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A concise and accessible introduction to natural law ethics, this book introduces readers to the mainstream tradition of Western moral philosophy.
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His ethical concern here is with the explantation of vital organs from such newborns prior to their natural death, which typically is not long in coming.

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The issue at hand is that we do not fully understand all the potential causes of anencephaly. What we do not know, though, is whether the cause of some cases of anencephaly might be intrinsic to the embryo ab initio , such that no amount of folic acid or other extrinsic causes could endow it with the essential capacity of personhood. I agree with this conclusion insofar as such individuals clearly exhibited their possession of this capacity in their past activity; furthermore, I hold that a person is an ontological unity such that one continues to exist as a person so long as their biological life continues.

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In the case of congenital anencephalics, however—if there are such entities—I contend that they would never have possessed the essential capacity of personhood in the first place. Without diving headlong into the deep waters of this debate, I will offer here just two critical points. I offer the aforementioned points of contention in the spirit of fraternal dialogue to keep the conversation regarding the bioethical implications of natural law theory moving forward.

National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Journal List Linacre Q v.

The Natural Law (Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, IaIIae, q. 91 and 94) - A Course In Ethics

Published online May Reviewed by Jason T. References de Mattei Roberto, editor.


Is Brain Death Still Life? Morality and the Human Goods. Proceedings of the 26th University Faculty for Life Conference. In exploring religion and violence from a womanist perspective, this book ranges from biblical stories of violent women and the spirituals born of slavery to wom- anist ethics and linguistic theories of language as violence.

It provides a valuable summary of sources on African American spirituality and antebellum violence, on female freedom fighters in the civil rights movement, on Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King, and on sororities and female gangs.

Morality and the Human Goods

Small gems appear throughout: The discussion of language is important, and sometimes neglected, in studies of violence. The author suggests that language shapes reality, personal identity, and behavior and that religious language can mask violence while reinforcing it. Kirk-Duggan's descriptions of the deliberate, propagandistic misuse of language to deny violence, to erase history, and to incite hate and war make clear the ethical responsibility to name history and ideology accurately.

The book attempts a great deal and covers much ground. The pace is breath- less. It achieves too little.

Complex theories run together without clarity about how others' ideas are used or what the author thinks of her sources, a style that leads to sentences such as, "Language shifts from continuous responsibility to mere self-consciousness, which refines the fire of idolatry by creating a reactionary impasse to itself or becomes enmeshed in a self-interrogative reflexive process that pretends to get behind the sources of oral or written thought" pp.

The headlong rush through undigested material leaves crucial questions unre- solved. For example, the author leans heavily on Ren6 Girard's theory of scape- goating and mimesis as reducing social violence, while also mentioning Chris Gu- dorf's argument that ritualized violence engenders more violence. It is never clear if Kirk-Duggan is convinced by Girard's idea.

She uses his language and theory throughout, sometimes as if Gudorf's argument were not warranted and some- times as if it were. Related to this question of scapegoating is the author's nonen- gagement with the feminist and womanist challenge to the doctrine of the atone- ment.

Catholic Studies. Book Review: A. GOMEZ-LOBO: Morality of Human Goods.

This challenge critiques the atonement for reinforcing victimization and for protecting perpetrators of oppression and violence. Kirk-Duggan reports the con- troversy, without citing any of the main proponents, and concludes "wherever one stands on atonement, every moment that we live brings us closer to our physical. Directories Courses Discussion Groups. Review of Morality and the Human Goods: An Introduction to Natural Law Ethics.

Book Reviews ical concerns within the physical sciences which illuminate, though with but a strange and flickering light, the similar issues in the human sphere. He concludes The Journal of Religion with an epilogue that criticizes utilitarianism and moral libertarianism as ap- proaches to morality which fail to provide adequate guidelines for morally evalu- ating actions, and by emphasizing the importance of educating one's conscience.

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