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ButterFlight/butterflight forked from kidBrazil/betaflight. Pull request Compare This branch is 96 commits ahead, 1 commit behind kidBrazil:master. Butterflight is flight controller software (firmware) used to fly multi-rotor craft and fixed wing craft.
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One new firmware every year. I have been in this hobby for 2 years and have already gone through 4 firmwares. I just hope it never ends.

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Agreed, I can't keep up. I updated 2 of my quads to 3.

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A couple hours later I looked and RC3 was already out. Still testing though but with all notches disabled and Stage 2 at 90 hz it's about the same as before but the motors are coming off basically cold.

Butterflight Kalman Filter Calculator

Next is bump up to hz and switch the d-term to PT1. Man if aint broken I aint fixing it. Just gave it a fly on an old quad betaflightf3, no softmount, zmx fusion x30 kv motors, hq 5x5x3, tbs graphene 6s it was absolutely amazing, total dream to fly. I recently shared an article that covers all of the major flight control projects. But I have come across yet another one… butterflight… as in butter… and butterfly.

How to flash Butterflight

The key differentiation here, is that the flight control loops run on a kalman filter. Is it any better… not realy in my opinion … I think people who say it does could just be because butterflight has a better stock tune… but then again maybe that is reason enough to use it?

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  6. The official website is at butterflight. But the story goes that Kalyn Doerr, a raceflight developer added a kalman filter for betaflight… making loads of people happy at betaflight as now you could choose between the betaflight biquad filter, and kalyn kalman filter. Then disable the second notch filter.

    Butterflight - so smooth

    Finally, disable the Dterm notch filter. Finally, you can head over to the CLI tab and enable the fast Kalman filters.

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    Head to the CLI, and type in: Conclusion so far So far, Butterflight looks promising. Which should you use?

    How to enable the Kalman filters

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