutely cannot stand the misogyny, the cruelty, the abusiveness and the entitlement of the main character.

For her a woman is something to use and abuse.

Everyone is classified, tagged and depersonalised. An example of this I am halfway through this book An example of this the constant use of phrases like "the hot femme". The scene where she rapes her girlfriend, for whom she professes her undying love is just horrific and inexplicable. But I am not finished with the book yet and maybe my opinion will change.

And that is why I am still reading the book. Oct 28, Arnold Snyder rated it it was amazing. Forget peace and love-this is life on the edge. Jessica was a Valley girl with a future of proms and football games, when she fell in love with her best friend. Predictably, a familial crisis ensured. Unable to continue her"normal" teenage life, Jess ran to San Francisco's rough "Stilettos and Steel" is a look at the sixties like you've never seen them-a world of renegade lesbian teenagers who turn to prostitution, drugs and turf wars for protection, in a society where they were considered outlaws.

Unable to continue her"normal" teenage life, Jess ran to San Francisco's rough and ready tenderloin district, and a new career as a Pip in a brothel where "her" girls are all lesbians, sleeping with men to earn their keep. As tragic as these girls' lives are, it's even more tragic that they turned to the street as the only way to survive and, ironically, be themselves. It's "The Godfather" played by teens and twenty-somethings, "West Side Story" with an all-female cast, a Raymond Chandler novel with tough broads and babes. As showdown looms, who can be trusted when friends are lovers, and lovers, friends- or enemies.

Dec 26, Tiffany rated it it was amazing. Being a reader, I am always looking for a book I can relate to. With the broad variety of characters, in the novel Stilettos and Steel, Jeri Estes makes it very easy to connect. As you read line for line you meet all types of gays, straights, druggies, alcoholics, hippies, gangsters and pimps of all races. Each character g Being a reader, I am always looking for a book I can relate to.

Each character grabs you in their own way, pulling you to turn the page. Its genre ranges from action, comedy, romance, and even mystery. It has a little something for everyone. It is truly and honestly a great read! I highly recommend you buy the book and read it. Dec 15, Norma Kotva added it.

I am a 43 year old married woman and when I first heard about this book I purchased it out of mere curiosity of the story line, and it has been a captivating book, I have been able to get to know each character every step of the way I feel that I am a part of this story. My husband and I have used this book as a way to spend time together and we both have enjoyed every page. It is filled with love, drama and an in depth look at the TL.

I would recommend this amazing book to absolutely anyone who I am a 43 year old married woman and when I first heard about this book I purchased it out of mere curiosity of the story line, and it has been a captivating book, I have been able to get to know each character every step of the way I feel that I am a part of this story. I would recommend this amazing book to absolutely anyone who is interested in a well written book.

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I hope that anyone who reads this will rush to purchase this amazing book. Jeri Thank you for such a well written book and for allowing us to enter the world you lived in and to really learn what each and every person in it was like. David and Norma Kotva Dec 10, Monica rated it it was amazing.

My most powerful tools of persuasion however, were charm and sex. Everything was described in such detail it brought my imagination to life in fantasizing about each events that took place. To me, that's an amazing author. I absolutely enjoy this book and wanted more I highly recommend anyone and everyone to read Stilettos and Steel. Feb 04, Karen Martinez rated it it was amazing. Bunny looked up at me sweetly and I instantly felt that strange masculine power well up inside me. The alluring femme sauntered into the room. Her tight ass under the pink capris made me want to bend her over the side of the sofa and fuck her from behind.

This thought startled me, because I hadn't made love with anyone since Carmen. Sex was just a job for me. To desire this pretty young woman caught me off-gaurd Very well written Estes! Feb 20, Gabriella Gabriel rated it it was amazing. This book was great! The dialogue, the characters, the visual description, all honest and totally riveting. Once you start reading, you won't want to stop! Can't wait for the movie!!! View all 5 comments. Aug 28, Coleen rated it it was amazing. Well I am quite pleased to finally have the privilege of posting a review for the riveting book What a delight for the daring I couldn't put the book down, anticipating Jesse or Bunny's next move I even put my daily soaps on hold Basically, this is novel based on a true to life story of Jeri Estes in the 60's in the Tenderloin of San Francisco.

I rec Well I am quite pleased to finally have the privilege of posting a review for the riveting book I received immense knowledge and information of the area because of our author's experience and familiarity with the area I was born in the late 60's and didn't experience that life-changing time. I feel like I was living right out of Haight-Ashbury The Tenderloin catches her eye Falling into prostitution and crime, a pimp-boss monopolizing the Tenderloin with her courage, force and stamina, Jesse attracts some of the most sultry, sexy, provocative, perilous and risky people at the time in the world.

This is an unbelievably tantalizing story with credible and captivating characters. A fascinating plot and snappy dialogue It seemed as if I was there, participating interactively with such a creation I felt like I was living it Now it may seem hard to believe, I read the manuscript before the deals I was quite moved and impressed This book is best-seller, hooking with every word.

Such an eloquently written work, the lives of Jesse and Jeri parallel, implementing only the best. Jeri entangles you in a web of intrigue, drama, mystery, sex and suspense, all waiting to be engulfed. The moment I clenched this work I couldn't put it down I am anxious to see the star-studded movie extravaganza and the sequel!!!! Thank you Jeri for your brilliant mind Jun 16, Barbara rated it it was amazing. Mostly a true life historic hurdling at a dizzying rate about the area in San Francisco know as "TL" or the Tenderloin in the 60's.

The main person "Jesse" is a baby butch, who started out in the TL as a young prostitute and becomes a pimp. She is person with the stamina to survive street walking. She had to sublimate her native boyish traits to appeal to the tricks and emphasize them to maintain her relationships with her women.

They were in a business partnership of understanding that few outside the "Life" ever witness. The violence and acquisition of money, power and "respect" while negotiating with confused corrupt police, insecure grandstanding pimps and the "Trick Willies" is a fluid intersection visible by virture of this book. The women have more strength, will power and intellect that will ever be revealed unless it brings in a dollar. The "squares" do not care nor understand prostitution. They want to exchange money for sex and be done with it.

This is about the world tricks do not inhabit, they are merely backdrop for the passion, growing discontent and creeping fear that accompanies the life where there is no where else to go if you are gay, but the TL. Being Gay in the 60's one could face the possible arrest for walking down the street holding your girlfriends hand or being in a GAY bar. The "3 Articles of clothing" law was in effect and one could not wear the clothing of the oposite sex or one could be arrested.

The drag Queens and Kings could be proud in the "Life" and respected but no where else. There are voices silenced by the life in the TL, people thrown away. Whether by themselves or by others. This is for them and that there is life after the "Life". I read the book twice in a week. Once to remember the places she had been, twice to savor the characters. Feb 12, Probles45 rated it it was amazing. From the onset Stilettos and Steel had me engulfed. While the book is of the "noir" variety, it is so much more than that! From the intricate character development to the skillfully paradoxical all-encompassing yet precise plot, Stilettos and Steel has a way of reeling the reader in.

From an English major who specializes and now teaches the classics, this book is amazing. Jeri has a unique quality of giving life to all of her characters, protaganist anti-hero and antagonists alike. This novel i From the onset Stilettos and Steel had me engulfed. This novel is undoubtebly bereft of monotany and filled with excellence.

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I found myself at times teeming with apprehension and suspense in the most positive way --the way only a good novel can do. One of the best things about this novel is that anyone can relate to it and extract their own emotion from it. While I have never lived in San Francisco, in fact I wasn't even alive in , I could relate to the inner turmoil Jessica is wrought with.

Jeri's manipulation of Jessica's development is outstanding, evocative, and cunningly brilliant. Without spoiling it for the rest of the readers who have not yet had a chance to read it, I will leave you with this. If you have EVER felt a sense of ambiguity, perilousness, torture, inner turmoil or a longing to evolve this book is for you; furthermore, if you have ever felt joy, entitlement, clarity or confidence this book is for you.

It doesn't matter who you are: I have had the distinct pleasure of having a number of conversations with Jeri and she is brilliant in the only way a great writer can be. Jun 16, Bookwarrior rated it it was amazing. As a college student it's hard to find a book that's a real rush. With so many lectures, parties, let alone Greek Mythology I've read it all! That's why I call myself h book-warrior! The only thing I like more than a good book is a cute girl. I asked her if that was her on the cover, she blushed and I started reading the book.

Now the book is unbelievable. Waves of interesting characters guided me to a whole new world. Imagine traveling to the 60's As a college student it's hard to find a book that's a real rush. Imagine traveling to the 60's and riding along with business women unlike any you've ever known. Like an electrocardiogram, the author recorded each spike and emotion a human being can actually feel.

I would like to know what everyone else thought about the book. Now I did say I was a warrior, but after reading this book, I think I've become a warrior with a heart.

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Oct 06, Alicia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Suspense, love, thrills, and humor- Stilettos and Steel have it all. From the first page of Jeri Estates novel, I was enthralled into the captivating and dark streets of the Tenderloin. Fast paced and with a series of twists and turns, this book left me wanting more with each page turned. I could not possibly put it down. To promote an image that feminine women possess the mental and physical skills needed to operate and own a motorcycle. Where are we located?

Stilettos and Steel

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