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Wissensmanagement - Einblicke in eine neue Suggestion (German Edition) Marie-Christine Pfaff. Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr im Fachbereich BWL.
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He works as a developer, consultant, and trainer in the fields of. Thomas is a well-known speaker and book author. He has written several special interest books in his areas, including an extensive handbook for Windows Presentation Foundation and a handbook on development with TypeScript.

If you want to define your dreams, feel their energy and motivate yourself to take action then this event is for you. This map will be your personal guide to success and fulfillment.

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Included in the price: If you sign up please write me an email at [masked] to secure your spot. The persons who will not make the payment will not be able to attend. In order to take part at this workshop you will need a ticket which is available via Eventbrite: Are you interested in becoming a proud owner of a personal website?

Then this will be a perfect place to start building your web presence! In this 3-hours workshop you will learn everything you need to start building, creating and putting online your own website. At the end of this workshop you will have your own website online and running! How to plan your website: A very brief history. The Word Wide Web. Where and how to get your own domain-name. How much webspace do I need? Tools for creating websites: Pay attention to the Copyright and Imprint de.

Is my Website responsive? Time to get your website up and running! Increase your internet traffic: Do you have a loss or found to report? With this campaign we want to raise awareness to the fact that you are not alone in believing work should be meaningful and engaging.

Many people are in the same situation. Our goal is to push the dialogue to bring meaning back to work. Are you a parent who is frustrated with conventional employment offerings? Are you content with how your parenting role is playing out? Do you want to collaborate with a community that is eager to imagine how it could be different?

We look forward to exchanging ideas with you on the topics of success in the family setting, compatibility, work and family, life domain balance and many more. Does that make you curious? Do you have questions, ideas or practical input? Would you like to be inspired by other parents in an appealing, open, humorous and encouraging atmosphere? We warmly invite mothers and fathers, partners and anyone who might be interested in this topic. At Impact Hub, you can connect, collaborate, co-work and create great content in an inspiring environment.

In our second MeetUp, we are going to see how Lean has been used for a transformation of a whole organization. By creating alignment, transparency, trust, teamwork and much more, we are going to see the story and what have been the results achieved. He are happy to announce our keynote speaker Caterina Ferrara — Blockchain Ladies Founder After a break in February and March this will be a restart of our Meetup with a half-day conference.

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Admission upon purchasing tickets from: In this full-day workshop, you will dive into the blockchain space with the educational startup, Validity Labs, and listen to the special guest talk from Melonport. Background — Introduction to blockchain, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts: How is the Ethereum blockchain different? Hands-on — Make your first transaction on the public blockchain and go home with your first crypto money!

Special guest talk — from hedge fund management to a blockchain startup — The story of the blockchain-based asset management startup Melonport, and details of the Melon protocol. Thinking of a job in the blockchain space? Validity Labs is currently hiring developers, project managers and analysts. Come to the workshop and get hired! They offer a wide range of education, ICO and blockchain solution services.

Doors will be open at We also plan to do a short exercise of 30 minutes. The traditional division of labour into tasks is not a useful design principle anymore. It cannot cope with the complexity and diversity of issues in a city or community. The interplay between politics and administration, the engagement of militia in politics and the professionalization of cross-functional tasks are just some of many possible examples. Dialogue on Governance DialogG is a comprehensive methodology for the collaborative development of sustainable forms of Governance.

It allows organisations to evolve from their activities and to integrate the democratic process. The complex interplay of actors in a city translates into a synergetic form of collaboration. In dialogues, the overall architecture of Governance is cocreated. Thereby the practical tools applied shape the boundary between organisation and democracy.

The result is self-organisation, constantly evolving and adapting to the needs of the citizens. Beyond the context of city governance the DialogG methodology is particularly suited and designed for the transformation of governance in traditional, lethargic organizations. In a process of 20 years of research and application it has been applied to small and medium-size private companies, hospitals, insurance companies and institutions of development aid.

As a complementary and supplementing approach for Agile Governance it is of interest for any folks curious of or engaged in self-organisation. He will present the case of developing a City Governance. The Dialogue on Governance DialogG process is built on Generic Governance gG , a theory of social interaction, viability and self-organization which has been developed at the University of St.

Gallen and applied to diverse social contexts since Discover Capacitor, the new cross platform Web, iOS and Android library from the Ionic team which brings native support to mobile and web applications. For this special event, we will have the opportunity to welcome Horacio Gonzalez, Google Developer Expert GDE and long time Ionic adopter, for a remote talk and introduction about to this new framework. Spaniard lost in Brittany, unconformist coder, webdev craftsman, dreamer and all-around geek, Horacio fell into web programming in , and he has never left it.

Ah, Capacitor, what a beautiful idea, an alternative to Cordova easier to use, easier to integrate in any framework, fully integrated with Ionic…. Well, not really for me, at least at the beginning. After having developed lots of PWA these last years, I was a bit skeptic about the pertinence of native or hybrid apps, so when I heard of Capacitor I put it in the cool techno not really for me basket.

Until I when to the website and I read: Oh, that really grabbed my interest. By adding an experiential layer on top of Blockchain, virtual goods come alive as 3D model, animated artwork, music or video. In this presentation, Andreas will show how they tested their smart contracts and share their learnings. Today it is a diverse international community of explorers, entrepreneurs, journalists, academics, politicians, artists and more, from over countries, spanning 40 hubs across 5 continents.

On March 17, Zurich hub, the original birthplace of Sandbox, is organising a full-day open-door event at Impact Hub Garage. The event consists of talks, workshops and panel discussion led by Sandbox members who are young professionals and entrepreneurs. As a gesture of giving something back to the community, the event is free and is directed towards young, high potential individuals from Zurich universities, entrepreneurs clubs, innovations groups and social impact networks. Programme Time Topic Speaker Master Your Mind — Julien Weissenberg How did Sandbox help you be the person you are today?

Shekeb Fateh of http: Vit Prajzler, CEO of https: Vikram Bhatnagar from https: Special Guest Storyteller this month: Shelly Verma, performance art storyteller from Basel Program subject to change This workshop will map the technological infrastructure for a personal learning network. It will describe the major protocols supporting personal learning and describe how third party applications such as simulation engines or learning management systems interact with personal learning environments.

Web technology developers, commercial e-learning technology providers, learning content providers, learning management specialists. We will develop an understanding of the overall architecture of e-learning technology support for a personal learning infrastructure, and will develop a first-draft map of this infrastructure. After 40 years as an economist at the World Bank, including 15 years as Chief Economist of the International Finance Corporation, he saw too often how lack of management talent was impeding economic and social development in communities throughout the developing world.

Now as CEO of GBSN, which started at the IFC and is today an independent nonprofit, Guy oversees programs and events that harness the expertise and passion of a worldwide network of leading business schools to strengthen the institutions and educators who deliver management education for the developing world. Born in Montauban, France, Mr. Pfeffermann received his Licence en Droit et Sciences Economiques in Paris in and was awarded first prize, Concours General, a French national inter-university essay competition.

He was a Besse scholar at St. Antony's College, Oxford from and received a B. Guy is a Fellow of the International Academy of Management. He consults and works on a range of activities from conceptualizing and re-designing courses to developing feedback and evaluation processes with faculty. He has worked for many years with several NGOs on intercultural youth exchanges and adult education across Europe.

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Passionate about innovation, I dedicate my life looking for new business trends and opportunities. Mark Fenton-O'Creevy is an educator, researcher and consultant with three current primary areas of interest. Today's students want to be active participants in the learning experience, whether they are in the classroom or learning online. They are looking for an education that will translate fluidly into their working lives on day one. Employers need to hire and train knowledgeable managers who can work in an increasingly multi-cultural environment, doing business across borders and utilizing multiple platforms to get the job done.

As these students and employers look more and more to online education options, innovative educators are using technology to transform the experiential learning techniques that are used at leading business schools around the globe for the eLearning environment. Technology gives students access to more than just knowledge and connections. It can provide unprecedented opportunities for real-world experiences and engagement that enhance knowledge development, skills retention and intercultural fluency.

This interactive one-day summit organized by the Global Business School Network will explore how educators can apply innovations in technology to enable experiential learning and expand international partnerships. The summit will feature interactive panel discussions with leading innovators in technology and in business education from Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe.

Participants will have the opportunity to meet in small working groups to share their experiences and develop ideas for using technology to enhance and expand their own educational programs. With a background in tourism where he worked in the US and Canada for ten years, he is now based near Amsterdam. Since he has been conducting research into the effective use of video in higher education. His master thesis examined the obstacles that teaching staff face when transitioning from face-to-face, to teaching via video from 3d to 2d.

He is also experimenting with integrating video as part of a dynamic and interactive learning environment. He has been working for more than 30 years at Inholland University of Applied Sciences.

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His main concern and focus is supporting teachers in using ICT tools to enhance education. Tom is specialized in streaming video, making web lectures with teachers and is always at the front edge of technological innovation. You can connect with Tom via LinkedIn: Participants will develop hands on experience examining a variety of technological and didactic aspects. Research findings will be presented that show perspectives on lecturers making videos of their teaching and the stages they and organisations go through. Student preference for recorded lectures will be examined along with their experiences of participating in more interactive classes.

Participants will experiment with the ideas presented and reflect on teaching and learning processes by recording a short video reflection. This video will be discussed in small groups to understand challenges facing educators when using video in their teaching and using technology in class to support learning. A Padlet and Mentimeter will be used to collect key ideas generated by the group.

Consequences and repercussions for educational organisations moving into blended learning will be discussed. Background understanding of changes and trends in education from the perspective of technology and didactic approaches. Interest and insight in impact of technology on didactic approaches.

Basic knowledge of making videos on smart phones and making and editing video clips. Experience of course planning and curriculum design useful. He is responsible for the development and the organization of the course programs and for the quality management of the ILS. Jens Greefe holds a diploma in Economics and is member of the board of the Forum Distance Learning, the german association for distance learning.

Ongoing improvement of web based services for trainers in VET www. Appraising, quality management and certifying of web based distance learning courses for continuous training. Engaged in e-learning projects and e-learning training since Chairman of the section for pedagogical and didactical issues in distance learning. Initiator and organizer of the annual German FDL-FachForum, designed to identify future demands for vocational media-enhanced learning. With over 25 years in the education and training business John has managed multi-national companies for Pearson and News Corporation in both Europe and Asia.

She graduated in Medical Biology in and then joined the department Biology and Society as a researcher. She wrote her PhD thesis on institutionalisation of an interactive approach to technological innovation. Her current research is focused on methodology development for interactive policy and interactive technology development in public health, biotechnology and biomedical sciences and on innovations in education.

Marjolein is also Program director of the master Management Policy-Analysis and Entrepreneurship in the Health and Life Sciences, chair of the educational board of the bachelor health sciences and chair of the examboard of the bachelor and master biomedical sciences. Furthermore she is member of the curriculum committee of the bachelor program Health and life sciences of at the VU University and member of the International Academic Board of the Dutch Royal Tropical Institute.

Claudia Bremer is the head of studiumdigitale, the elearning center of the University of Frankfurt. She coordinates the project email , a project for the state wide qualification of teachers in the area of media competencies and a certificate for new media for teacher students. Claudia Bremer conducts research and gives consultation in the are of elearning scenarios and implementation, usage of web 2. Her organisation offers one of the largest elearning qualification programs for teachers, trainers and educational institutions.

For the last ten years, she has worked in the field of distance learning, focusing on curriculum design and learning styles. This is a course which supports volunteers and professionals in the field of migration. With the preconference within the framework of the Online Educa Berlin the organizers intend to create an opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing for individuals and institutions who offer programs for lifelong learning and vocational education using distance learning methods.

The intention is to establish an international forum enabling the participants to develop and find a position regarding the variety of technological developments for digital teaching and learning programs in the field of distance learning. A special focus is put on the services which distance learning providers can offer to volunteers who want to improve their knowledge to engage professional in providing optimal support for refugees in Germany. This Pre-Conference is for Distance Education experts who want to expand their network and share their knowledge with others and for anyone who is interested in distance learning methods as well.

The Pre-Conference is especially for those who work in the adult education business. Laura Overton is the founder and CEO of Towards Maturity — a not for profit benchmark practice that provides independent research to help organisations deliver improved performance through learning innovation. His academic background is in Linguistics and English literature. Hopp is a regular speaker at conferences and seminars. Brenda is a Knowledge and Learning professional with over twenty-five years of experience leading teams and managing projects that empower people to capture and use knowledge well.

Chris Proulx has been working for over twenty years on breakthrough ideas and business models, especially at the intersection of learning and technology, that expand the reach and impact of learning globally. As CEO of LINGOs, he leads a global team and robust network of social and private sector organizations seeking new and innovative models for learning and professional development in the NGO and social sector; quite literally delivering learning to those doing the hardest work in the hardest to reach places on Earth.

Steven has been involved with the HCM market for over 9 years, initially at Softscape and more recently at Saba. With machine learning at its core, Intelligent Talent Management offers proactive, personalized recommendations on candidates, connections and content to help your employees and organization lead and succeed.

James has over 20 years experience in Talent Management, Organization Development and Leadership Training and Development, covering pharmaceutical and healthcare, Fast Manufactured Consuming Goods, consulting and training industry. James received his MBA degree in UK and is also a Certified Assessor and Facilitator from some outstanding international consultation and training company. James will discuss the Chinese perspective as part of a global HR organization.

With more than 20 years experience in the learning content and technologies business, he has become one of the foremost speakers and thought leaders on the subject in the UK and Europe. Video Arts was established in the UK in by a small group of television professionals, including the actor and comedian John Cleese, who pioneered the use of humour in training.

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Our resources draw upon the best in subject matter expertise, learning design and television production to create longer lasting learning. Gain a deep understanding of what the most successful organisations our there are doing in terms of their HR, learning and talent management strategies. Get practical ideas and best practice tips which can be implemented in the workplace right away.

Witness exclusive research results and case studies which will help you drive performance in your organisation. Before going back to higher education in , she practised law at the Paris Bar for 7 years in French, English and German. Born in by the king Louis XV, it is the first Veterinarian school in the world.

Expert on new technologies and Innovation for ministers from , Sophie has over 15 years od experience advising teachers and governance on pedagogical scenarios integrating new technologies. After 12 years building Operating Systems at Nokia he moved and created Eliademy. Father of 2 and inspired by the open source movement. Dr Alek Tarkowski Sociologist, copyright reform advocate and researcher of digital society.

Director of Centrum Cyfrowe, a think-and-do-tank building a digital civic society in Poland. Public Lead of Creative Commons Poland, the Polish branch of the global organization promoting flexible copyright models, for which he also works as European Policy Fellow. Member of the Administrative Council of Communia, a European advocacy association supporting the digital public domain.

Former member of the Polish Board of Digitisation and member of the Board of Strategic Advisors to the Prime Minister of Poland, responsible for issues related to the development of digital society. Co-author of the report "Poland " and the Polish long-term growth strategy. International policy expert on open content licensing and copyright policies, open and digital education, ICT for culture and heritage. For over a decade involved in building a digital commons and public domain in Poland and abroad.

As a member of the IT Strategic Steering Board of his university, he plays a role in strategic planning and policy development for information system, infrastructure and programs. His department is in charge of the eLearning plateform Moodle, the e-portfolio management system Mahara and of the university social network based on Elgg. Pursuant to Socratic maieutic principles, several influencers such as Sugata Mitra https: They can trust mostly only their own motivation and support.

However, with the development of OER Open Educational Resources , including MOOCs, produced by public higher education institutions or private companies, professors and students are able to find top quality contents. French Ministry for Higher Education has been supporting the development of OER for more than 10 years and reaches in a certain degree of maturity on the subject, with more than Nevertheless, in Europe in particular, more and more voices speak for a sustainable model for open educational resources.

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The actual presentation aims to propose the following: OER will be still accessible for everyone. The payment would be possible in euros and bitcoin, based on the blockchain technology. The session will propose to the participants to join the association of authors of digital pedagogical contents, open or not, dealing with the intellectual property rights of the authors but also of the producers, only when the contents are used for a commercial purpose.

Clive is a learning and development consultant, with a long-standing fascination for the applications of media and technology to learning at work. In a career spanning more than 35 years, Clive has headed up a corporate training function, co-founded a leading multimedia development business and operated as an independent consultant operating worldwide. In recent years, Clive has devoted his attention to design of next generation workplace learning solutions.

He is a regular speaker at international conferences, has been recognised with two lifetime achievement awards, has written five books and more than articles, and nearly posts to his blog, Clive on Learning. For four years he was Chair of the eLearning Network.

suggestion als heilmethode german edition Manual

The blended learning of today is broad in scope, extending well beyond formal courses to include all sorts of online business communications, from webinars to videos, as well as social and collaborative learning, the use of performance support materials and providing opportunities for accelerated on-job learning. Employers recognise that learning at work takes place continuously, whether or not it is formally planned. They understand that courses are not enough to change behaviour and increase performance.

As a result, they increasingly expect more far-reaching solutions that go well beyond the presentation of information and half-hearted attempts at providing opportunities for practice. They want learning solutions that deliver and that places fresh demands on the designers of those solutions.

This workshop provides you with an opportunity to explore a new approach to the design of learning interventions that goes well beyond conventional views on blended learning. This approach stresses the need for end-to-end solutions that blur the boundaries between formal and informal learning. The workshop is aimed at anyone who designs learning interventions for adults and who wants to deliver greater value to the organisations that they serve. Everyone will take something different from the workshop, depending on their previous experience and their interests.

However, you should expect to become more capable at:. With more than 10 years research experience in simulation, serious games and gamification combined, his research interests include gameful, playful and persuasive designs that transform ordinary tasks into extraordinary experiences. He is consistently ranked in the top 10 of the Gamification Guru Power Rise. He delivers regular keynotes at national and international events related to serious games, gamification and technology-enhanced learning https: Her expertise lies in curriculum innovation using mobile and participatory media, with a focus on creativity, interdisciplinarity and playful learning.

She is particularly known for her work on alternate reality gaming, digital cultures and identities, and the interplay between formal and informal learning. Helen works across sciences and media arts, developing partnerships and creative approaches to learning and collaboration, both in the UK and overseas. I have a master in psychology, with a particular focus on learning and social-systemic perspectives, and a Ph.

My main area of research pertained the creation of games in informal participatory communities, both online and in real contexts, and its implications for the future of learning ecosystems. I am currently working on both H and local projects at Coventry University, as to explore innovative, ethical and participatory ways to include game creation practices in learning institutions. These case studies will be presented both for inspiration and also to demystify the development process.

The workshop will also discuss some of the most commonly used methods and tools for developing digital games that participants can look to apply in their own gameful developments. The Workshop will help participants in furthering their understanding of playful and gameful approaches to learning and, more in general, demystify the process of game design and development as something strictly hi-tech based and therefore hardly accessible to many learners and teachers.

The Workshop is oriented at giving even complete newcomers to game design a hands-on experience of how this systemic, iterative process works. After the Workshop participants will be able to recognise and implement basic game design patterns and techniques, independently from the specifics of context and the technologies at hand, and to employ their newfound gaming literacy in the reframing of everyday organisational and educational issues.

Jef Staes offers an answer to this question. As a thought leader in the fields of learning and innovation management, he analyses the way in which people resist and even obstruct change processes. And Jef does not shy away from confrontation! With a vast range of new insights and metaphors, he illustrates why managers and policymakers often reach the wrong decisions. Jef Staes Belgium, is one of the leading experts on these topics in Belgium and is quickly gaining international respect for his energizing mindset. Jef Staes is often the keynote speaker on various topics concerning culture innovation and this for a diverse audience conferences, education, in-company, He has given hundreds of keynotes, both in English and Dutch.

His refreshing stories are guaranteed eye-openers and his new look at the role of managers has inspired many. He is also the author of a number of books on the topics of innovation and change management.

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Through the use of rich metaphors and exciting parallels, he truly engages you in the story of the Red Monkey. All books have been bestselling publications with over If you are interested in attending my pre-conference workshop you can have a look at a small introduction video here. The world is changing faster and faster. From a flat 2D-World to a chaotic and ever changing 3D-World. Organizations, companies, schools and regions have to adapt to a 3D-World that is flooded with information and need to increase their power to learn and innovate dramatically.

In order to become sustainable we need to discover the best of us. We unintentionally transformed talented adults and children into passionless sheep. We have to boldly go for a new balance between education and work. We have to disrupt the organization of working and learning. This session is a plea for a dramatic change in the organization of work and education. You will become disrupted.

A computer scientist by training and skills, Dragan considers himself a learning analyst developing computational methods that can shape next-generation learning technologies and advance our understanding of self-regulated and social learning. Funded by granting agencies and industry in Canada, Australia, Europe, and USA, Dragan is a recipient of several best paper awards at the major international conferences in learning and software technology. Currently serving as a founding editor of the Journal of Learning Analytics and the general chair of International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge LAK , Dragan is a co- author of numerous research papers and books and a frequent keynote speaker.

Recently, he has founded ProSolo Technologies Inc that supports personalized, competency-based learning through social interaction. His research interests are in the development of strategies for effective use of ICT in education at institutional, national and international levels, with a particular emphasis on understanding learner experiences.

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  7. Jeff was academic lead on a study for the European Commission looking at options for EU governments for modernising their HE systems using technology. His presentations and publications can be found at http: She studied computational linguistics at the University of Edinburgh and the University of Bonn and received her M. She previously worked at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT focussing on research related to technology-enhanced learning. Learning Analytics LA is currently a very active topic in education, but its implementation is beset with potential pitfalls for an organisation wishing to develop extensive use of it.