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While "natural magic" became popular among the educated and upper classes of the 16th and 17th century, ritualistic magic and folk magic remained subject to persecution. All witches "convicted by the Magistrate" should be executed. He allows no exception and under this condemnation fall "all Diviners, Charmers, Jugglers, all Wizards, commonly called wise men or wise women". All those purported "good Witches which do not hurt but good, which do not spoil and destroy, but save and deliver" should come under the extreme sentence.

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In particular, though, the term was most commonly reserved for those accused of invoking demons and other evil spirits , those hexing or cursing their neighbours, those using magic to destroy crops, and those capable of leaving their earthly bodies and travelling great distances in spirit to which the Malleus Maleficarum "devotes one long and important chapter" , usually to engage in devil-worship.

Summers also highlights the etymological development of the term nigromancer , in common use from to approximately , Latin: Niger , black; Greek: Manteia , divination , broadly "one skilled in the black arts". In a modern context, the line between "white magic" and "black magic" is somewhat clearer and most modern definitions focus on intent rather than practice.

Those who seek to do harm or evil are less likely to be accepted into mainstream Wiccan circles or covens in an era where benevolent magic is increasingly associated with new-age gnosticism and self-help spiritualism. The influence of popular culture has allowed other practices to be drawn in under the broad banner of "black magic", including the concept of Satanism.

While the invocation of demons or spirits is an accepted part of black magic, this practice is distinct from the worship or deification of such spiritual beings. Those lines, though, continue to be blurred by the inclusion of spirit rituals from otherwise "white magicians" in compilations of work related to Satanism.

John Dee 's 16th century rituals, for example, were included in Anton LaVey 's The Satanic Bible and so some of his practises, otherwise considered white magic, have since been associated with black magic. Dee's rituals themselves were designed to contact spirits in general and angels in particular, which he claimed to have been able to do with the assistance of colleague Edward Kelley.

LaVey's Bible , however, is a "complete contradiction" of Dee's intentions but offers the same rituals as a means of contact with evil spirits and demons.

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White magic is supposedly utilized only for good or unselfish purposes, and black magic, we are told, is used only for selfish or "evil" reasons. Satanism draws no such dividing line. Magic is magic, be it used to help or hinder. The Satanist, being the magician, should have the ability to decide what is just, and then apply the powers of magic to attain his goals.

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Satanism is not a white light religion; it is a religion of the flesh, the mundane, the carnal - all of which are ruled by Satan, the personification of the Left Hand Path. The latter quote, though, seems to have been directed toward the growing trends of Wiccanism and neo-paganism at the time. Chathan is actually a negative spirit of Lord Shiva. Chathan or vishnumaya [9] is a deity worshipped by Hindus in Kerala.

He is said to be the son of Lord Shiva, who took birth to kill the demon Jalandhara. There are many famous and not so famous temples where Chathan is being worshipped in kerala as the main or secondary deity. If you want to practice magic for personal gain, black magic is what you should use.

Here are common reasons why people use black magic: To keep someone bound in place. If someone is harming you and you wish to stop them, you can use a binding spell to stop the person's actions. To cause someone to be attracted to you. Love spells are among the most popular when it comes to black magic. To achieve immortality or improve your health. To communicate with the dead.

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Know the basics of a black magic ritual. The ritual you use to perform black magic will depend on your desired outcome. There are different rituals for everything from casting a spell to gain wealth to raising the dead from their graves. Most rituals involve the following elements: A site is chosen for casting the curse or spell. A circle is drawn on the casting site, and a pentacle is drawn inside the circle.

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This is called a circle of power. Candles, herbs, crystals, charms, and other materials are employed to help draw out the spirits. Understand curses and hexes. Aside from conducting a classic black magic ritual, there are other ways to perform black magic. Placing a curse or hex is done as a way to bring ill fortune to another person, or to make them do what you want them to do.

Be very careful about using curses and hexes. It's up to you to determine whether your reasons for wanting to bring misfortune to another person are valid. You must use your power wisely. Make sure you're willing to deal with the consequences. Awakening the forces of darkness can be a serious move and should not be done lightly.

Do you feel so strongly about using black magic that you're willing to suffer should the magic come back to harm you? Be sure that the outcome you are hoping to obtain is completely worth it. Draw a circle with a pentagram inside. This powerful symbol is present during most black magic rituals. It is traditionally drawn in the ground using a wand hewn from a hazel tree. You may use a stick or another implement to draw the symbol if Hazelwood isn't available.

Choose a strategic location that will give your spell the best chance to work. Spirits will have a harder time visiting a location that's populated by a lot of people, so choose a place in the woods or another area not frequently visited.

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Graveyards are a classic place to choose if you're planning on conjuring the dead. Step into the circle of power. Once inside, gather your concentration and energy. You will need all the energy within you to complete the spell. Don't let yourself get distracted. Recite the words of power associated with your desired spell. Each spell has different words of power that are recited to achieve the outcome you want. If you are summoning a demon or some other spirit, you must learn its true name before the spell will work.

There is no one spell that will work to bring true love, give you immortality, and so on. Do research to find a spell, or write your own if you'd like. Write your spell in your grimoire. A grimoire is a sort of textbook for spells, with instructions on how to use black magic. Prepare for your results. If your spell works, the outcome you desire will take effect. Prepare for this, and also prepare for the evil that may come.

If you have summoned a demonic beast or spirit, treat it with respect. These creatures do not necessarily have loyalty to their summoner.