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The fire at Southern Air Conditioning on North Main Street on Tuesday was a good example, firemen were late and did nothing to keep the fire from spreading to adjacent homes. Instead, It was this stupid reporter, who has been cussed by firemen, who used a garden hose to keep the fire at bay.


The Jasper Fire Department is suffering from a drop in volunteerism, a lack of leadership, and lack of testosterone, in that no member will stand against fireman Robert Treadway, who cusses and abuses others at the fire scene. I am so glad that my good friends, Zeiss Smith , Dallas Matthews and Nick Matthews are not here to see what is going on. The would be sick to see what is going on in the Jasper Fire Department. Thank God for Jack Armstrong who is at every fire and saves the day. When are people like Gary Lameroux and other veterans of the department going to have the fuzz to save the day?

The Jasper Fire Department was once the model of service and was admired by others throughout the state, but that that day has passed, The eloquent group is now surpassed by other volunteer groups it created like the Lake Rayburn Fire Department, which not only fights fires, but also has created a First Responders Team, which answers medical calls and serves the needs of it's community. Posted in Local News on Tuesday, October 13, 1: We're always interested in hearing about news in our community.

I rushed near the doors, as I realized the dude on the motorcycle was going to enter the school and I needed a VIP place, so yeah. We all huddled at the entrance, but stayed aside once we realized that the dude isn't going to stop. Well, not until Jasper knocked him out with the flag. Soon, we all started cheering on Jasper and then Kid Danger showed up, but Jasper had already saved the day so After the bell rang and the cops took the dude on the motorcycle, Jasper and I went to put out the flag. We were talking about how he stopped the dude, but I froze once I saw a pair of brown eyes stare at us from some bushes.

Once I was in front of them, I took a deep breath And then a cat jumped straight into my face, making me scream and fall to the ground. What the heck was that?! We were, once again, watching the news because today Jasper will be there!

Chapter 46: Jasper Saves The Day

He got invited because he saved the day yesterday! This is amazing, I am really proud of him. We have ten more minutes. He didn't have time to argue back, as Stephanie and two other girls in our school came over to us, asking Hen if he could let Jasper know about their party on Saturday.

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After they left, Henry started again. Pff, I'm a superhero! I rolled my eyes, going after him. Why can't you just be happy for Jasper?! I care, if it's any consolation. He sighed, and I cracked a smile, thinking that I managed to calm him down, but then he started fluttering his arms like an idiot and I pulled away. I was smart enough not to go down in the Man Cave now, because I am pretty sure that Henry's complaining about how Jasper is a new hero in Swellview.

I shook my head, deciding to think about more important stuff. Like how I constantly feel that I'm being watched. Honestly, I don't exactly feel safe. And it's not fair! I tried to run away from the Speed Girl drama and I apparently can't!

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And it's frustrating and nerve-wracking. Just as I exited the elevator I saw Ray get hit in the face by Bork. I soon started laughing. Oh my god I can't believe that I witnessed that.

Let's see you try to take Bork down. I raised my fists in front of me and started jumping around. Since I am fast, I can use that in my advantage. He wasn't amazed by it at all, and I straightened my position.

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He came in front of me, and we had the same positions. I took a swing first , but he was able to dodge it. What he didn't know was that I wanted him to do that, as I quickly punched him in the face with my other hand. He made a few steps back. Hehe, guess I am not that rusty after all. I tried to take another swing at him, but he caught my hand, twisting it around my back.

With my free hand I elbowed him, but to no avail, as he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. I saw that Bork had already left too. I sighed, sitting on the couch. Looks like Jasper's getting his own holiday! He was not roic! You're jelly of Jasper! This is about me Addison Lee is an average 13 year old kid. She has a nice life, nice friends, handsome crush.

And not even the friend-zone is so bad as she expected. And So It Begins! Mom's Back In Town. Running Late And Deep Thoughts.


Not A Usual Sleepover. You Gotta Love Brad. Exploring Some Abandoned Shit. Who Doesn't Love Game Shows? Captain Man In The House. Special Day, Special Event. Sleeping Henry And Crazy Dreams.

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