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An Invitation has ratings and 17 reviews. P.A. said: I read Alayna's training looking for a book that was similar to Cherise previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 next».
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Lists with This Book. Aug 22, P. Lupton rated it it was ok. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed. First of all, the BDSM in this book was almost nonexistent. Alayna goes for training to become a sub and they give her books to read? She may have been crushing on Logan but she never interacted with him.

I think they had maybe 3 conversations and he was a jerk each time. My second issue with the book was pacing.

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And I am not kidding when I say that all happened within 2 pages. And they move in together within 2 weeks after that and out of nowhere he offers to invest in her business why was that even put in there it had nothing to do with the story. My final issue was orgasms. Yes, I said orgasms. The heroine has not had sex for over a decade. Not only that but she is unable to give herself an orgasm.

This is the whole reason she wants to get trained in the first place—to learn to pleasure herself. Then when she finally gets together with the hero she has orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. Overall, I found the overall idea for the story was pretty good; it was just the execution that was lacking. Aug 29, Katya rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. A woman and her sister own and run a restaurant. Aerial is the Chef and Alayna runs the business. Both are devotees to that lifestyle. Logan is really attracted to Alayna and can not keep himself from watching her every day.

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They never talk, exchange names or anything Over the past six months, Logan has become so crazy for Alayna he has started investigating her to learn as much as he can about her. He thinks this will sapp his growing desire for her. He refuses to develop any relationship with her.

He is a Dom with a past. He has vowed to never engage in that type of lifestyle again with anyone.

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Seeing Alayna every day torments him. You see, five years ago, Logan was involved in a long term relationship which ended when the woman he was involved with wanted to start experiencing the darker aspects of the BDSM lifestyle. A few weeks later she was found dead having been choked to death while having sex.

An Invitation: Alayna's Training

Logan has always felt guilty that he walked away and was not there to keep her safe. He feels that keeping your partner safe is the responsibility of a Dom. If that were to happen, something might happen to someone else he loved again. He refuses to take that chance. So, for six months he has studied Alayna, watched her, wanted her and fell in love with her. And he has told himself that he will never have her or put her in danger the same way again Logan's business partner, Dane.

Long story short, after visiting the website and meeting with Logan's partner Dane, Alayna commits to go to the school to get closer to Logan and learn how to be a sub-for him. Logan is furious when he finds out what Dane did and he avoids her like the plague. Because he can not imagine anyone else supervising her training, he does. You can see where this is going The best part of this story is how the tension builds between the two without it being annoying. You can feel both their yearning, not just for the physical pleasure they both want but for the emotional connection.

There were some really tender scenes and the sex is steaming. I enjoyed how the sex was not just described as it happened but you got to hear what was going on inside their heads. This book just flowed really nicely and I did not get the feeling that this was rushed or tied-up quickly as many erotica romance novels seem to do. Alayna's sister Ariel's story with Dane is featured in Not until the very very end do they actually DO anything. Until then, seriously, she is handed books to read and very sexually frustrated.

I too was frustrated. When you read erotica, it is nice to have a little more sex in the book dont ya think? Oct 27, Lina rated it liked it Shelves: For me, this book was very frustrating. Logan was so stubborn and so determined to undermine his own happiness, and in the process, Alayna's happiness, that I thought he needed a kick and a smack. The pacing was a bit slow. I really wanted more to happen between the protagonists sooner.

But the author made me wait I liked Alayna, but I thought she needed a bit more backbone at some points of the book.

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I think it needed to move forward, but, for most of the book, it f For me, this book was very frustrating. I think it needed to move forward, but, for most of the book, it felt like the story just stood still. I liked the end. I liked how it turned out.

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I really liked Ariel, Alayna's sister, and her dynamic with Dane. There were hints for the next book in the series and I really enjoyed that one, btw.

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This book was not my favorite. I think had it had a few good encounters earlier on, it would have worked better for me. Jul 31, Spynonu rated it it was ok. I am glad that I read Ariel's Pet before I read this one because it is a much better book and honestly I wouldn't have read it after slogging through this one.

This book was supposed to be about a woman learning to submit but instead there was too much emphasis put on her desire to orgasm. She learns the man who has been eating in her cafe for six months--and sets her libido on fire--is a Dominant, Seems I possess a talent to tell a lascivious tale -- my English Profs are stunned. Regardless of the steamy sexy stories I create, for me it's all about true love and happily-ever-after, or a reasonable facsimile -- the guy must get the girl in the end. On those rare occasions when I manage to steal some spare time, I read.

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