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pros and cons of active versus passive management of For high net worth individuals expect high net worth investors who are not investment experts.
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Guest columnist Diane Harrison applies some time-honored strategies to asset raising. If you are managing the portfolio of an institution that invests in hedge funds, you might want to ensure that some sizable portion of the HF-allocated assets go to funds managed by women-led firms.

Better Together: Active & Passive Investing | Evercore

In this, you will have company. Wealth-X looks at how the Cliff "settlement" affects the ultra-high-net-worth investor.

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Away from the bleak headlines, the funds of hedge funds industry is quietly reinventing itself. That is one of many keep-your-chin-up injunctions throughout this report. According to the latest research, confidence in family office investing is back. Clients, according to a surprising new report, aren't too keen on alpha at the moment.

Are high-net-worth clients starting to prefer passive vehicles?

High-net-worth investors Asset Management in China: Expect Growth Jul 8th, Filed under: Natixis asks institutional investors to look into the future Dec 20th, Filed under: Yale celebrates their VC heroes May 15th, Filed under: Passive Money Management Apr 11th, Filed under: Feb 23rd, Filed under: Industry According to a new Spectrem Group whitepaper, most investors questioned believed usually erroneously that their advisors have a fiduciary responsibility in caring for their money. Family Offices , High-net-worth investors Guest columnist Diane Harrison discusses the art communicating with investors.

Jun 4th, Filed under: There are no universally accepted municipal bond indices, and those that exist are often not easily replicated. In a similar vein, the more interesting credit strategies, such as consumer lending and floating rate bank loans, do not have indices to replicate. For these reasons, we believe that the advantages of individually customized municipal bond and credit portfolios outweigh the marginally lower costs of passive strategies in these asset classes.

High-net-worth investors

Equity opportunities are more complex, and we manage passive, active and blended portfolios in this asset class. Investors with single stock concentrations or significant exposure to a particular sector through their other investments and business interests require an active approach to diversification, as do all investors looking for alpha, and we customize and manage our active core equity portfolio accordingly.

We employ what we describe as enhanced passive strategies for both domestic equities and developed international markets. We use the term enhanced because, although the funds reference an index, they will adjust security weightings by basic fundamental factors other than simply market capitalization, such as dividends or value.

At the extreme end of active management are hedge funds, which have suffered as an asset class since the financial crisis.

  • Are high-net-worth clients starting to prefer passive vehicles?.
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  • Attempts to outsmart the market using proprietary security selection or other investment calls, such as market timing or sector rotation, no longer justify their very high-fee, high-turnover structures. Help clients and other professionals, who are developing the trust required to refer friends and other connections, by giving them insight into your investment process and how that process would work for their connections. Find a unique standpoint, and make it a distinctive element of your pitch. Every potential client you are pursuing will have the option to select from hundreds of other HNW wealth managers.

    HNW Wealth Managers: Five Proven Tactics to Find Investors

    Many of these investment advisors will present a comprehensive offer to clients with a wide range of needs, so find ways to highlight what makes you stand out from the crowd. For instance, if you have a strong background with particular asset classes, a unique network of investment opportunities, or a value-added approach to key financial planning needs, be sure to emphasize these strengths when addressing potential clients. In addition, you should think about developing a client prospecting strategy around the kinds of clients who will benefit most from what you bring to the relationship.

    Your digital presence should be fully developed with a wide range of content. Your website should be more than just a basic set of contact and marketing information.


    It should also include a range of educational and thought leadership material that summarizes your value proposition andinvestment approach, as well as provides comments on market trends and developments. You should also have a well-developed and on-brand presence across LinkedIn and other social media platforms, which are responsible for a growing share of initial advisor discovery among potential clients.

    These platforms can each be used to accomplish distinctive goals, but they should work together to reinforce your core message. Within the context of your overall strategy, divide efforts between more direct marketing and community cultivation. These latter efforts can be time consuming without generating the most immediate results, but they will help you establish a foundation for a stable set of long term relationships and expand your pipeline of potential future clients.

    Oracle Capital Group: Bespoke investment solutions for high-net-worth individuals

    Be active and engaged at community networking events and professional gatherings. Find outlets to grow your voice with relevant client groups. Ideally, you want to project what kind of service you provide, as well as seeking out the kinds of clients who will make for the most rewarding relationships from your side as well.