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read recurrent pregnancy loss ecab by with rakuten kobo recurrent miscarriage is a distressing problem that affects 1 of all women in the reproductive age group.
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Endometriosis is a chronic disease which can cause severe, progressive, and at times, incapacitating dysmenorrhea, pelvic pain , dyspareunia and infertility. Dydrogesterone relieves pain without inhibiting ovulation, so that patients are able to become pregnant during treatment. Dydrogesterone is particularly suitable in cases where the woman desires to become pregnant and to prevent bleeding problems. Dydrogesterone has shown reasonable efficacy in relieving a number of premenstrual syndrome symptoms like mood swings and physical symptoms. Oral dydrogesterone is effective drug, well tolerated and accepted among patients and can be considered for routine luteal support.

Dydrogesterone is used for luteal support in IVF protocols, for treatment of recurrent pregnancy loss. Threatened miscarriage is defined as bleeding during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy while the cervix is closed. Recurrent abortion is defined as the loss of three or more consecutive pregnancies. Dydrogesterone is associated with approximately two-fold significant reduction in the miscarriage rate as compared to standard care in threatened and recurrent miscarriages with minimal side effects. The objective behind menopausal hormone therapy is to actively increase the circulating levels of estrogen to control hot flashes and to prevent the long-term effects of the menopause , such as bone resorption and unfavourable changes in blood lipids.

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The administration of estradiol halts, or reverses atrophic changes that occur due to the loss of endogenous estradiol during the menopause. Estrogen promotes endometrial cell growth and in postmenopausal women with an intact uterus, estrogen monotherapy results in continued endometrial development without the physiological secretory changes normally brought on by progesterone.

This action is associated with an increased incidence of endometrial hyperplasia and carcinoma. Additional protection with progestogens is therefore important in patients with an intact uterus who receive estrogen therapy. Dydrogesterone counters the proliferative effect of estrogens on the endometrium and ensures the transition to a secretory pattern and cyclical shedding of the endometrium in serial menopausal hormone therapy regimes. Dydrogesterone effectively protects against the ontogenesis of endometrial hyperplasia.

Unlike androgenic progestogens, dydrogesterone does not reverse the benefits brought on by estradiol on lipid profiles and carbohydrate metabolism. In a continuous, combined menopausal hormone therapy regimen, dydrogesterone retards the proliferation of the endometrium so that it remains atrophic or inactive. The most commonly reported drug related adverse reactions of patients treated with dydrogesterone without estrogen treatment in clinical trials of indications include menstrual irregularities , headaches , migraines , nausea , breast tenderness , bloating , and weight gain.

While the study did not involve dydrogesterone, it is possible, but not certain, that it too increases these risks. There have been no harmful effects exhibited due to the use of dydrogesterone while pregnant.


Dydrogesterone is safe to use during pregnancy only when prescribed and indicated by a medical practitioner. There is not enough clinical data to support overdose in humans. There are no antidotes to overdose and treatment should be based on symptoms. In menopausal hormone therapy, dydrogesterone is administered together with an estrogen.

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  7. Therefore, the interaction between dydrogesterone and estrogens has been assessed, and no clinically significant interaction has been observed. Dydrogesterone is a highly selective progestogen , and due to its unique structure, unlike progesterone and many other progestins , binds almost exclusively to the progesterone receptor PR. Due to its progestogenic activity, dydrogesterone can produce antigonadotropic effects at sufficient doses in animals. Dydrogesterone does not bind importantly to the androgen , estrogen , or glucocorticoid receptor. The single-dose kinetics are linear in the oral dose range of 2.

    Dydrogesterone is readily absorbed after oral administration.