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Heartfelt Advice offers readers an overview of basic Buddhist topics in small easily digestible bites that illuminate the main principles of Buddhist practice.
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The soldiers were beginning to lose heart.

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We were greatly heartened by the good news. He ate a hearty breakfast. My father has had a slight heart attack.

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I have suffered many heartbreaks in my life. She suffers from heartburn after meals. I'm going to have a heart-to-heart talk with him. After our heart-to-heart I felt more cheerful. It was heart-warming to see the happiness of the children.

[Exclusive][PDF] Heartfelt Advice To A Friend by Ibn Qayyim rh

He seems rather stern but he is at heart a very kind man. If you leave her, it'll break her heart. The children know their multiplication tables by heart; Actors must learn their speeches off by heart. She thanked him from the bottom of her heart. He's had a change of heart — he's going to help us after all.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

Habe -n Sie ein Herz! He has the interest of his workers at heart. She devoted herself heart and soul to caring for her husband. I don't have the heart to tell him that everyone laughed at his suggestions.

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  • He had set his heart on winning the prize; He had his heart set on winning. You mustn't take his unkind remarks to heart. Muslims who have listened to a few lectures on Islam will be familiar with a lot of the content. The central theme of the book is patience and its link to certainty and contentment. I know I learn through repetition and reminders.

    Milarepa - Heartfelt Advice to Rechungpa

    As I was reading, it dawned on me the levels I have yet to reach in my understand of Islam. With regular ibadah acts of worship , such as salah prayer , we can often fall into mindless routine. This book helped me become more conscious of why Muslims do certain actions. We are told to assimilate and embrace Western values. Failure to do so results in being an outcast.

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    • Islam and the West have written and unwritten codes of assimilation which involve alcohol, inter-gender relationships and appearance among others. Psychology studies will tell you we prefer people who we think are similar to ourselves, which comes into play when we consider who to accept into institutes and our inner circles.

      Mo'Nique Gives Heartfelt Advice

      Until we change this human behaviour, Muslims will continue wrestling with trying to please others in return for social acceptance and trying to please Allah SWT. And we all lose.