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Read "Coaching is Simple You're Up!" by Al McCormick with Rakuten Kobo. Coaching is Simple You're Up! Is for the Player in addition to the Coach. After all.
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Whatever the latest new trend or book about leadership, the fact is that you are dealing with human beings. Humans at work share fundamental needs that have never changed, regardless of generation, geography, nationality or gender: We all want to be informed, we want our opinions to matter, we want to be involved in creating changes and improvements, and we want to be acknowledged for our efforts. When you are coaching team members, cut through the clutter and address these needs in four simple steps: Clearly describe why something needs to change.

Answering the "why" question is a key motivator--it gives meaning to our work. Clearly explain to the team member how his or her performance affects the team and how that ultimately affects job security, promotional opportunities, recognition, credibility, chances for new projects, and financial rewards.

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Confirm that your employee understands. Don't proceed until you and the employee are both perfectly clear. If you create enough value with your content, explaining the benefits of how executive coaching can help advance their career, or writing a case study about how your life coaching program helped a client overcome some challenge in their life, this can have a positive impact on helping that person take action, which is to contact you for more information or to make an appointment or to schedule a free consultation.

The second benefit of blogging is to attract the search engines to your site when someone is looking for a topic that relates to what you offer. By choosing blog topics strategically based on your product and service offerings, you exponentially increase your chances of having that content come up in a relevant search that leads the person searching directly to your virtual front door - your blog and website! Make sure you use targeted keywords related to your services sprinkled throughout your blog posts and pages.

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The most important area of your content to insert keywords is within the title of your posts. Your website is a tool, not a brochure.

7 Simple Super Tips for Coaching Awesomeness

Sure, it can be all of those things too attractive, nice pictures, etc. It is the up-to-date, relevant and useful content, created frequently and consistently, that will help prospective buyers make a buying decision - from YOU! Please log in to leave a comment. Noomii is the web's largest directory of life coaches and business coaches.

Our goal is to help you find the best possible coach for your specific needs.

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Want help finding your ideal coach? Request a referral or contact customer support. Noomii's Coach Marketing Blog Helping you build your coaching business. Much has been written that the coachee should take time to invest in selecting the right coach. Screen the Coach well and test them to see if there is rapport to match the credentials — for sure!

The GROW Model of Coaching and Mentoring

I totally subscribe to that. As a professional coach, I take real pride in my objectivity about personalities et al, and every client gets unbiased conversation and support. It is however, still a choice for us Coaches too. The more rapport and affinity you have the better the communication, candour, support and challenge can be had. But if there is no Chemo — let go! Taking time out up front, with clear conversation and exploration about the end game is essential.

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Keep the goals few but super relevant. Too many goals — the less likely they will achieve them. Have no idea what to expect.