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Rebel Souljahz. K Shazams. Music Videos. Why Can't You Love Me (feat. Spawnbreezie). 71, views. Why Can't You Love Me featuring Spawnbreezie.
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Welles shot the picture guerrilla-style in chaotic circumstances with a devoted crew of young dreamers, all the while struggling with financiers and fate. In , Welles died, leaving as his final testament the most famous unfinished film in movie history.

The negative stayed in a vault for decades until now. A story of stolen children and cultural survival: Of course you do! You can view this title and many more by grabbing yourself a pass for the Camden International Film Festival.

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It was perfect, except for the price haha! While there, I spotted a pair of Khaki pants on sale and I thought they would look good on my husband.

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There was even a matching t-shirt. Of course, I had to buy it, the man is a God-sent always being nice about my trips even if the inconvenience made him unhappy! All throughout the next day, the bag was on my mind as I packed, received a few visitors, made some sales of items I had sent to exhibit By 3 pm I was pacing back and forth in my room. I have worked very hard for this money!

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I have bought gifts for everyone! I will never forget the defiant feeling I felt as if I was some rebel! Well, I guess I was actually a rebel. I was rebelling against that voice which was always willing to spend on others except me! Why do some women break their backs to make good money but refuse to spend on themselves? Recently I conducted a poll on social media to ask our network what they wanted us to discuss during our upcoming Dinner With The Girls-Kumasi link here tinyurl.

Rebel Souljahz - Why Can't You Love Me (feat. Spawnbreezie) - KKBOX

Suddenly, I began to realize that I did not really love me. Else I would not have made certain choices that put the welfare of my mind, body and soul last. The sad part is how I expect everyone else to show love to me and yet do not even realise that I am not loving me. And so for the past few months, I have been on a journey to discover what it means to love and value me as God sees me.

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  • Thank you for your interest in Rebel Rose! Hi loves, are you still there? I took a super long break from my blog, actually one whole year. Time went by so fast! Today I want to explain a little bit why I needed that break and what will change in the future. Blogging is my hobby while I have a full-time career meaning I work Monday through Friday, basically the whole day, therefore I can only take photos, edit them, plan and write posts etc.

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    • After years of blogging I felt kind of burned out because I didn't have the weekends to relax. I felt the pressure to also shoot after work only possible in summer because of lighting as "experts" suggest you need to post at least daily if you want to reach a certain following. There may be bloggers, or probably mostly instagrammers, who are successful by just shooting a few pics here and there but for most bloggers it's really time consuming work!

      Two year ago I moved to a new town where I didn't know anybody, I mean really no one! With that came the problem that I didn't have anyone to take photos for my posts. Seriously, you don't ask someone you just met if he or she could do a photo shoot with you although I did a few times because there was no other way! By now I do have friends here but it's still a lot to ask from someone to take photos of you all the time, so I'm still working on that point.

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      Blogging is not an easy-peasy job. It actually involves a lot of planning ahead, getting up early and annoying people with your passion. The times I felt it the most was when I was on vacation - the time of the year where you should relax and recharge.

      Rebel SoulJahz - Why Can't You Love Me? @ Fulton 55 - 3/23/2017

      There's no sleeping in because light is the best early in the morning or close to sunset, plus you want to avoid the tourist masses ruining your perfect shot.