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After the men in Branham's campaign left him and the trip did not happen until , Branham did not have a successful meeting. He blamed the failure of this vision on himself. Did God really fail, or did William Branham speak presumptuously? Many do not know that the book in their hands is not the original King James Version, several words have been changed and entire books have been removed.

William Branham- What is The Holy Ghost 1959

They also do not realize that William Branham was not King James Only himself, and that a several of his teachings came from a Gnostic version of the Bible, mistranslations by a poorly translated Bible, and misunderstandings by Rev. In Branham's theology, the Word of God was hidden from the public, and only a 'prophet' could interpret.

William Branham - The Legacy: Even after his untimely death in , the legacy of William Marrion Branham continues. Credited as one of the founding fathers of the Charismatic Movement, William Branham is well known in the faith healing circles. This book is a review of the legacy of William Branham. Dogmeat William Branham was against women using cosmetics, comparing them to Jezebel from the Bible. Did he go too far when he called them "dogmeat?

Some have said that the ministry of William Branham got fully started in He claims to have been a widely known prophet and evangelist since , but was about the time that history records his ministry coming to a widespread following. Branham started introducing subtle changes to the scriptures he quoted. This book examines one of those scriptures, and how it gradually changed over time.

This book examines drinking wine and alcoholic beverages from a Biblical standpoint, taking the reader on a walk through the Bible as it compares to drinking. The goal is to make Christians more aware about what the Scriptures say about drinking in general, and remind them to examine their own hearts rather than judging others for their actions.

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Untangling The Truth - An examination of the ministry of William Marrion Branham, during the last year of his life. This book takes an evaluation of the teachings by William Marrion Branham and compares it to scriptures from the Bible and recorded history.

Seek The Truth - Healing From Religious Cults

Untangling The Truth - The Cloud: An investigation on the "mysterious cloud" that is described throughout William Branham's ministry. Untangling The Truth - History: This is an examination of the historical events in the ministry of William Marrion Branham. He told many stories throughout his ministry, but are they true?

Untangling The Truth - Elijah: William Branham taught a ministry with a focal point of Elijah, the Old Testament prophet that God sent to Ahab and Jezebel to condemn them for bringing idolatry to the children of Israel. He claimed to be a reincarnation of that same spirit of Elijah using a reference to Malachi 4, applying the scripture to himself. This book examines the Elijah of the Old Testament and compares it to the William Branham of the 40's, 50's, and 60's.

It will walk you through Branham's teachings on Jezebel and her sin, comparing it to what the scriptures and recorded history say. They contain interesting 'mysteries' that catch the attention of the weaker-minded, but they do not contain Truth. This fiction, unfortunately, is mistaken for "truth" in the Branham cult churches. This is a story that many will recognize, though it has not happened yet. This is a story that many will identify with, though it is for another time and place.

This is the futuristic story of Jobelt, a member of the chosen few. From birth to early adult, he remains pure and holy, but undergoes a change. As he is outcast, he goes through a spiritual journey to seek the Truth. Against all odds, Jobelt brings the hearts and minds of all people to enlightenment, teaching them all about the Great One, who so many had forgotten. The Articles - Volume 1 This book is a collection of blog entries from the website, www. Seeing how fearful I was, he began to speak. I am sent from the presence of Almighty God to tell you that your peculiar life and your misunderstood ways have been to indicate that God has sent you to take a gift of divine healing to the peoples of the world.

He told me many things, which I do not have space to record here. He told me how I would be able to detect diseases by vibrations on my hand.

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He went away, but I have seen him several times since then. He has appeared to me perhaps once or twice within the space of six months and has spoken with me. A few times he has appeared visibly in the presence of others. I do not know who he is. I only know that he is the messenger of God to me.

This was the turning point in his ministry.

Out Of The Cult And Into Grace:

One of his members later recalled: But we had seen other visions come to pass, and he spoke this with such certainty, and openly declared it to everyone, that we were sure this would come to pass also. As he was recounting to his congregation his angelic visitation in a Sunday evening service, Branham received a telegram from a minister friend, Robert Daugherty, urging him to come to St.

Louis to pray for his sick daughter. The congregation collected sufficient money for the journey and with some borrowed clothes he departed for St. Branham returned to St. Louis ten months later to conduct a revival in Daugherty's church, from June 14 to June 25, As he preached and prayed for the sick astounding miracles occurred and his reputation rapidly spread throughout the Pentecostal culture.

It was said that for fifty miles there was no accommodation available. Among those who attended the Branham revival in Arkansas were some of the members of a Pentecostal church in Shreveport, Louisiana, pastored by building contractor Jack Moore, who invited Branham to his church to minister. The meetings in Shreveport ware a spectacular success and Branham asked Jack Moore and Young Brown of Shreveport to accompany him and help to manage his meetings.

Branham lacked organisational skills and jumped at the opportunity to have Lindsay on his team. As the group moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, W.

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  • Lindsay felt abandoned and he made a decision never again to exclusively promote Branham's work. Despite the rumour and disappointment of the masses, the long demanding nights of ministry to the sick had undoubtedly taken their toll. In his last meetings he was reported to have been staggering from exhaustion. The gruelling regime had left Branham a physically broken man after only a year.

    Healing is something that has occurred throughout Christian history

    Nevertheless, in October of the same year, as suddenly as he had left from the field, Branham announced that he was returning to public ministry again. In late he made a successful tour which included meetings in California and at Alexander Dowie's old church in Zion, Illinois. In November , he returned to Shreveport to visit Jack Moore and Gordon Lindsay who promptly and graciously arranged to accompany him again. Bosworth, joined Branham in Houston. The meetings grew, gathering as many as 8, people in a single service.

    It was here that the photograph of Rev.

    Branham with a supernatural halo of light above his head was taken. But human ability, even at its best, could never fully portray the signs and wonders which God wrought in our midst. Biography - Doctrine - Branham's legacy and influence - See also.

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    Do you know William Branham? Click here for a brief introduction to this prophet of God. The next version of The Table is now available. That prophet's name is William Marrion Branham. Not since the Lord Jesus William Branham was he a prophet a seer or used to deceive the Church? Apologetics research resources on William Branham. False teachings of William Branham.