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Have you ever been surprised by an emotional reaction you didn't expect? Did it interfere with what you wanted to accomplish? Don't let your.
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People who have plenty of positive emotions in their everyday lives tend to be happier, healthier, learn better, and get along well with others. Science is helping us find out how valuable positive emotions can be. Experts have learned a lot from recent brain studies.

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Here are two findings that can help us use positive emotions to our advantage:. When we feel more positive emotions than negative ones, difficult situations are easier to handle. Positive emotions build our resilience the emotional resources needed for coping. They broaden our awareness, letting us see more options for problem solving. Studies show that people feel and do their best when they have at least three times as many positive emotions as negative emotions. That's because of something called the negativity bias.

Do your emotions control you? How to handle your feelings.

The negativity bias is a natural human tendency to pay more attention to negative emotions than to positive ones. It makes sense when you think about it: Negative emotions call our attention to problems — problems we might need to deal with quickly. Tuning in to negative emotions can be a survival mechanism. The negativity bias has a downside, though: It can make us think a day went badly, not well, even if we experienced equal amounts of positive and emotions that day. It takes at least three times as many positive emotions to tip the scales and make a day seem like a great one.

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Building habits that encourage us to feel more positive emotions can help us be happier, do better, and reduce our negative emotions. Plan ahead to get 7—9 hours of sleep per night. Exercise regularly to have the emotional effects of physical activity.

Good nutrition helps physical and mental well-being and immunity. Under the effects of drugs or alcohol. Avoid mind-altering substances to be your best. Seek help from a reputable organization or counselor. Al Anon has an acronym for this: False Evidence Appearing Real.

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There are many causes of worry, and regardless, it may be helpful to meditate and brush your worries away as unproductive, delve into the worry to ask what positive steps you can take to resolve, and to think of multiple explanations before reacting. You can develop this as a mental habit associated with the wise mind. Once in the grip of run-away emotions, you need to break free.

Universal Emotions Are a Myth

The following strategies can help:. Mindfulness is the increased awareness of self in the moment-to-moment, without judgment. Mindfulness is achieved through meditation practice. Such practice also sharpens the ability to lightly brush thoughts out of mind by noting a feeling but not reacting to it. The following benefits are reported in the research on mindfulness.

I personally started mindfulness for dealing with back pain, and also gained may of the benefits above. Langer is a good starter reference. Conflict often leads to run-away emotional situations.

The difference between feelings and emotions, and why you should care

Stanford psychologist Kelly McGonigal, for instance, has shown that reinterpreting signs of stress like a racing pulse and sweaty palms as excitement can help buffer against the negative health consequences of stress. Emotions aren't purely physical. They are interpretations of the physical.

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  5. And learning new concepts and words for how you feel can, in a very real way, help you feel and respond differently. And that power, used thoughtfully, can help you lead a happier, more successful life. The Secret Life of the Brain.

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