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The Secret Garden Novel Literature Unit Study and Lapbook [Teresa Ives Lilly] on books along with the specific questions and comprehension for this book.
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However, out of fear, public popularity, and because I thought delight directed interest-led homeschooling meant wild abandon of any worthwhile learning, I followed with strict allegiance a bookish routine. Then, as my sons grew and our lack of real-life learning lagged, I made a scary leap to interest-led learning. I never felt like a nature loving or craft loving mother which was my impression of interest-led homeschooling. As my love for teaching grew and realizing that my sons were in an apprenticeship for life, my day to day teaching lacked real-life application.

Soon after, I switched to a unit study approach which is based on mastery of interest-led topics. Interest-led learning is the fuel that sparks lifelong learning. Let me back up first and try to capture a simple meaning of interest-led and delight directed learning. Not the other way around. A child never explores any passion in depth but is expected to be a jack of all trades or skills.

He ends up master of none. A delight directed study is like a wonderful fire in the mind of a student. It starts small, but as it grows, it begins to consume vast amounts of information until it bursts into a roaring blaze of insight, understanding and creativity. It takes on a life of its own. I do regret lingering around the bookish approach for the first 5 years of my journey. I believe that math should be fun and hands -on.

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My blog, Eva Varga focus centers around middle school science, specifically hands-on activities, service learning experiences, and project based learning — Minecraft and philatelic exhibits. Additionally, we strive to expand our understanding of the world through our own cultural heritage and the exploration of diverse cultures language studies and global travel. My unique slant is to use Dr. Seuss to teach a love of reading. Also, I use Life of Fred for math learning fun. My name is Joan and I write at Unschool Rules. My unique slant it that we have used movies, video games and life learning as the basis for our entire high-school curriculum for my now year-old daughter, and have a college-accepted transcript to show for it!

We are lazy homeschoolers so we like to binge-watch educational shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. We can cover everything from science and history to problem solving, without ever leaving the couch! My name is Colleen. Our homeschool uses free internet resources for unit studies. I blog at Not So Formulaic. My unique slant is that our site has a lot of hands-on learning projects geared specifically toward boys. We focus on things they like, such as LEGO, Minecraft, Star Wars and topics which include pirates, robots, dinosaurs, knights and more to help them learn reading, science, history, math and other subjects a fun and natural way.

We use a variety of resources from fun hands-on activities and great literature to movies and media.

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My goal is to inspire a love of learning and enrich our studies in every subject from math and science to history and grammar! Please join me in The Homeschool Resource Room! We focus on delight directed, literature-rich living books studies in our homeschool. We enjoy hands-on creative projects like lapbooking, notebooking, and unit studies. We are a multi-generational homeschooling family. My mother, Nana, my children and I are passionate about helping all ages lose insecurities and realize that yes, indeed, you ARE an artist.

We JUST use chalk pastels and paper. No long, intimidating art supply list. Build confidence, choose favorite subjects and have FUN. We show you how with video art lessons, Facebook Live lessons and so much more to choose from. Art really does complement and help all other subjects. Active children excel through nature-based science activities.

Reluctant writers blossom with picture book lessons. Struggling learners and those with attention issues make giant leaps through brain training games. Take your homeschool from mediocre to true mastery by following an interest-led approach. Today, I rounded up six unit study resources to grab for a mountain men unit study. I also like that it incorporates learning about the importance of rivers to mountain men. So, you can add a bit of geography, history, and science. It has a unit on fur trade, mountain men lifestyle, and legends of the mountain men.

Read about the items they used and a few them look like they could be easily made. This next fun free 51 page guide talks about the importance of being able to identify animal tracks along with the animal tracks labeled. More units like the Language of a Trapper, Rendezvous, Mountain Man Tales, and Indian Wives of the Mountain Men are a few of the fun and interesting units in this expansive free 57 page guide.

This is an interesting read for your middle or high school kid. It describes the perils he faced each day. Lastly, this website Mountain Men: Pathfinders of the West has a lot of background information about the fur trade and the ways of the mountain men. Between determining if unit studies were a good fit for high school and understanding record keeping, it was a lot to wrap my mind around.

Vocabulary BOOKS and LITERATURE (Lesson 10)

Sorting out myths from truth, I hope these 3 tips will help you to easily homeschool high school with unit studies. Or at least give you a beginning place. In my article How to Choose the BEST Homeschool Lesson Planning Pages for THIS Year , I not only give you tips on how to do that, but each lesson plan form lists subjects by general categories; math, language arts, science, history and electives are the framework of well-rounded out high school courses.

A two-fer resource is another secret tip to homeschooling teens. Using a resource which teaches two subjects is vital when your child enters high school. More important though is the reason that unit studies rocked in the younger grades is the same reason which holds true for high school. Learning makes more sense when subjects are tied together instead of studied as separate subjects. Additionally, unit studies have always been a research-based approach. This is a skill which is needed on into adulthood. Resist giving up your unit study approach because it may require a bit more time to put together.

Begin again with something you know. Look at these things you may already know how and are doing with your kids in the younger grades. Now that you understand that high school courses fall into general categories and understand to look for two-fer resources, here are some examples of how to put it together. We love the book Undaunted Courage. Just a side note here. When I look at a book which can serve as a springboard for high school unit studies, I note 3 things:. Not only is your teen covering part of his credit toward history when reading Undaunted Courage , but he is covering credits for literature too.

Writing is part of a literature credit. A literature-based unit study which has a history setting has been the easiest to start off with at the high school level. For example, I find it a challenge to round out a history book with literature analysis than a great book suited for literature analysis. One super helpful resource we only discovered this year and that is the Thrift Study Editions by Dover.

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  5. Not only are the books for high school level, but each one comes with a study guide in the back. For example, while reading A Tale of Two Cities , we studied about the culture of France and England and learned about the issues of the French Revolution. With a resource like that, doing unit studies are a cinch at the high school level.

    This brings me to the third point you want to know. Tackling how to teach a subject with out a curriculum can be daunting, but you can go from research to reward if you choose specialized teaching books. Here are a few of my favorite resources. Also, check out Diving into Homeschool Unit Studies: If you need permission to print my free materials, please download and fill out this Printable Reproduction License. R Rivers Reptiles Rainforest. T Turtles vs tortoises. Girls of American History.

    The Glory of Kings: A Study of Proverbs 31 for Girls and Boys. A Unit Study for Ages Hands-On History Activity Pak: Hard as a Rock. The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach: Helen Keller Project Pack. The History of Flight Unit Study. History Study Time Travelers: The Early Nineteenth Century. I Love Carrot Soup. In the Hands of a Child: A Peek at Poetry and Poets. A House Divided Grades In the Hands of a Child Project Pack: Dental Health Grades International Geography Quest Project Pack.

    Journey into Africa Unit Study Kit. Kindergarten Complete Semester One. Russia in a Bag.

    Muse of the Morning ~ PDF Sewing Patterns for Free-Spirited Children &Adults

    Learning Language Arts Through Literature. Learning to Sew for Kids Level 1. Life in a New World. A Little House in the Woods. Little Miss Muffet Project Pack. Slime and Polymer Lab Kit. Make Your Own Chocolate Kit. Map Skills Unit Study. Modesty for Girls, Pre-assembled. Moving Beyond the Page.

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    Moving Beyond the Page: My Side of the Mountain Project Pack. Mystery of History Vol. Nature Watch Variety Kit Pack. Oceans and Marine Life. English Grammar Project Pack. Passport to the World, Book 1. Past Empires of the Americas: Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas. A mile Horse Race. Portraits of American Girlhood. Prepare and Pray Unit Studies.

    4th Grade Math Homeschool Curriculum

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Project Pack. The Robin Makes a Laughing Sound: Rocks and Minerals Project Pack. A Language Arts Study. Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers. Sierra Leone West Africa: Understanding the Elements of Classical Astronomy. Snot in a Box. Sprout Your Own Leafy Wonders. Sprout Your Own Sweet Scents: Thinking About Science Series. America in World War II.

    The Early 19th Century in America. Time Travelers History Study: Trail Guide to Learning: