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Prove that you are 50s and 60s music loving pro with our rock (and roll) hard trivia this awesome trivia test! 1 of Who sang the song "Long Tall Sally "?.
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Music Trivia Of The Late 50's - ProProfs Quiz

Share Join Us Share Send to friends. The s and '60s were a swell time for pop music. In fact, this golden age has never and probably never will be bettered. So, how much do you think you know about Elvis, the Beatles and the rest? Test your memory with this awesome trivia test! Who sang the song "Long Tall Sally"?

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He'll leave them one day alone and broken-hearted. There will come a day when they'll walk along side of him. They'll wise up and they'll leave him. In the Elvis Presely tune 'Return to Sender', how was the letter sent? Paul Anka wrote the song 'Diana' for his former babysitter. Which song is the following line from?

That'll Be The Day. Who was the song 'No Particular Place to Go' a big cruising hit for in ? Which singer is famous for the classic hit 'Runaround Sue'?

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Who had a massive hit with the song 'Mustang Sally'? The Four Seasons had their first billboard number 1 hit with which song? Who did Neil Sedaka write the song 'Oh! In the Beatles song 'Eleanor Rigby who buried her? What color people eater did Sheb Wooley sing about? You Got Low Scores. So long as you can look back on the past with a cheerful attitude.

Quiz: '50s and '60s Pop Music Trivia

Better luck next time! Try Again Show my mistakes. You Achieved Good Scores! You did really well, and sure proved that you know your stuff when it comes to the great pop and rock and roll hits of yesteryear. You Achieved Terrific Scores! What a stunning performance! Like Send to friends Share WhatsApp. Sign Up Free Get our finest posts sent directly to your inbox. You may also like: What's Going on in the World Today? Are You the King or Queen of History? Tips and Updates Greeting cards you may like to send: Life Lessons Opportunity is Everywhere!

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Music by Year Trivia and Quizzes

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Average rincad May 05 05 plays. Nostalgic '70s, '80s and '90s Music 10 questions Average , 10 Qns, lorstrivia, Feb 26 Average lorstrivia Feb 26 10 plays. Average HappyDaysFan Apr 20 04 plays. Difficult Bellevue Jun 11 10 plays. Average rincad May 15 05 plays. Tough zambesi Sep 23 16 plays. Average ARE7 Apr 18 00 plays.

Music Quiz - Rock 70's