Guide How to Price Your Ebook to Sell: 7 Things I Learned from Publishing 50 Ebooks on Amazon in One Year

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We have compiled this ebook pricing guide for you to help you find your way out of markets, Amazon KDP and tips and tricks for setting the price of your book. They offer a 52% revenue share for publishers, and are usually trying to sell ebooks An average reader usually reads less books per year then watches movies.
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We are still waiting for the Netflix of books. As a customer, you have to be a heavy reader to choose the subscription-based business model. Popular options include Kindle Unlimited, Bookmate, or Scribd: Well, or a few books.

Ebook Pricing Guide for Different Markets – How to do it right

While all similar services calculate royalties and pages read differently, publishers can have a steady earning if many people regularly read their books or parts of their books. This way publishers earn as much as the ebooks were read, not more, not less. You might not be paid based on the digital list price, but based on the subscription fee. This model gives flexibility, fair reporting, and revenue share to all stakeholders.

How to become an ebook superstar

And, of course, happy readers. Seasoned readers know where to look for their digital favourites: This flexibility of ebook pricing let libraries choose the best way of buying your books. You can also choose a partner who does it for you automatically. Pay per use is the ultimate way of ebook pricing based on the reading experience.

As mentioned previously, in the section on subscription based ebook pricing models, pay per use models usually pay publishers a pre-set rate. After the 21 day period, the title must be repurchased for another 21 days.

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This way of ebook pricing at libraries gives you a lot of flexibility. Here publishers can be creative — publishers may scale it to the number of users. For example, setting a higher list price but allowing a maximum of 5 users to read the ebook. If you want to sell your book across the globe, there are a handful of things to take into account. Fortunately, this is something we manage for you: There are also different trends and ideas everywhere about how much an ebook should cost, but this should be the topic of a separate post.

If you want to read more on pricing an ebook for an international audience, please check our course on Reedsy: We will explain to you how it works and whether it worth it.

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  • But exclusivity has its price: So far we covered the models used for direct purchases, subscription and library use and Amazon KDP. At this point we have to disappoint you: You need to do your research: People searching for your book are going to see similar titles — if your book is much more expensive, odds are that people are going to buy a cheaper one.

    You have to decide whether you want to go for more readers or more money. Yes, you want both, but nothing comes easy at first. Setting a low price could help you draw in readers who are just browsing and came across your book. However, educational, self-help books, textbooks in hot topics can sell for much higher. What if no one buys it? You can easily start with a lower price and change it once you built a readership who are likely to come back and buy your second book as well — or recommend you to their friends.

    2. Where do you plan to sell this e-book?

    Indie-publishing an ebook gives you the flexibility with your pricing you would never get with a publishing house. PublishDrive chooses the best options for ebook pricing and make sure you will earn money in either way. We set ebook pricing techniques in the metadata, so you just have to give the average list price for your book as you were in an agency model and we will do the magic for you.

    You may benefit from all ebook pricing models by reaching out new readers and by increasing your sales. Amazon has played a big role in driving down average e-book prices, which has enraged some in the publishing world. The lower the price, the more you sell. Lower prices greatly expand the audience of potential buyers. More people buy, getting your ideas into more hands — and often, making you more money. If you want to get buzz going, get your words into many hands, have many potential reviewers, make a lot of sales, and capture emails for selling the next e-book , this can be the price that makes it happen.

    You want an entry-level price where readers will jump in and start getting to know you, to lay the groundwork for successfully selling a higher-priced e-book. One critical factor there:. If your e-book is on a topic with a fairly small but rabidly interested audience — say, Civil War re-enactments or underwater basketweaving — you might want to go with a higher price. Another aspect of this:.

    If you have built an audience that you can email about your e-book, you are in a better position to charge more than if you have no list. Does your nonfiction e-book teach readers how to do something that could change their lives or earn them boatloads of cash? If so, it might command a high price.

    How to Increase Your Amazon Kindle Book Sales by % in a Week

    Rare information is more valuable to readers, so you could price higher if you have something exclusive. One cautionary note about pricing your e-book super-low: It makes it hard for you to offer special deals. And you want to offer those.

    Putting your e-book on a limited-time sale is a proven way to generate a flurry of sales. Once you select a price, remember my short answer: One of the thrills of selling e-books is that changing your price is easy and nearly instantaneous.

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    • Pricing right is key to create an e-book that earns well , so keep tinkering. What do you think of the trend to lower e-book prices? Discuss in the comments. Many factors go into this decision.